Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 42 N. 05 – 2016

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866 | Stênio de Cássio Zequi [view article]


868 | Jordan A. Siegel , Allen F. Morey  [view article]

872 | Sandro C. Esteves [view article]


876 | Radical prostatectomy in metastatic prostate cancer: is there enough evidence? | Opinion: Yes

Walter Henriques da Costa, Gustavo Cardoso Guimarães [view article]

880 | Radical prostatectomy in metastatic prostate cancer: is there enough evidence? | Opinion: No

Benjamin T. Ristau, Marc C. Smaldone [view article]


883 | The hOGG1 Ser326Cys gene polymorphism and susceptibility for bladder cancer: a meta-analysis

Cao Wenjuan, Lu Jianzhong, Li Chong, Gao Yanjun, Lu Keqing, Wang Hanzhang, Wang Zhiping [view article]


897 | Prostate cancer detection using multiparametric 3 – tesla MRI and fusion biopsy: preliminary results

Thais Caldara Mussi, Rodrigo Gobbo Garcia, Marcos Roberto Gomes de Queiroz, Gustavo Caserta Lemos, Ronaldo Hueb Baroni [view article]

906 | Long term outcome and side effects in patients receiving low-dose I125 brachytherapy: a retrospective analysis

Pieter Logghe, Rolf Verlinde , Frank Bouttens, Caroline Van den Broecke, Nathalie Deman, Koen Verboven, Dirk Maes, Luc Merckx [view article]

918 | Impact of prior abdominal surgery on the outcomes after robotic – assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: single center experience

Nozomu Kishimoto, Tetsuya Takao, Gaku Yamamichi, Takuya Okusa, Ayumu Taniguchi, Koichi Tsutahara, Go Tanigawa, Seiji Yamaguchi [view article]

925 | Serum testosterone as a biomarker for second prostatic biopsy in men with negative first biopsy for prostatic cancer and PSA>4ng/mL, or with PIN biopsy result

Alexandros Fiamegos, John Varkarakis, Michael Kontraros, Andreas Karagiannis, Michael Chrisofos, Dimitrios Barbalias, Charalampos Deliveliotis [view article]

932 | External validation of EORTC risk scores to predict recurrence after transurethral resection of brazilian patients with non -muscle invasive bladder cancer stages Ta and T1

Gilberto L. Almeida, Wilson F. S. Busato Jr., Carmen Marcondes Ribas, Jurandir Marcondes Ribas-Filho, Ottavio De Cobelli [view article]

942 | Potential therapeutic strategies for non – muscle invasive bladder cancer based on association of intravesical immunotherapy with p-mapa and systemic administration of cisplatin and doxorubicin

Queila Cristina Dias, Iseu da Silva Nunes, Patrick Vianna Garcia, Wagner José Fávaro [view article]

955 | Renal Cell Carcinoma and Visceral Adipose Index: a new risk parameter

Alper Otunctemur, Murat Dursun, Kutan Ozer, Ozan Horsanali, Emin Ozbek [view article]

960 | Minimally invasive percutaneous nephrolithotomy guided by ultrasonography to treat upper urinary tract calculi complicated with severe spinal deformity

Zhaohui He, Caixia Zhang, Guohua Zeng [view article]

967 | Retrospective comparative study of rigid and flexible ureteroscopy for treatment of proximal ureteral stones

Ehab Mohamad Galal, Ahmad Zaki Anwar, Tarek Khalaf Fath El-Bab, Amr Mohamad Abdelhamid [view article]

973 | Usefulness of measuring renal papillae in Hounsfield units in stone – forming patients

Miguel Angel Arrabal-Polo, Maria del Carmen Cano-Garcia, Juan Esteban Huerta-Brunel, Guillermo Hidalgo-Agullo, Luis Roletto-Salmo, Miguel Arrabal-Martín [view article]

977 | The challenge of cystine and struvite stone formers: clinical, metabolic and surgical assessment

Kleiton G. R. Yamaçake, Giovanni S. Marchini, Sabrina Reis, Alexandre Danilovic, Fábio C. Vicentini, Fábio C. M. Torricelli, Miguel Srougi, Eduardo Mazzucchi [view article]

986 | Telephone – delivered quality of life after 365 male stress urinary incontinence (SUI) operations

Katharina Maria Bretterbauer, Erik Randall Huber, Mesut Remzi, Wilhelm Huebner [view article]

993 | Histological response to platelet-rich plasma added to polypropylene mesh implemented in rabbits

Oscar Rubini Ávila, Natália Gomes Parizzi, Ana Paula Mayumi Souza, Dayane Silvestre Botini, João Ytimura Alves, Silvio Henrique Maia Almeida [view article]

999 | Assessment of sexual functions in partners of women with complaints of urinary incontinence

Muzaffer Oguz Keles, Selahattin Caliskan, Ali Murat Gokce, Mustafa Gunes [view article]

1005 | A prospective, randomized, single – blind study comparing intraplaque injection of thiocolchicine and verapamil in Peyronie’s Disease: a pilot study

L. Toscano Jr., M.V. Rezende, L. F. Mello, L. Pires, D. Paulillo, S. Glina [view article]

1010 | Unilateral absence of vas deferens: prevalence among 23,013 men seeking vasectomy

Sarah Miller, Sophie Couture, Gareth James, Simon Plourde, Jacky Rioux, Michel Labrecque [view article]

1018 | Effect of S-methyl-l-thiocitrulline dihydrochloride on rat micturition reflex

Jeová Nina Rocha [view article]


1028 | Cocaine abuse that presents with acute scrotal pain and mimics testicular torsion

José Tadeu Nunes Tamanini, Vagner Tadeu Salzani, Juliana Milhomem Tamanini, Filipe Iessenco, Leonardo O. Reis [view article]

1033 | Sepsis complicated by brain abscess following ESWL of a caliceal kidney stone: a case report

Alessandro Capitanini, Luca Rosso, Laura Giannecchini, Ophelia Meniconi, Adamasco Cupisti [view article]


1037 | A very rare complication of brucellosis

Bulent Petik [view article]


1041 | Robotic Ureteroureterostomy for Treatment of a Proximal Ureteric Stricture

Hiury S. Andrade, Jihad H Kaouk, Homayoun Zargar, Peter A. Caputo, Oktay Akca, Daniel Ramirez, Riccardo Autorino, Mark Noble, Robert J Stein [view article]

1043 | Editorial Comment: Robotic Ureteroureterostomy for Treatment of a Proximal Ureteric Stricture

Lucas Wiegand [view article]

1044 | Off-clamp robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy

Alec J. Wright, Aaron M. Potretzke, Jeffrey Larson, Robert S. Figenshau [view article]

1046 | Editorial Comment: Off-clamp robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy

Mike Bozin, Homayoun Zargar [view article]

1047 | Laparoscopic single port cystolithotomy using pneumovesicum

Hoon Choi, Jae Hyun Bae [view article]

1049 | Editorial Comment: Laparoscopic single port cystolithotomy using pneumovesicum

David J. Hernandez [view article]

1050 | Editorial Comment: Laparoscopic single port cystolithotomy using pneumovesicum

Trushar Patel [view article]

1051 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [view article]