Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 44 N. 04 – 2018


662 | Bladder diverticula with more than 5 cm increases the risk of acute urinary retention in BPH

Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


664 | ICSI with testicular sperm for couples with sperm DNA damage

Armand Zini [view article]


667 | Testicular versus ejaculated sperm should be used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in cases of infertility associated with sperm DNA fragmentation | Opinion: Yes

Sandro C. Esteves [view article]

676 | Testicular versus ejaculated sperm should be used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in cases of infertility associated with sperm DNA fragmentation | Opinion: No

Mark Sigman [view article]


680 | Review of post bariatric surgery effects on common genitourinary physiology

Aline A. Yacoubian, Rami Nasr [view article]


688 | Diagnostic accuracy of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging in detecting extracapsular extension in intermediate and high – risk prostate cancer

Cristina Dominguez, Mauricio Plata, Juan Guillermo Cataño, Mauricio Palau, Diego Aguirre, Jorge Narvaez, Stephanie Trujillo, Felipe Gómez, Carlos Gustavo Trujillo, Juan Ignacio Caicedo, Camilo Medina [view article]

697 | Changes observed in prostate biopsy practices in an inner city hospital with a high risk patient population following the 2012 USPSTF PSA screening recommendations

Andrew W. Tam, Johnathan A. Khusid, Igor Inoyatov, Adan Z. Becerra, Jonathan Davila, Jyoti D. Chouhan, Jeffrey P. Weiss, Llewellyn M. Hyacinthe, Brian K. McNeil, Andrew G. Winer [view article]

704 | Polygamy, sexual behavior in a population under risk for prostate cancer diagnostic: na observational study from the Black Sea Region in Turkey

Abdullah Cirakoglu, Erdal Benli, Ahmet Yuce [view article]

709 | Impact of PSA density of transition zone as a potential parameter in reducing the number of unnecessary prostate biopsies in patients with PSA levels between 2.6 and 10.0 ng/mL

Hugo A. Socrates Castro, Wagner Iared, José Eduardo Mourão Santos, Raphael Sandes Solha, David Carlos Shigueoka, Sergio Aron Ajzen [view article]

717 | Comparing the short – term outcomes and complications of monopolar and bipolar transurethral resection of bladder tumors in patients with coronary artery disese: a prospective, randomized, controlled study

Deniz Bolat, Bulent Gunlusoy, Ozgu Aydogdu, Mehmet Erhan Aydin, Cetin Dincel [view article]

726 | Acute kidney injury following radical cystectomy and urinary diversion: predictors and associated morbidity

Yasser Osman, Ahmed M. Harraz, Samer El-Halwagy, Mahmoud Laymon, Ahmed Mosbah, Hassan Abol-Enein, Atalla A. Shaaban [view article]

734 | The diagnostic value of FNDC5/Irisin in Renal Cell Cancer

Diler Us Altay, Esref Edip Keha, Ersagun Karagüzel, Ahmet Menteşe, Serap Ozer Yaman, Ahmet Alver [view article]

740 | The preoperative stratification of patients based on renal scan data is unable to predict the functional outcome after partial nephrectomy

Riccardo Bertolo, Cristian Fiori, Federico Piramide, Daniele Amparore, Francesco Porpiglia [view article]

750 | Ureteroscopy and stone treatment in the elderly (70 years): prospective outcomes over 5 – years with a review of literature

Sarah Prattley, James Voss, Stephanie Cheung, Robert Geraghty, Patrick Jones, Bhaskar K. Somani [view article]

758 | Effect of phyllanthus niruri on metabolic parameters of patients with kidney stone: a perspective for disease prevention

Nidia D. Pucci, Giovanni S. Marchini, Eduardo Mazzucchi, Sabrina T. Reis, Miguel Srougi, Denise Evazian, William C. Nahas [view article]

765 | The role of bladder diverticula in the prevalence of acute urinary retention in patients with BPH who are candidates to surgery

Alexandre Iscaife, Gabriel dos Anjos, Cristovão Barbosa Neto, Willian Carlos Nahas, Miguel Srougi, Alberto Azoubel Antunes [view article]

771 | Comparison of inflammatory markers between brucella and non-brucella epididymo-orchitis

Ali Cift, Mehmet Ozgur Yucel [view article]

779 | Comparison of the Kelly’s plication and TOT simultaneously with vaginal hysterectomy, on the incontinence, and sexual functions

Neslihan Bayramoglu Tepe, Omer Bayrak, Huseyin Caglayan Ozcan, Mete Gurol Ugur, Ilker Seckiner [view article]

785 | Clinical features of carriers of reciprocal chromosomal translocations involving chromosome 2: report of nine cases and review of the literature

Xinyue Zhang, Hongguo Zhang, Cong Hu, Ruixue Wang, Qi Xi, Ruizhi Liu [view article]

794 | Low serum melatonin levels are associated with erectile dysfunction

Aliseydi Bozkurt, Mehmet Karabakan, Binhan Kagan Aktas, Murat Gunay, Ercüment Keskin, Erkan Hirik [view article]

800 | Penile refracture: a preliminary report

Rodrigo Barros, Matheus Guimarães, César Nascimento Jr., Luis Rogério Araújo, Leandro Koifman, Luciano Alves Favorito [view article]

805 | Are uroflowmetry and post – void residual urine tests necessary in children with primary nocturnal enuresis?

Shang-Jen Chang, Stephen Shei-Dei Yang [view article]

812 | Isolated low grade prenatally detected unilateral hydronephrosis: do we need long term follow-up?

Osama M. Sarhan, Ahmed El Helaly, Abdulhakim Al Otay, Mustafa Al Ghanbar, Ziad Nakshabandi [view article]

819 | Pro – inflammatory cytokines and metalloproteinase activation in polypropylene mesh implant in rat subcutaneous tissue

Elaine Bronzatto, Cássio Luis Zanettini Riccetto [view article]


826 |Accidental cystectomy during laparoscopic excision of prostatic utricle cyst – a rare complication

Vikash Kumar, Chirag Punatar, Kunal Jadhav, Sharad Sagade [view article]

831 | Idiosyncratic reaction after injection of polyacrylate – polyalcohol copolymer

Cristiano Linck Pazeto, Fábio José Nascimento, Lucila Heloisa Simardi Santiago, Sidney Glina [view article]


835 | BCG instillations can mimic prostate cancer on multiparametric MRI

Pablo Garrido-Abad, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez-Cabello, Cristina González-Gordaliza, Roberto Vera-Berón, Arturo Platas-Sancho [view article]


838 | Double inlay plus ventral onlay buccal mucosa graft for simultaneous penile and bulbar urethral stricture

Luciano A. Favorito, Paulo P. Conte, Ulisses G. Sobrinho, Rodrigo G. Martins, Tomas Accioly [view article]

840 | Dusting utilizing suction technique (DUST) for percutaneous nephrolithotomy: use of a dedicated laser handpiece to treat a staghorn stone

Khurshid R. Ghani, Ali H. Aldoukhi, William W. Roberts [view article]

842 | Retzius-sparing robot-assisted radical prostatectomy is safe for patients with prior transurethral prostate surgery

Lawrence H. C. Kim, Glen Denmer Santok, Ali Abdel Raheem, Kidon Chang, Trenton Lum, Byung Ha Chung, Young Deuk Choi, Koon Ho Rha [view article]

844 | The pubovesical complex-sparing technique on laparoscopic radical prostatectomy

Rafael Batista Rebouças, Rodrigo Campos Monteiro, João Paulo Pereira Lima, Filipe de Pádua B. F. Almeida, Cesar Araujo Britto, Marcos Tobias Machado, Carlo Passerotti [view article]


846 | Re: Endourologic strategies for a minimally invasive management of urinary tract stones in patients with urinary diversion

Ines Mendes Pina, Michael S. Floyd Jr., Simon R. Stubington [view article]

848 | REPLY TO THE AUTHORS: Re: Endourologic strategies for a minimally invasive management of urinary tract stones in patients with urinary diversion

FangLing Zhong, Gurioli Alberto, GuangMing Chen, Wei Zhu, FuCai Tang, Guohua Zeng, Ming Lei [view article]

850 | Re: Transition to adulthood with a bladder augmentation: histopathologic concerns

Ines Mendes Pina, Ahmed M. Omar, Rauf N. Khadr, Michael S. Floyd Jr. [view article]