Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 41 N. 04 – 2015

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611 | Stênio de Cássio Zequi [view article]


Substitution urethroplasty or anastomotic urethroplasty for bulbar urethra strictures? Or endoscopic urethrotomy?
613 | Opinion: Substitution Urethroplasty
Richard A. Santucci  [view article]

615 | Opinion: Anastomotic Urethroplasty
Jordan A. Siegel, Allen F. Morey  [view article]

619 | Opinion: Anastomotic Urethroplasty
André Cavalcanti, Gustavo Fiedler  [view article]


623 | New strategies to improve results of mesh surgeries for vaginal prolapses repair – an update
Fernando Goulart Fernandes Dias, Paulo Henrique Goulart Fernandes Dias, Alessandro Prudente, Cassio Riccetto  [view article]


635 | Comparison beetwen open and laparoscopic radical cistectomy in a latin american reference center: perioperative and oncological results
Marcos Tobias-Machado, Danniel Frade Said, Anuar Ibrahim Mitre, Alexandre Pompeo, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo  [view article]

642 | Proteomics analysis of tissue samples from patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the penis and positive to human papillomavirus
Leandro Koifman, Paulo Ornellas, Antonio Augusto Ornellas, Denise de Abreu Pereira, Benedeta Russolina Zingali, Silvia Maria Baeta Cavalcanti, Larissa Alves Afonso, Vanessa Sandim, Gilda Alves  [view article]

655 | The value of testicular ultrasound in the prediction of the type and size of testicular tumors
Abraham Shtricker, David Silver, Elias Sorin, Letizia Schreiber, Nachum Katlowitz, Alexander Tsivian, Kalman Katlowitz, Shalva Benjamin, Abraham Ami Sidi  [view article]

661 | Are Preexisting Retinal and Central Nervous System-Related Comorbidities Risk Factors for Complications Following Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy?
David Chalmers, Antonio Cusano, Peter Haddock, Ilene Staff, Joseph Wagner  [view article]

669 | Comparıson of different postoperative paın managements in patients submitted to transperitoneal laparoscopic renal and adrenal surgery
Altug Tuncel, Melih Balci, Aysun Postaci, Yilmaz Aslan, Ali Atan  [view article]

676 | Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Ureteral Stones: Evaluation of Patient and Stone Related Predictive Factors
Ozgur Yazici, Murat Tuncer, Cahit Sahin, Mehmet K. Demirkol, Alper Kafkasli, Kemal Sarica  [view article]

683 | Flexible Ureteroscopic Management of Horseshoe Kidney Renal Calculi
Jie Ding, Yunteng Huang, Siping Gu, Yifan Chen, Jie Peng, Qiang Bai, Min Ye, Jun Qi  [view article]

690 | Value of CT angiography in reducing the risk of hemorrhage associated with mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy
Xiang-Jun Meng , Qi-Wu Mi, Tao Hu, Wei-De Zhong  [view article]

697 | Body mass index and comorbidity are associated with postoperative renal function after nephrectomy
Lael Reinstatler, Zachary Klaassen, Brittani Barrett, Martha K. Terris, Kelvin A. Moses (Editorial Comment by Francisco Fonseca, MD)  [view article]

707 | Should oncological cases of upper urinary system be excluded at the beginning of the laparoscopic learning curve?
Özgür Haki Yüksel, Alper Ötünçtemur, Emin Özbek, Fatih Uruç, Ayhan Verit  [view article]

714 | Transobturator Midurethral Slings versus Single-Incision Slings for Stress Incontinence in Overweight Patients
Omer Bayrak, Ilker Seckiner, Gokhan Urgun, Haluk Sen, Caglayan Ozcan, Sakip Erturhan  [view article]

722 | Evaluation of female overactive bladder using urodynamics: relationship with female voiding dysfunction
Kang Jun Cho, Hyo Sin Kim, Jun Sung Koh, Joon Chul Kim  [view article]

729 | Reliability and Validity of a Chinese Version of Urinary Tract Infection Symptom Assessment Questionnaire
Shang-jen Chang, Chia-Da Lin, Cheng-Hsing Hsieh, Ying-Buh Liu, I-Ni Chiang, Stephen Shei-Dei Yang  [view article]

739 | Urodynamic outcome of parasacral transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation for overactive bladder in children
Ubirajara Barroso Jr., Marcelo Tomás Carvalho, Maria Luisa Veiga, Marília Magalhães Moraes, Carolina Coelho Cunha, Patrícia Lordêlo  [view article]

744 | Does resectoscope size play a role in formation of urethral stricture following transurethral prostate resection?
Mustafa Günes, Muzaffer Oguz Keles, Cevdet Kaya, Orhan Koca, Zülfü Sertkaya, Mehmet Akyüz, Muammer Altok, Mehmet Umul, Muhammet Ihsan Karaman  [view article]

750 | Minimally access versus conventional hydrocelectomy: a randomized trial
Aly Saber  [view article]

757 | Decline in semen quality among infertile men in Brazil during the past 10 years
Edson Borges Jr., Amanda Souza Setti, Daniela Paes de Almeida Ferreira Braga, Rita de Cassia Savio Figueira, Assumpto Iaconelli Jr.  [view article]

764 | Small activating RNA induces myogenic differentiation of rat adipose-derived stem cells by upregulating MyoD
Chenghe Wang, Zhong Chen, Jia Wu, Yan Zhang, Jia Hu, Qiangqiang Ge, Tao Wang, Weimin Yang, Hua Xu, Jihong Liu, Zhangqun Ye [view article]

773 | Simultaneous Administration of Dexamethasone and Vitamin E Reversed Experimental Varicocele-induced Impact in testicular tissue in Rats; Correlation with Hsp70-2 Chaperone Expression
Hajar Khosravanian, Mazdak Razi, Farah Farokhi, Narges Khosravanian [view article]

791 | Evaluation of sexual function in patients submitted to ureteroscopic procedures
Bilal Eryildirim, Murat Tuncer, Cahit Sahin, Ugur Yucetas, Kemal Sarica [view article]


796 | Detour technique, Dipping technique, or IIeal bladder flap technique for surgical correction of uretero-ileal anastomotic stricture in orthotopic ileal neobladder 
Mohamed Wishahi, Hossam Elganzoury, Amr Elkhouly  [view article]


804 | Partial Priapism Treated with Pentoxifylline
Meghan A. Cooper, Rafael E. Carrion, Christopher Yang  [view article]


808 | Late complication of a renal calculus: fistulisation to the psoas muscle, skin and bronchi
Ziga Snoj, Nenad Savic, Jaka Regvat  [view article]

813 | Suture granuloma after orchiectomy: sonography, doppler and elastography features
Mustafa Secil, Ugur Mungan, Kutsal Yorukoglu  [view article]


817 | Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration as a method for sperm retrieval in men with obstructive azoospermia seeking fertility: operative and laboratory aspects
Sandro C. Esteves (Editorial Comment by Philippe E. Spiess, MD & Tariq Hakki, MD)  [view article]

819 | Robotic Salvage Lymph Node Dissection After Radical Prostatectomy
Fabio C. M. Torricelli, Arnaldo Cividanes, Giuliano B. Guglielmetti, Rafael F. Coelho (Editorial Comment by Vipul Patel, MD and Vladimir Mouraviev, MD)  [view article]


821 | RE: Migration of endotacker into the bladder 7 years after laparoscopic retroperitoneal burch application
Ahmet Salvarci, Yunus Agrali [view article]

822 | RE: Preoperative serum albumin as a prognostic factor in patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma
Ja Hyeon Ku, Myong Kim, Woo Suk Choi, Cheol Kwak, Hyeon Hoe Kim [view article]