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739 | International Brazilian Journal of Urology reaches the highest impact factor in its history (3,050) and changes level in this current management
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

742 | Comparison of efficacy of three commonly used alpha-blockers as medical expulsive therapy for distal ureter stones: A systematic review and network meta-analysis
Gopal Sharma, Tarun Pareek, Pawan Kaundal, Shantanu Tyagi, Saket Singh, Thummala Yashaswi, Sudheer Kumar Devan, Aditya Prakash Sharma  [View Full Article]
760 | An introduction to male breast cancer for urologists: epidemiology, diagnosis, principles of treatment, and special situations
Fabiana Baroni Alves Makdissi, Silvana S. Santos, Almir Bitencourt, Fernando Augusto Batista Campos   [View Full Article]
771 | The role of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fournier’s Gangrene: A systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
Muhammad Achdiar Raizandha, Furqan Hidayatullah, Yudhistira Pradnyan Kloping, Ilham Akbar Rahman, Wahjoe Djatisoesanto, Fikri Rizaldi  [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
782 | Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Fournier’s gangrene
José de Bessa Júnior  [View Full Article]

784 | A novel nomogram can predict pathological T3a upstaged from clinical T1a in localized renal cell carcinoma
Chuanzhen Cao, Xiangpeng Kang, Bingqing Shang, Jianzhong Shou, Hongzhe Shi, Weixing Jiang, Ruiyang Xie, Jin Zhang, Lianyu Zhang, Shan Zheng, Xingang Bi, Changling Li, Jianhui Ma  [View Full Article]

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795 | The dilemma of partial nephrectomy and surgical upstaging
Rodolfo Borges dos Reis, Rafael Neuppmann Feres, Marcelo Cartapatti da Silva, Valdair Francisco Muglia, Antonio Antunes Rodrigues Junior  [View Full Article]

798 | Ventral onlay glanuloplasty for treatment of fossa navicularis strictures
George Wayne, Alejandra Perez, Timothy Demus, Adam Nolte, Chase Mallory, Jessica Boyer, Billy Cordon  [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
805 | Treatment of fossa navicularis strictures
Aderivaldo Cabral Dias Filho, Paulo Roberto Faria Ribeiro  [View Full Article]
807 | Association of physical therapy techniques can improve pain and urinary symptoms outcomes in women with bladder pain syndrome. A randomized controlled trial
Claudia Rosenblatt Hacad, Marcos Lucon, Suehellen Anne Rocha Milhomem, Homero Bruschini, Clarice Tanaka  [View Full Article]
817 | A novel nomogram and a simple scoring system for urinary leakage after percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Murat Sahan, Serkan Yarimoglu, Salih Polat, Bilal Nart, Omer Koras, Ibrahim Halil Bozkurt, Tansu Degirmenci  [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
828 | Both the nomogram and the score system can represent an useful tool especially in those cases where the complication is foreseen by the surgeon
Eduardo Mazzucchi  [View Full Article]

830 | Deep learning model-assisted detection of kidney stones on computed tomography
Alper Caglayan, Mustafa Ozan Horsanali, Kenan Kocadurdu, Eren Ismailoglu, Serkan Guneyli  [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
840 | A Novel nomogram and a simple scoring system for urinary leakage after percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Alexandre Danilovic  [View Full Article]
842 | Transurethral flexible ureteroscopic incision and drainage with holmium laser in the treatment of parapelvic renal cysts: A retrospective study
Xiangjun Meng, Qiwu Mi  [View Full Article]

850 | The role of clomiphene citrate in late onset male hypogonadism
Carlos Teodósio Da Ros, Lucas Uglione Da Ros, João Pedro Uglione Da Ros  [View Full Article]
857 | Is it safe to resume large scale in-person medical meetings?
Cristiano M. Gomes, Julia Duarte de Souza, Karin M. J. Anzolch, João Victor T. Henriques, Lucas Nogueira, Eduardo Pimentel, Roni de C. Fernandes, Alfredo F. Canalini, José de Bessa Jr.  [View Full Article]
864 | Robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy with a single port platform: current and future perspectives of a referral center
Marcio Covas Moschovas, Cathy Corder, Vipul Patel  [View Full Article]

Pediatric Urology
867 | Editorial Comment: Anterior component separation technique for abdominal closure in bladder exstrophy repair: Primary results
Lisieux Eyer de Jesus, Atila Rondon  [View Full Article]
870 | Editorial Comment: Open Versus Laparoscopic Gubernaculum-Sparing Second-Stage Fowler-Stephens Orchiopexy for Intra-Abdominal Testis: A Long-Term Study
Luciano A. Favorito  [View Full Article]

872 | Editorial Comment: Identification of Recurrent Anatomical Clusters Using Three-dimensional Virtual Models for Complex Renal Tumors with an Imperative Indication for Nephron-sparing Surgery: New Technological Tools for Driving Decision-making
Luciano A. Favorito, Natasha T. Logsdon  [View Full Article]

874 | Ultrasound guided endoscopic combined Intrarenal surgery – 10 steps for the success
Fabio C. Vicentini, Kayann Kaled Reda El Hayek, Marcelo Szwarc, Rodrigo Perrella, Priscila Kuriki, David Cohen, Daniel Beltrame, Carlos Alfredo Batagello, Claudio Murta, Joaquim Francisco de Almeida Claro  [View Full Article]
876 | Distal ureter and bladder cuff excision using the “Keyhole Technique” during Robotic Radical Nephroureterectomy
Luis G. Medina, Muhannad Alsyouf, Alireza Ghoreifi, Aref S. Sayegh, Kailyn Koh, Wenhao Yu, Sina Sobhani, Antoin Douglawi, Hooman Djaladat  [View Full Article]
878 | Total corpora mobilization for penile reconstruction
Ubirajara Barroso Jr., Bruna Venturini, Eliakim Massuqueto, Filip Prado, Ana Castro, Herbert Santos  [View Full Article]

880 | The paradox of erectile dysfunction data after radical prostatectomy
Tomás Bernardo Costa Moretti, Leonardo Oliveira Reis  [View Full Article]