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918 | International Brazilian Journal of Urology reached the Biggest Impact Factor of its history – 1.541

Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


921 | Safety and efficacy of “on-demand” Tramadol in patients with premature ejaculation: an updated meta-analysis

Aditya Prakash Sharma, Gopal Sharma, Shantanu Tyagi, Sudheer K. Devana, Ravimohan S. Mavuduru, Girdhar S. Bora, Shrawan K. Singh [View Full Article]

935 | Surgical insights for the management of variant histology in renal cell carcinoma

Mauro Antonio Dispagna, Michael Daneshvar, Gennady Bratslavsky [View Full Article]

943 | Prognostic predictors of lymph node metastasis in penile cancer: a systematic review

David S. Zekan, Ahmad Dahman, Ali J. Hajiran, Adam M. Luchey, Jad Chahoud, Philippe E. Spiess [View Full Article]

957 | Contemporary considerations in the management and treatment of lower pole stones

Ridwan Alam, Brian R. Matlaga, Ayman Alam, Jared S. Winoker [View Full Article]


969 | Association between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and lower urinary tract symptoms in children and adolescents in a community setting

Mônica Maria de Almeida Vasconcelos, José Murillo Bastos Netto, Isaac Eduardo Arana, Isabela Benevenuto Teixeira, Eleonora Moreira Lima1, Tânia Antunes Carvalho, José de Bessa Junior, Flávia Cristina de Carvalho Mrad [View Full Article]

979 | Editorial Comment: Association between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and lower urinary tract symptoms in children: do they mean what we presume them to be?

Andrew J. Combs [View Full Article]

982 | Efficacy of tamsulosin versus tadalafil as medical expulsive therapy on stone expulsion in patients with distal ureteral stones: A randomized double-blind clinical trial

Siavash Falahatkar, Ardalan Akhavan, Samaneh Esmaeili, Atiyeh Amin, Ehsan Kazemnezhad, Alireza Jafari [View Full Article]

989 | Comparing public interest on stone disease between developed and underdeveloped nations: are search patterns on google trends similar?

Giovanni S. Marchini,, Kauy V. M. Faria, Felippe L. Neto, Fábio César Miranda Torricelli, Alexandre Danilovic, Fábio Carvalho Vicentini, Carlos A. Batagello, Miguel Srougi, Willaim C. Nahas, Eduardo Mazzucchi [View Full Article]

997 | Trends in urological emergencies in the Era of COVID-19

Michael Frumer, Shachar M. Aharony, Ohad Shoshany, Daniel Kedar,, Jack Baniel, Shay Golan [View Full Article]

1006 | Dissecting the role of radical cystectomy and urinary diversion in post-operative complications: na analysis using the American College of Surgeons national surgical quality improvement program database

James Anaissie, Furkan Dursun, Christopher J. D. Wallis, Zachary Klaassen, Jennifer Taylor, Cinthya Obando-Perez, Jiaqiong Xu, Timothy Boone, Rose Khavari, Raj Satkunasivam [View Full Article]

1020 | Prostatic alterations associated to early weaning and its relation with cocoa powder supplementation. Experimental study in adult wistar rats

Carolina Alves Procópio de Oliveira, Gabrielle de Souza Rocha, Caroline Fernandes-Santos, Francisco José Barcellos Sampaio, Bianca Martins Gregorio [View Full Article]

1030 | Editorial Comment: Translational research in urology: nutricion and prostate

Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


1032 | A new option to prevent fistulas in anterior urethroplasty in patients with kippered urethra: the tunica vaginalis flap

Luciano A. Favorito, Fernando Salles da Silva Filho, José Anacleto de Resende Junior [View Full Article]


1037 | Systematic review and meta-analysis: Which pitfalls to avoid during this process

Valeria Granados-Duque, Herney Andrés García-Perdomo [View Full Article]

1042 | The impact of COVID-19 pandemic in urology practice, assistance and residency training in a tertiary referral center in Brazil

Antonio Rebello Horta Gorgen, Johanna Ovalle Diaz, Aline Gularte Teixeira da Silva, Artur Paludo, Renan Timoteo de Oliveira, Patric Machado Tavares, Tiago Elias Rosito [View Full Article]

1050 | Safety of performing urologic elective surgeries during the covid-19 pandemic in a referential hospital

Rui T. Figueiredo Filho, Marina R. A. Costa, Fabricio B. Carrerette, Celso M. C. Lara, Ronaldo Damião [View Full Article]


Male health

1057 | Editorial Comment: Sexual Dysfunction in Parkinson Disease: A Multicenter Italian Cross-sectional Study on a Still Overlooked Problem

Valter Javaroni [View Full Article]


1061 | Editorial Comment: Diagnostic Assessment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men Considering Prostate Surgery: A Noninferiority Randomised Controlled Trial of Urodynamics in 26 Hospitals

Jorge Moreno-Palacios [View Full Article]

 Female Urology

1063 | Editorial Comment: Optimal timing of a second postoperative voiding trial in women with incomplete bladder emptying after vaginal reconstructive surgery: a randomized trial

Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [View Full Article]


1065 | Editorial Comment: Management of large renal stones with super-mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy: an international multicentre comparative study

Fábio C. M. Torricelli [View Full Article]

Pediatric Urology

1067 | Editorial Comment: Gubernaculum Testis and Cremasteric Vessel Preservation during Laparoscopic Orchiopexy for Intra-Abdominal Testes: Effect on Testicular Atrophy Rates

Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


1069 | Concomitant xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis with renal abscess – an unusual cause of a right flank mass

Valencia Long, Young Hwa Soon, Michelle Rui Ting Soo, Li Feng Tan [View Full Article]


1072 | Simultaneous laparoscopic nephroureterectomy and robot-assisted anterior pelvic exenteration with intracorporeal ileal conduit urinary diversion: step-by-step video-illustrated technique

Éder Silveira Brazão Júnior, Daniel Gomes Coser, Rafael Ribeiro Meduna, Walter Henriques da Costa, Stênio de Cássio Zequi [View Full Article]


1074 | RE: Parasacral transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in children with overactive bladder: comparison between sessions administered two and three times weekly

Johnnatas Mikael Lopes, Eldys Myler Santos Marinho, Rodolpho Nunes [View Full Article]

1077 | REPLY BY THE AUTHORS: RE: Parasacral transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in children with overactive bladder: comparison between sessions administered two and three times weekly

Maria Luiza Veiga, Kaíse Oliveira, Vanessa Batista, Ananda Nacif, Ana Aparecida Martinelli Braga, Ubirajara Barroso Jr. [View Full Article]

1079 | RE: Complete corporeal preservation clitoroplasty: new insights into feminizing genitoplasty

Smail Acimi [View Full Article]

1081 | REPLY BY THE AUTHORS: RE: Complete corporeal preservation clitoroplasty: new insights into feminizing Genitoplasty

Nicolas Fernandez, Julián Chavarriaga, Jaime Pérez [View Full Article]