Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 44 N. 02 – 2018

211 | Lower pole renal stone: flexible ureteroscopy or shockwave lithotripsy? The anatomy is the key

Luciano A. Favorito [view article]

213 | BPH treatment: laser for everyone | Opinion: YES

Carlos A. R. Sacomani, Ricardo Vita Nunes [view article]

215 | BPH treatment: laser for everyone | Opinion: NO

Fernando G. Almeida, Luciano Teixeira Silva [view article]

219 | Efficacy of targeted therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma: A systematic review and metaanalysis of randomized controlled trials

Chao Wei, Shen Wang, Zhangqun Ye, Zhiqiang Chen [view article]

238 | The association between the outcomes of extraperitoneal laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and the anthropometric measurements of the prostate by magnetic resonance imaging

Sompol Permpongkosol, Supanun Aramay, Thawanrat Vattanakul, Sith Phongkitkarun [view article]

248 | High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) as salvage therapy for radio-recurrent prostate cancer: predictors of disease response

Shawn Dason, Nathan C. Wong, Christopher B. Allard, Jen Hoogenes, William Orovan, Bobby Shayegan [view article]

258 | Prostate cancer incidentally discovered at the time of radical cystoprostatectomy does not decrease overall survival: Results from a large Chinese medical center

Shiying Tang, Han Hao, Dong Fang, Wei Zheng, Peng Ge, Xiaohong Su, Qun He, Xinyu Yang, Qi Shen, Xuesong Li, Wei Yu, Jian Lin, Liqun Zhou [view article]

267 | Comparative differences between T1a/b and T1e/m as substages in T1 urothelial carcinoma of the bladder

Turgay Turan, Özgür Efiloğlu, Bilal Günaydin, Şeyma Özkanli, Emrah Nikerel, Gökhan Atiş, Turhan Çaşkurlu, Asif Yildirim [view article]

273 | A Safe teaching protocol of LRP (Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy)

Marcos Tobias-Machado, Cristiano Linck Pazeto, Oseas Castro Neves-Neto, Igor Nunes-Silva, Hamilton de Campos Zampolli [view article]

280 | Laparoscopic nephrectomy outside gerota fascia and En bloc ligation of the renal hilum for management of inflammatory renal diseases

Liang Ma, Yanlan Yu, Guangju Ge, Gonghui Li [view article]

288 | The effect of AST/ALT (De Ritis) ratio on survival and its relation to tumor histopathological variables in patients with localized renal cell carcinoma

Lütfi Canat, Hasan Anil Ataly, Samir Agalarov, İlter Alkan, Fatih Alturende [view article]

296 | Transperitoneal vs. extraperitoneal radical cystectomy for bladder cancer: A retrospective study

Jagdeesh N. Kulkarni, Himanshu Agarwal [view article]

304 | Current trends of percutaneous nephrolithotomy in a developing country

Carlos A. Batagello, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Fabio Cesar Miranda Torricelli, Miguel Srougi, Willian Carlos Nahas, Eduardo Mazzucchi [view article]

314 | Flexible ureterorenoscopy is associated with less stone recurrence rates over Shockwave lithotripsy in the management of 10-20 millimeter lower pole renal stone: medium follow-up results

Faruk Ozgor, Murat Sahan, Fatih Yanaral, Metin Savun, Omer Sarilar [view article]

323 | Is circumferential urethral mobilisation an overdo? A prospective outcome analysis of dorsal onlay and dorso – lateral onlay BMGU for anterior urethral strictures

Gaurav Prakash, Bhupendra Pal Singh, Rahul Janak Sinha, Ankur Jhanwar, Satyanarayan Sankhwar [view article]

330 | Overactive bladder syndrome and bladder wall thickness in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Zahide Yilmaz, Bekir Voyvoda, Pinar Bekdik Şirinocak [view article]

338 | Validation of the urgency questionnaire in Portuguese: A new instrument to assess overactive bladder syndrome

Rodolfo Pacheco de Moraes, Jonas Lopes da Silva, Adriano Almeida Calado, Geraldo de Aguiar Cavalcanti [view article]

348 | OAB score: A clinical model that predicts the probability of presenting overactive detrusor in the urodynamic study

Leandro Cristian Arribillaga, Marta Ledesma, Ariel Montedoro, Florencia Pisano, Rubén Guillermo Bengió [view article]

355 | Single perineal incision placement of artificial urinary sphincter with cadaveric correlation of sub-dartos pump placement

Cooper R. Benson, Hajar I. Ayoub, O. Lenaine Westney [view article]

362 | Sonographic patterns of Peyronie’s disease in patients with absence of palpable plaques

Lucio Dell’Atti, Andrea Benedetto Galosi [view article]

370 | Transperitoneal laparoscopic pyeloplasty in children: does upper urinary tract anomalies affect surgical outcomes?

João Arthur Brunhara, Paulo Renato Marcelo Moscardi, Marcos Figueiredo Mello, Hiury Silva Andrade, Paulo Afonso de Carvalho, Bruno Nicolino Cezarino, Francisco Tibor Dénes, Roberto Iglesias Lopes [view article]

378 | Risk factors for urinary tract infection in children with urinary urgency

Rhaiana Gondim, Roberta Azevedo, Ana Aparecida Nascimento Martinelli Braga, Maria Luiza Veiga, Ubirajara Barroso Jr. [view article]

384 | Effects of Copaiba oil in the healing process of urinary bladder in rats

Denilson José Silva Feitosa Junior, Luan Teles Ferreira de Carvalho, Ingrid Rodrigues de Oliveira Rocha, Camila Noura de Brito, Rodrigo Alencar Moreira, Charles Alberto Villacorta de Barros [view article]

390 | Acquired Hemophilia presenting as Gross hematuria following Kidney Stone – A case report and review of the literature

Max Schmidt-Bowman, Lael Reinstatler, Eric P. Raffin, Joseph E. Yared, John D. Seigne, Einar F. Sverrisson [view article]

393 | Bilateral testicular torsion in an adolescent: a case with challenging diagnosis

L. Lorenzo, E. Martínez-Cuenca, E. Broseta [view article]

397 | Incidentally detected tuberculous prostatitis with microabscess

Eduardo Kaiser Ururahy Nunes Fonseca, Oskar Grau Kaufmann, Layra Ribeiro de Sousa Leão, Cassia Franco Tridente, Fernando Ide Yamauchi, Ronaldo Hueb Baroni [view article]

400 | Left ureteral appendiceal interposition: Exercise caution and do not be mislead by postoperative radiological obstruction

Aderivaldo Cabral Dias Filho, Carlos Alberto Toledo Martinez, Maria Bianca Côrte, Marcus Vinicius Osorio Maroccolo [view article]

 403 | Robot-assisted laparoscopic bladder diverticulectomy and greenlight laser anatomic vaporization of the prostate

Luca Cindolo, Manuela Ingrosso, Michele Marchioni, Ambra Rizzoli, Francesco Berardinelli, Luigi Schips [view article]

 405 | Laparoscopic – assisted percutaneous nephrolithotomy as an alternative in the treatment of complex renal calculi in patients with retrorenal colon

Petronio Augusto de Souza Melo, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini, David Jacques Cohen, Marcelo Hisano, Claudio Bovolenta Murta, Joaquim Francisco de Almeida Claro [view article]

407 | Step by step male to female transsexual surgery

Rodrigo Uliano Moser da Silva, Fernando Jahn da Silva Abreu, Gabriel M. V. Da Silva, João Vitor Quadra Vieira dos Santos, Nelson Sivonei da Silva Batezini, Brasil Silva Neto, Tiago Elias Rosito [view article]

409 | An unusual presentation of urethral duplication presenting with chronic bladder retention, left scrotal transposition and left renal agenesis

Antonio Macedo Jr., Marcela Leal da Cruz, João Luiz Gomes Parizi, Gustavo Marconi Caetano Martins, Riberto Liguori, Sérgio Leite Ottoni, Bruno Leslie, Gilmar Garrone [view article]

411 | Re: An unanswered question in pediatric urology: the post pubertal persistence of prepubertal congenital penile curvature correction by tunical plication

Daniel Yachia [view article]

413 | REPLY BY THE AUTHORS: Re: An unanswered question in pediatric urology: the post pubertal persistence of prepubertal congenital penile curvature correction by tunical plication

Unsal Ozkuvanci, Orhan Ziylan, M. Irfan Donmez, Omer Baris Yucel, Tayfun Oktar, Haluk Ander, Ismet Nane [view article]

415 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [view article]