Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 41 N. 05 – 2015

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828 | Luciano A. Favorito [view article]



830 | Is There a Space to Improve the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the Next Years?
Opinion: YES

Stanley E. Althof [view article]

832 | Ten reasons that there will be no new pharmacologic therapies for erectile dysfunctionin the foreseeable future
Opinion: NO

Ira D. Sharlip [view article]



835 | Current management and future directions in the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma–a latin american perspective: 10 years in review

Oren Smaletz [view article]



844 | Anterior prostate biopsy at initial and repeat evaluation: is it useful to detect significant prostate cancer?

Pietro Pepe, Michele Pennisi, Filippo Fraggetta  [view article]

849 | Characterization of reactive stroma in prostate cancer: involvement of growth factors, metalloproteinase matrix, sexual hormones receptors and prostatic stem cells

Maurício Moreira da Silva Júnior, Wagner Eduardo Matheus, Patrick Vianna Garcia, Rafael Mamprim Stopiglia, Athanase Billis, Ubirajara Ferreira, Wagner José Fávaro [view article]

859 | Local anesthesia type affects cancer detection rate in transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy

Mustafa Zafer Temiz, Engin Kandirali, Aykut Colakerol, Murat Tuken, Atilla Semercioz [view article]

864 | Assessment of PSA-Age volume score in predicting positive prostate biopsy findings in turkey

Oktay Uçer, Ugur Yucetas, Ilker Celen, Gokhan Toktas, Talha Muezzinoglu [view article]

869 | Single nucleotide polymorphisms in DKK3 gene are associated with prostate cancer risk and progression

Min Su Kim, Ha Na Lee, Hae Jong Kim, Soon Chul Myung [view article]

898 | Concurrent Down-Regulation of PTEN and NKX3.1 Expression in Iranian Patients with Prostate Cancer

Vahideh Nodouzi, Mohammadreza Nowroozi, Mehrdad Hashemi, Gholareza Javadi, Reza Mahdian [view article]

906 | The efficacy of duration of prophylactic antibiotics in transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy

Volkan Bulut, Ali Feyzullah ahin, Yavuz Balaban, Muammer Altok, Rauf Taner Divrik, Ferruh Zorlu [view article]

911 | Effect of utilization of veno-venous bypass vs. cardiopulmonary bypass on complications for high level inferior vena cava tumor thrombectomy and concomitant radical nephrectomy

Ross M. Simon, Timothy Kim, Patrick Espiritu, Tony Kurian, Wade J. Sexton, Julio M. Pow-Sang, Einar Sverrisson, Philippe E. Spiess [view article]

920 | Impact of retrograde flexible ureteroscopy and intracorporeal lithotripsy on kidney functional outcomes

Nicolas Hoarau, Francois Martin, Souhil Lebdai, Denis Chautard, Thibaut Culty, Abdel Rahmene Azzouzi, Pierre Bigot [view article]

927 | Mini incision open pyeloplasty- Improvement in patient outcome

Vishwajeet Singh, Manish Garg, Pradeep Sharma, Rahul Janak Sinha, Manoj Kumar [view article]

935 | In vitro studies reveal antiurolithic effect of Terminalia arjuna using quantitative morphological information from computerized microscopy

A. Mittal, S. Tandon, S.K. Singla, C. Tandon [view article]

945 | The efficacy of peritubal analgesic infiltration in postoperative pain following percutaneous nephrolithotomy – A prospective randomized controlled study

Bannakij Lojanapiwat, Tanarit Chureemas, Pruit Kittirattarakarn [view article]

953 | Percutaneous puncture of renal calyxes guided by a novel device coupled with ultrasound

Chen Jen Chan, Victor Srougi, Fabio Yoshisaki Tanno, Ricardo Duarte Jordão, Miguel Srougi [view article]

959 | The vascular and neurogenic factors associated with erectile dysfunction in patients after pelvic fractures

Yong Guan, Sun Wendong, Shengtian Zhao, Tongyan Liu, Yuqiang Liu, Xiulin Zhang, Mingzhen Yuan [view article]

967 | Safety and efficacy of low intensity shockwave (LISW) treatment in patients with erectile dysfunction

A. Ruffo, M. Capece, D. Prezioso, G. Romeo, E. Illiano, L. Romis, G. Di Lauro, F. Iacono [view article]

975 | Clinical profile of 93 cases of 46, XY disorders of sexual development in a referral center

Bianca Costa Mota, Luciana Mattos Barros Oliveira, Renata Lago, Paula Brito, Ana Karina Canguçú-Campinho, Ubirajara Barroso, Maria Betânia Pereira Toralles [view article]

982 | Are the urology operating room personnel aware about the ionizing radiation?

Adem Tok, Alparslan Akbas, Nimet Aytan, Tamer Aliskan, Izzet Cicekbilek, Mehmet Kaba, Abdulkadir Tepeler [view article]

990 | Acellular human glans extracellular matrix as a scaffold for tissue engineering: in vitro cell support and biocompatibility

Fernanda M. Egydio, Luiz G. Freitas Filho, Kleber Sayeg, Marcus Laks, Andréia S. Oliveira, Fernando G. Almeida [view article]

1002 | Histological changes caused by meclofenamic acid in androgen-independent prostate câncer tumors: evaluation in a mouse model

Iván Delgado-Enciso, Alejandro D. Soriano-Hernández, Alejandrina Rodriguez-Hernandez, Héctor R. Galvan-Salazar, Daniel A. Montes-Galindo, Rafael Martinez-Martinez, Laura L. Valdez-Velazquez, Rafael Gonzalez-Alvarez, Francisco Espinoza-Gómez, Oscar A. Newton-Sanchez, Agustín Lara-Esqueda, Jose Guzman-Esquivel [view article]

1008 | Anti-inflammatory effects of royal jelly on ethylene glycol induced renal inflammation in rats

Zeyneb Aslan, Laçine Aksoy [view article]



1014 | A Novel method of ensuring safe and accurate dilatation during percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Tarun Javali; Amey Pathade; H. K. Nagaraj [view article]



1020 | Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS) to Treat Vesicorectal Fistula: A New Approach

Marcos Tobias-Machado, Pablo Aloisio Lima Mattos, Leonardo Oliveira Reis, César Augusto Braz Juliano, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompe [view article]



1027 | Early peritoneal-scrotal leakage in a patient submitted to peritoneal dialysis demonstrated by dynamic peritoneal 99mTc-Phytate scintigraphy
Andrés Martínez-Esteve, Francisco Javier García-Gómez, Juan Ignacio Cuenca-Cuenca, Juan Luis Tirado-Hospital [view article]



1030 | Laparoscopic repair for vesicouterine fistulae
Rafael A. Maioli, André R. S. Macedo, André R. L. Garcia, Silvio H. M. de Almeida, Marco Aurélio Freitas Rodrigues (Editorial Comment by Hubert S Swana)  [view article]



1032 | Re: Bilateral isolated epididymal agenesis in a 32 year old man
Yadollah Ahmadi Asr Badr, Reza Sari Motlagh, Ehsan Sepehran [view article]