The authors should observe the following checklist before submitting a manuscript to the International Braz J Urol

The sequence of manuscript arrangement is according to the Information for Authors. The Article is restricted to about 2,500 words and 5 authors.

Abbreviations were avoided and are defined when first used and are consistent throughout the text.

Generic names are used for all drugs. Trade names are avoided.

Normal laboratory values are provided in parenthesis when first used.

The references were presented according to the examples provided in the Information for Authors. The references were numbered consecutively, following the sequence that they are mentioned in the text. They were identified in the text using Arabic numeral in parenthesis. The names of all authors were provided. When exist more than six authors, list the first six authors followed by et al. The initial and the final pages of the reference should be provided.

The staining technique and the final magnification were provided for all histological illustrations. The histological illustrations are supplied in color.

Legends were provided for all illustrations, tables, and charts. All tables and charts were in separate pages and
referred to in the text. All illustrations and tables are cited in the text.

An Abstract was provided for all type of articles. The length of the Abstract is about 250 words.

A corresponding author with complete address, telephone, Fax, and E-mail are provided.

A submission letter and a disclosure form, signed by all authors, are included.

The authors should included written permission from publishers to reproduce or adapt a previously published illustrations or tables.

Conflict of Interest – Any conflict of interest, mainly financial agreement with companies whose products are alluded to in the paper, is clearly disclosed in the manuscript.

Check that each figure is cited in the text. The illustrations are not merged in the text.

The photographs are supplied as TIFF or JPG files and saved at a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) at final size.

The photographs should be scanned at 300 dpi, with 125mm width, saved as TIFF file and in grayscale, not embed in Word or PowerPoint.

A list of abbreviations is provided.