Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 41 N. 02 – 2015

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193 | Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


195 | Lawrence C. Jenkins and John P. Mulhall [view article]


In the era of flexible ureteroscopy is there still a place for Shock-wave lithotripsy?
199 | Opinion: YES
J.F. Donaldson [view article]

203 | Opinion: NO
Fabio C. Vicentini [view article]


207 | OnabotulinumtoxinA for neurogenic detrusor overactivity and dose differences: a systematic review
Rui Zhang, Yongteng Xu, Shengping Yang, Hui Liang, Yunxin Zhang, Yali Liu [view article]

220 | Comparison between the retropubic and transobturator approaches in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence: a systematic review and meta-analysis of effectiveness and complications
Xincheng Sun, Qingsong Yang, Feng Sun, Qinglu Shi [view article]


230 | The effect of adjuvant vitamin C after varicocele surgery on sperm quality and quantity in infertile men: a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial
Ali Cyrus, Ali Kabir, Davood Goodarzi, Mehrdad Moghimi [view article]

239 | Outcome of Transurethral Plasmakinetic Vaporization for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Magdy El-Tabey, Ahmed Abo-Taleb, Ashraf Abdelal, Mostafa Mahmod Khalil [view article]

245 | Intrarenal Surgery vs Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in the Management of Lower Pole Stones Greater than 2 cm
Hakan Koyuncu, Faruk Yencilek, Mehmet Kalkan, Yavuz Bastug, Esin Yencilek, Ahmet Tunc Ozdemir [view article]

252 | Use of biological Glue (Bioglue®) in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: a study in pigs
Luis Felipe Brandão, Fabio Cesar Miranda Torricelli, Glauco Melo, Luiz Fernando Takano, Anuar Ibrahim Mitre, Marco Antonio Arap [view article]

258 | Prostate-Specific Antigen fluctuation: what does it mean in diagnosis of prostate cancer?
Jun Seok Kim, Je-Guk Ryu, Jin Woong Kim, Eu Chang Hwang, Seung Il Jung, Taek Won Kang, Dongdeuk Kwon, Kwangsung Park [view article]

265 | Preoperative erectile function and the pathologic features of prostate cancer
Chang Wook Jeong, Sangchul Lee, Seong Jin Jeong, Sung Kyu Hong, Seok-Soo Byun, Sang Eun Lee [view article]

274 | Incidence of retrorenal colon during percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Mehmet Balasar, Abdülkadir Kandemir, Necdet Poyraz, Yunus Unal, Ahmet Ozturk [view article]

279 | Beneficial effects montelukast, cysteinyl-leukotriene receptor antagonist, on renal damage after unilateral ureteral obstruction in rats
Alper Otunctemur, Emin Ozbek, Suleyman Sami Cakir, Murat Dursun, Mustafa Cekmen, Emre Can Polat, Levent Ozcan, Adnan Somay, Nurver Ozbay [view article]

288 | Assessment of survival of patients with metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma after radical cytoreductive nephrectomy versus no surgery: a seer analysis
Wen-Jun Xiao, Yao Zhu, Bo Dai, Hai-Liang Zhang, Ding-Wei Ye (Editorial Comment by Walter Henriques da Costa) [view article]

296 | Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Nephroureterectomy for Tuberculous Nonfunctioning Kidneys: a single-center experience
Xiquan Tian, Mingshuai Wang, Yinong Niu, Junhui Zhang, Liming Song, Nianzeng Xing [view article]

304 | High-grade Primary Renal Leiomyosarcoma
Hakan Ozturk [view article]

312 | Adjustable perineal male sling using tissue expander as an effective treatment of post-prostatectomy urinary incontinence
Melih Balci, Altug Tuncel, Ovunc Bilgin, Yilmaz Aslan, Ali Atan [view article]

319 | Factors associated with intraoperative conversion during robotic sacrocolpopexy
Brian J. Linder, George K. Chow, Lindsay L. Hertzig, Marisa Clifton, Daniel S. Elliott [view article]

325 | The value of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of penile fracture 
Ibrahim Guler, Kemal Ödev, Havva Kalkan, Cihan Simsek, Suat Keskin, Mehmet Kilinç [view article]

329 | Does PSA reduction after antibiotic therapy permits postpone prostate biopsy in asymptomatic men with PSA levels between 4 and 10ng/mL?
W. F. S. Busato, G. L. Almeida, Jamylle Geraldo, F. S. Busato [view article]

337 | Effect on hemostasis of an absorbable hemostatic gelatin sponge after transrectal prostate needle biopsy
Kohei Kobatake, Koji Mita, Masao Kato [view article]

344 | Unraveling Brazilian Indian population prostate good health: clinical, anthropometric and genetic features
Mario M. de Lima Junior, Leonardo O. Reis, Ubirajara Ferreira, Ulieme Oliveira Cardoso, Raquel Bueno Barbieri, Gustavo B. de Mendonça, Laura S. Ward [view article]

353 | Analysis of monotherapy prostate brachytherapy in patients with prostate cancer. Initial PSA and Gleason are important for recurrence?
Pedro Galego, Fernando C. Silva, Luís Campos Pinheiro [view article]

360 | Heterogeneous methodology of racial/ethnic classification may be responsible for the different risk assessments for prostate cancer between Black and White men in Brazil
Frederico R. Romero, Luiz Ricardo T. P. Xavier, Antonio W. Romero, Rui Manuel S. de Almeida, Jorge Eduardo F. Matias, Renato Tambara Filho [view article]

367 | Predictive criteria of insignificant prostate cancer: what is the correspondence of linear extent to percentage of cancer in a single core?
Athanase Billis, Maisa M.Q. Quintal, Leandro L.L. Freitas, Larissa B. E. Costa, Ubirajara Ferreira [view article]

373 | An inexpensive yet realistic model for teaching vasectomy
Taylor M. Coe, John Curington [view article]


379 | Bilateral isolated Epididymal Agenesis in a 32 year old man
Yadollah Ahmadi Asr Badr, Reza Sari Motlagh, Ehsan Sepehran [view article]

382 | Migration of endotacker into the bladder 7 years after laparoscopic retroperitoneal burch application
Ahmet Salvarci, Yunus Agrali [view article]


388 | A comparative study of ascending urethrogram and sono-urethrogram in the evaluation of stricture urethra
B.R. Ravikumar, Chiranjeevi Tejus, K.M. Madappa, Dharakh Prashant, G.S. Dhayanand [view article]

393 | 18F-FDG PET/CT with unusual bone and CNS metastases from testicular seminoma
Francisco Javier García Gómez, Irene Acevedo Báñez, Roberto Lasso Vega González, Pedro Jiménez-Granero, Isabel Borrego Dorado [view article]


395 | Single port varicocelectomy using SILS™ multiple access port
Hoon Choi, Jae Hyun Bae (Editorial Comment by Daniel R. Martinez) [view article]

397 | Reduction Corporoplasty
Tariq S. Hakky, Daniel Martinez, Christopher Yang, Rafael E. Carrion (Editorial Comment by Philippe E. Spiess) [view article]