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607 | Vesical imaging reporting and data system (VI-RADS) in bladder cancer diagnosis in review in this number of International Brazilian Journal of Urology
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


609 | VI-RADS score system – A primer for urologists
Refky Nicola, Martina Pecoraro, Sara Lucciola, Rodolfo Borges dos Reis, Yoshifumi Narumi, Valeria Panebianco, Valdair Francisco Muglia [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
623 | A brief review of the VI-RADS classification for bladder tumors on MRI (and a call for increased interface, consistent communication and more joined studies by the radiological and urological communities)
Ronaldo Hueb Baroni [View Full Article]

625 | Trifecta achievement in patients undergoing partial nephrectomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of predictive factors
Nigemutu Bai, Muge Qi, Dan Shan, Suo Liu, Ta Na, Liang Chen [View Full Article]

637 | Comparison of mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy and standard percutaneous nephrolithotomy for renal stones >2cm: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Pengfei Qin, Dong Zhang, Ting Huang, Li Fang, Yue Cheng [View Full Article]


649 | Incontinence outcomes in women undergoing retropubic mid-urethral sling: a retrospective cohort study comparing Safyre™ and handmade sling
Fernando Terziotti, Emerson Pereira Gregório, Marcio Augusto Averbeck, Silvio Henrique Maia Almeida [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
660 | The evolution of stress urinary incontinence treatment techniques of the last three decades
Cassio Luis Zanettini Riccetto [View Full Article]

662 | Efficacy of intravaginal electrical stimulation with different treatment frequency in women with refractory idiopathic overactive bladder
Necmettin Yildiz, Hakan Alkan, Gulin Findikoglu [View Full Article]

672 | In utero myelomeningocele repair and high-risk bladder pattern. a prospective study
Antonio Macedo Jr., Sérgio Leite Ottoni, Antonio Moron, Sergio Cavalheiro, Marcela Leal da Cruz [View Full Article]

679 | Presenting signs and symptoms of artificial urinary sphincter cuff erosion
Linley Diao, Samantha W. Nealon, Gianpaolo P. Carpinito, Shervin Badkhshan, Avery R. Wolfe, Benjamin M. Dropkin, Sarah C. Sanders, Steven J. Hudak, Allen F. Morey [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
686 | Impact of artificial urinary sphincter erosion in the reimplantation of the device
André G. Cavalcanti [View Full Article]

688 | Rates of False-Negative Screening in Prostate Specific Antigen Secondary to 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor Usage: A Quality-Improvement Initiative
Justin Loloi, Matthew Wei, Mustufa Babar, Denzel Zhu, Ethan B. Fram, Pedro Maria [View Full Article]

696 | Contemporary techniques of da Vinci SP radical prostatectomy: multicentric collaboration and expert opinion
Marcio Covas Moschovas, Isabella Brady, Jonathan Noel, Mahmoud Abou Zeinab, Aaron Kaviani, Jihad Kaouk, Simone Crivellaro, Jean Joseph, Alexandre Mottrie, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]


706 | Orchio-Septopexy: A new technique to cover and fix detorsed testis undergoing fasciotomy of tunica albuginea
Mohammed Elifranji, Tariq Abbas, Bruno Leslie, Santiago Vallasciani, Abderrahman El Kadhi, João Luiz Pippi-Salle [View Full Article]


712 | Recommendations for prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment during COVID-19 outbreak were not followed in Brazil
Fernando Korkes, Khalil Smaidi, Frederico Timoteo, Sidney Glina [View Full Article]

719 | Pembrolizumab as a promising intervention for advanced penile cancer
Daniela Vinueza-Obando, Philippe E. Spiess, Herney Andrés García-Perdomo [View Full Article]


722 | Editorial Comment: Penile Transplantation: Lessons Learned and Technical Considerations
Luciano A. Favorito, Natasha T. Logsdon [View Full Article]

724 | Editorial Comment: Validity of a patient-specific percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) simulated surgical rehearsal platform: impact on patient and surgical outcomes
Luciano A. Favorito, Natasha T. Logsdon [View Full Article]


726 | Corporoplasty: A simplified technique for clitoroplasty
Ubirajara Barroso Jr., Eliakim Massuqueto, Bruna A. Venturini, Tiago Elias Rosito, Marcelo Villalta, Leidy Paola Casas Grajales [View Full Article]

728 | Da Vinci SP radical prostatectomy: a multicentric collaboration and step-by-step techniques
Marcio Covas Moschovas,, Isabella Brady, Abdel Rahman Jaber, Mahmoud Abou Zeinab, Aaron Kaviani, Jihad Kaouk, Simone Crivellaro, Jean Joseph, Alexandre Mottrie, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]


730 | Re: Can Concomitant Bladder Neck Incision and Primary Valve Ablation Reduce Early Re-admission Rate and Secondary Intervention?
Ubirajara O. Barroso Jr. [View Full Article]

732 | Re: Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation versus electrical stimulation with pelvic floor muscle training for overactive bladder syndrome in women: results of a randomized controlled study
Necmettin Yildiz [View Full Article]