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1 | Radical cystectomy highlighted in International Brazilian Journal of Urology

Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


4 | The importance of peer review to International Brazilian Journal of Urology

Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

6 | Selection of best videos of the year for 2021

Philippe E. Spiess [View Full Article]


8 | Testicular arteries anatomy applied to fowler-sthephens surgery in high undescended testis – a narrative review

Tatiana C. Benzi, Natasha T. Logsdon, Francisco J. B. Sampaio, Luciano Alves Favorito [View Full Article]

18 | Bricker ileal conduit vs. Cutaneous ureterostomy after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer: a systematic review

Fernando Korkes, Eduardo Fernandes, Felipe Arakaki Gushiken, Felipe Placco Araujo Glina, Willy Baccaglini, Frederico Timóteo, Sidney Glina [View Full Article]

31 | Management of neurogenic bladder dysfunction in children update and recommendations on medical treatment

Cristian Sager, Ubirajara Barroso Jr., José Murillo B. Netto, Gabriela Retamal, Edurne Ormaechea [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment

52 | When to start clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) in children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction

Atila Rondon [View Full Article]

54 | Pelvic lymph node dissection in high-risk prostate cancer

Luciano Haiquel, Xavier Cathelineau, Rafael Sanchez-Salas, Petr Macek, Fernando Secin [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment

67 | Node dissection in prostate cancer: no answers for old questions

Rodolfo Borges dos Reis, Antônio Antunes Rodrigues Junior, Rafael Neuppmann Feres, Marcelo Cartapatti da Silva, Valdair Francisco Muglia [View Full Article]


70 | The role of transperineal ultrasound in the evaluation of stress urinary incontinence cases

Alper Turkoglu, Ayse Deniz Erturk Coskun, Sevcan Arzu Arinkan, Fisun Vural [View Full Article]

78 | Bladder function in children with posterior urethral valves: impact of antenatal versus postnatal diagnosis

Osama M. Sarhan, Bassem S. Wadie, Fouad Al-Kawai, Mohamed Dawaba [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment

87 | Bladder dysfunction depends on many variables in children with posterior urethral valves

Lisieux Eyer de Jesus [View Full Article]

89 | Computed-tomography based scoring system predicts outcome for clinical lymph node-positive patients undergoing radical cystectomy

Lennert Eismann, Severin Rodler, Alexander Tamalunas, Gerald Schulz, Friedrich Jokisch, Yannic Volz, Paulo Pfitzinger, Boris Schlenker, Christian Stief, Olga Solyanik, Alexander Buchner, Tobias Grimm [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment

99 | The management of muscle-invasive bladder Cancer is still a significant challenge in the clinical practice

Arie Carneiro [View Full Article]

101 | COVID-19: The impact on urolithiasis treatment in Brazil

Fernando Korkes, Khalil Smaidi, Matheus Pascotto Salles, Antonio Correa Lopes Neto, Ita Pfeferman Heilberg, Sidney Glina [View Full Article]

110 | Practical evaluation of the R.E.N.A.L. score system in 150 laparoscopic nephron sparing surgeries

Victor T. Dubeux, José Fernando C. Zanier, Pedro N. Gabrich, Fabricio B. Carrerette, José C. A. Milfont, Ronaldo Damião [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment

120 | The potential threats and benefits of nephron-sparing surgery can be predicted by any available score system

Anuar Ibrahim Mitre [View Full Article]

122 | Should obesity be associated with worse urinary continence outcomes after robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy? a propensity score matching analysis

Thiago Camelo Mourão, Renato Almeida Rosa de Oliveira, Ricardo de Lima Favaretto, Thiago Borges Marques Santana, Carlos Alberto Ricetto Sacomani, Wilson Bachega Jr., Gustavo Cardoso Guimarães, Stênio de Cássio Zequi [View Full Article]

131 | The combined effect of lifestyle intervention and antioxidant therapy on sperm DNA fragmentation and seminal oxidative stress in IVF patients: a pilot study

Peter Humaidan, Thor Haahr, Betina Boel Povlsen, Louise Kofod, Rita Jakubcionyte Laursen, Birgit Alsbjerg, Helle Olesen Elbaek, Sandro C. Esteves [View Full Article]


157 | Nephroblastomatosis and wilms tumor: dangerous liaisons

Lisieux Eyer de Jesus, Celine Fulgencio, Thais Cardoso Leve, Samuel Dekermacher [View Full Article]

165 | Treatment of renal lower pole stones: an update

Eduardo Mazzucchi, Fernanda C.G. Berto, John Denstedt, Alexandre Danilovic, Carlos Alfredo Batagello, Fabio C.M. Torricelli, Fabio C. Vicentini, Giovanni S. Marchini, Miguel Srougi, William C. Nahas [View Full Article]

175 | Perception of castration value over cost in the metastatic prostate cancer scenario: a contemporary pharmacoeconomic perspective

Luciana Saboya Brito Dal Col, Danilo L. Andrade, Lucas M. Gon, Diego M. Capibaribe, Marcelo P. Amaro, Natássia C. C. Truzzi, Barbara R. Malkomes, Leonardo O. Reis [View Full Article]



180 | Editorial Comment: Efficiency and satisfaction with telephone consultation of follow-up patients in neuro-urology: Experience of the COVID-19 pandemic

Marcio Augusto Averbeck [View Full Article]

182 | Editorial Comment: Intradetrusor botulinum toxin injections (300 units) for the treatment of poorly compliant bladders in patients with adult neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction

Marcio Augusto Averbeck [View Full Article]

Basic Research in Urology

184 | Editorial Comment: Ascending testis: A congenital predetermined condition

Natasha T. Logsdon, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


186 | Editorial Comment: The effect of shock wave lithotripsy and retrograde intrarenal surgery on health-related quality of life in 10-20 mm renal stones: a prospective randomized pilot study

Alexandre Danilovic [View Full Article]

Male Health

188 | Editorial Comment: Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and prostate cancer: An updated systematic review with a focus on previous or active localized prostate cancer

Valter Javaroni [View Full Article]


196 | Robotic-assisted nephrectomy with level II IVC thrombectomy using Rummel Tourniquets

Christopher Pulford, Kevin Keating, Matthew Rohloff, David Peifer, Richard Eames, Jaschar Shakuri-Rad, Thomas Maatman [View Full Article]

198 | Robotic management of congenital urethra-vaginal fistula with transverse vaginal septum

Shanti Laxmi Darga, Mallikarjuna Chiruvella, Taif Mohammed Bedigeri, Ghouse Syed Mohammed, Sarika Pandya, Bhavatej Enganti [View Full Article]

200 | Holmium laser ablation of the prostate (HoLAP) with moses technology for the surgical treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Antonio Andrea Grosso, Fabrizio Di Maida, Andrea Mari, Samuele Nardoni, Agostino Tuccio, Andrea Minervini [View Full Article]


202 | Re: Pre-operative COVID-19 screening for urologic patients

Pathum Sookaromdee, Viroj Wiwanitkit  [View Full Article]

204 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [View Full Article]