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209 | The precision of robotic surgery in International Brazilian Journal of Urology
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


212 | Neurovascular bundle preservation in robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: How I do it after 15.000 cases
Marcio Covas Moschovas, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]

220 | Neurogenic bladder – concepts and treatment recommendations
José Carlos Truzzi, Fernando Gonçalves de Almeida, Carlos Alberto Sacomani, Joceara Reis, Flávio Eduardo Trigo Rocha [View Full Article]

244 | Impact of lifestyle in prostate cancer patients. What should we do?
Herney Andrés García-Perdomo, Juan Camilo Gómez-Ospina, María Juliana Chaves-Medina, Jesús Moreno Sierra, Ana María Autrán Gómez, Juan Gómez Rivas [View Full Article]

263 | Available evidence on HIFU for focal treatment of prostate cancer: a systematic review
Arnas Bakavicius, Giancarlo Marra, Petr Macek, Cary Robertson, Andre L. Abreu, Arvin K. George, Bernard Malavaud, Patrick Coloby, Pascal Rischmann, Marco Moschini, Ardeshir R. Rastinehad, Abhinav Sidana, Armando Stabile, Rafael Tourinho-Barbosa, Jean de la Rosette, Hashim Ahmed, Thomas Polascik, Xavier Cathelineau, Rafael Sanchez-Salas [View Full Article]


275 | Association between winter season and desmopressin treatment efficiency in children with monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis: a pilot study
Mengkui Sun, Shoulin Li, Xuerui Sun, Zhimei Deng, Yanan Xu [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
282 | Cold weather and primary monosymptomatic enuresis
José Murillo B. Netto, José de Bessa Junior [View Full Article]

284 | Evaluating TIMP-2 and IGFBP-7 as a predictive tool for kidney injury in ureteropelvic junction obstruction
Marcos Figueiredo Mello, José de Bessa Júnior, Sabrina T. Reis, Enzo Yagi Kondo, Luis Yu, Francisco Tibor Dénes, Roberto Iglesias Lopes [View Full Article]

294 | Enhancement patterns of adrenal nodules on magnetic resonance imaging
Fernando Ide Yamauchi, George Ramos Lemos, André Dubinco,Omir Antunes Paiva, Thais Caldara Mussi, Ronaldo Hueb Baroni [View Full Article]

303 | Analysis of the related risk factors of inguinal lymph node metastasis in patients with penile cancer: A cross-sectional study
Yatao Jia, Hongwei Zhao, Yun Hao, Jiang Zhu,Yingyi Li,Yanbo Wang [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
314 | Risk factors for inguinal lymph node metastasis in patients with penile cancer
Leandro Koifman [View Full Article]

316 | The effect of vitamin D deficiency in children with overactive bladder related urinary incontinence
Burak Özçift, Uygar Micoogullari [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
326 | Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is associated with lower urinary tract symptoms
Sandra Barbosa da Silva [View Full Article]

328 | Thulium laser enucleation of prostate versus laparoscopic trans-vesical simple prostatectomy in the treatment of large benign prostatic hyperplasia: head-to-head comparison
Riccardo Bertolo, Orietta Dalpiaz, Giorgio Bozzini, Chiara Cipriani, Matteo Vittori, Thomas Alber, Francesco Maiorino,Marco Carilli, Robin Zeder, Valerio Iacovelli, Michele Antonucci, Marco Sandri, Pierluigi Bove [View Full Article]

336 | Epididymal disjunction anomalies in undescended testis – a factor associated with spermatic obstruction
Natasha T. Logsdon,Carla M. Gallo, Francisco J.B. Sampaio, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
347 | Epididymal abnormalities associated with sperm obstruction
Rodrigo R. Vieiralves [View Full Article]


349 | Treatment of complex urethral stenosis in public centers from developing countries in 21st century
Silvio Tucci Jr., Henrique Donizetti Bianchi Florindo [View Full Article]


Pediatric Urology
354 | Editorial Comment: Prevalence, management and outcome of cryptorchidism associated with gastroschisis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Natasha T. Logsdon, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

Erectile Dysfunction
356 | Editorial Comment: Sexual Function Outcomes After Surgical Treatment of Penile Fracture
Rodrigo Barros de Castro [View Full Article]

358 | Editorial Comment: The effects of pregabalin, solifenacin and their combination therapy on ureteral double-J stent-related symptoms: A randomized controlled clinical trial
Alexandre Danilovic [View Full Article]

361 | Editorial Comment: TClassification of the renal papillary abnormalities by flexible ureteroscopy: evaluation of the 2016 version and update
Alexandre Danilovic [View Full Article]


363 | Minimally invasive lymphocele drainage using the Da Vinci® single port platform: step-by- step technique
Sunil Reddy, Marcio Covas Moschovas,Seetharam Bhat, Jonathan Noel,Talia Helman, Roshane Perera, Travis Rogers, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]

365 | High grade persistent ventral curvature after multiple hypospadias surgery: how to correct?
Antonio Macedo Jr., Sérgio Leite Ottoni, Gilmar Garrone, Marcela Leal da Cruz [View Full Article]

367 | A novel upper tract ureteroscopic biopsy technique: the “form tackle”
Dane E. Klett, Manaf Alom, Kevin Wymer, Aaron Potretzke [View Full Article]

369 | Nerve-sparing robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy: how I do it after 15.000 cases
Marcio Covas Moschovas, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]

371 | Endoscopic Holmium Laser harvesting of bladder mucosal graft for substitution urethroplasty
Felipe C. A. Figueiredo, Luiz Augusto Westin Carvalho,Luís Otávio Pinto, Patrick Ely Teloken, Luciano Alves Favorito [View Full Article]


373 | “Intravaginal eletrical stimulation for bladder training method” by Cássio L. Z. Riccetto, 2021
Necmettin Yildiz [View Full Article]

375 | RESPONSE TO THE AUTHORS “Intravaginal eletrical stimulation for bladder training method” by Cássio L. Z. Riccetto, 2021
Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [View Full Article]

377 | Re: Long term outcomes of one-stage augmentation anterior urethroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Wojciech Perdzynski [View Full Article]

379 | Re: The role of transperineal ultrasound in the evaluation of stress urinary incontinence
Luis Augusto Seabra Rios [View Full Article]

381 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [View Full Article]