Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 43 N. 03 – 2017

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EDITORIAL in this issue

381 | Kidney anatomy: three dimensional (3D) printed pelvicalyceal system models of the collector system improve the diagnosis and treatment of stone disease

Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


383 | PRISMA statement and PROSPERO

Wanderley Marques Bernardo [view article]


385 | PDE-5 inhibitors should be used post radical prostatectomy as erection function rehabilitation? | Opinion: Yes

Laith M. Alzweri, Arthur L. Burnett [view article]

390 | PDE-5 inhibitors should be used post radical prostatectomy as erection function rehabilitation? | Opinion: No

Jonathan Clavell-Hernández, Run Wang [view article]


394 | Analgesia for patients undergoing shockwave lithotripsy for urinary stones – a systematic review and meta-analysis

Omar M. Aboumarzouk, Rami Hasan, Ali Tasleem, Martin Mariappan, Rachael Hutton, John Fitzpatrick, Laura Beatty, Gareth E. Jones, Tarik Amer [view article]


407 | First brazilian consensus of advanced prostate cancer: recommendations for clinical practice

Andre Deeke Sasse, Evanius Garcia Wiermann, Daniel Herchenhorn, Diogo Assed Bastos, Fabio A. Schutz, Fernando Cotait Maluf, George Coura Filho, Igor Alexandre Protzner Morbeck, Juliano J. Cerci, Oren Smaletz, Volney Soares Lima, Ari Adamy Jr., Franz Santos de Campos, Gustavo Franco Carvalhal, Leandro Casemiro Cezar, Marcos Francisco Dall´Oglio, Marcus Vinicius Sadi, Rodolfo Borges dos Reis, Lucas Nogueira [view article]

416 | Metastatic prostate cancer in the modern era of PSA screening

Philip A. Fontenot Jr., Avinash Nehra, William Parker, Hadley Wyre, Moben Mirza, David A. Duchene, Jeffrey Holzbeierlein, James Brantley Thrasher, Peter Van Veldhuizen, Eugene K. Lee [view article]

422 | Predicting outcomes in partial nephrectomy: is the renal score useful?

André Costa Matos, Marcos F. Dall´Oglio, José Roberto Colombo Jr. , Alexandre Crippa, João A. Q. Juveniz, Felipe Coelho Argolo [view article]

432 | Validation of preoperative variables and stratification of patients to help predict benefit of cytoreductive nephrectomy in the targeted therapy ERA

Brandon J. Manley, Eric H. Kim, Joel M. Vetter, Aaron M. Potretzke, Seth A. Strope [view article]

440 | Analysis of various potential prognostic markers and survival data in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Tastekin Ebru, Oz Puyan Fulya, Akdere Hakan, Yurut-Caloglu Vuslat, Sut Necdet, Can Nuray, Ozyilmaz Filiz [view article]

455 | The change in serum Thiol/Disulphide homeostasis after transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy

Hüsnü Tokgöz, Selim Taş, Özlem Giray, Soner Yalçınkaya, Özlem Tokgöz, Cemile Koca, Murat Savaş, Özcan Erel [view article]

462 | Lateral decubitus position vs. lithotomy position: which is the best way to minimize patient’s pain perception during transrectal prostate biopsy?

Phil Hyun Song, Young Hwii Ko [view article]

470 | Impact of personalized three-dimensional (3D) printed pelvicalyceal system models on patient information in percutaneous nephrolithotripsy surgery: a pilot study

Hasan Anil Atalay, H. Lütfi Canat, Volkan Ülker, İlter Alkan, Ünsal Özkuvanci, Fatih Altunrende [view article]

476 | Evaluation of the Spies™ modalities image quality

Esteban Emiliani, Michele Talso, Mohammed Baghdadi, Aarón Barreiro, Andrea Orosa, Pol Serviàn, Pavel Gavrilov, Silvia Proietti, Olivier Traxer [view article]

481 | Emergency percutaneous nephrostomy versus emergency percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patients with sepsis associated with large uretero-pelvic junction stone impaction: a randomized controlled trial

Chi-Sen Hsu, Chung-Jing Wang, Chien-Hsing Chang, Po-Chao Tsai, Hung-Wen Chen, Yi-Chun Su [view article]

489 | Hyberbaric oxygen as sole treatment for severe radiation – induced haemorrhagic cystitis

Athanasios Dellis, Athanasios Papatsoris, Vasileios Kalentzos, Charalambos Deliveliotis, Andreas Skolarikos [view article]

496 | Randomized crossover trial of amoxapine versus vitamin B12 for retrograde ejaculation

Jianlin Hu, Koichi Nagao, Toshihiro Tai, Hideyuki Kobayashi, Koichi Nakajima [view article]

505 | Validation of self – confidence scale for clean urinary intermittent self – catheterization for patients and health – caregivers

Cintia Fernandes Baccarin Biaziolo, Alessandra Mazzo, José Carlos Amado Martins, Beatriz Maria Jorge, Rui Carlos Negrão Batista, Silvio Tucci Júnior [view article]

512 | Laparoscopic management of recurrent ureteropelvic junction obstruction following pyeloplasty: a single surgical team experience with 38 cases

Francesco Chiancone, Maurizio Fedelini, Luigi Pucci, Clemente Meccariello, Paolo Fedelini [view article]

518 | Which intraperitoneal insufflation pressure should be used for less postoperative pain in transperitoneal laparoscopic urologic surgeries?

Ali Akkoc, Ramazan Topaktas, Cemil Aydin, Selcuk Altin, Reha Girgin, Omer Faruk Yagli, Aykut Bugra Sentürk, Ahmet Metin [view article]

525 | Anterior six arms prolene mesh for high stage vaginal prolapse: five years follow-up

Luis Gustavo M. de Toledo, André Costa-Matos, Susane Mey Hwang, Raquel Dória Ramos Richetti, Silvia S. Carramão, Antônio P. F. Auge [view article]

533 | Safety and short term outcomes of a new truly minimally-invasive mesh-less and dissectionless anchoring system for pelvic organ prolapse apical repair

Adi Y. Weintraub, Masha Ben Zvi, David Yohay, Joerg Neymeyer, Yonatan Reuven, Menahem Neuman, Alex Tsivian [view article]

540 | Surgical treatment of detrusor underactivity: a short term proof of concept study

Jerry G. Blaivas, James C. Forde, Jonathan L. Davila, Lucas Policastro, Michael Tyler,, Joshua Aizen, Anand Badri, Rajveer S. Purohit , Jeffrey P. Weiss [view article]

549 | Urinary excretion of EGF and MCP-1 in children with vesico-ureteral reflux

Valentina Pastore, Fabio Bartoli [view article]


556 | Unusual intravesical foreign body in young female migrated from vagina due to autoerotism

Ankur Bansal, Manoj Kumar, Gautam Kanodia, Ruchir Aeron, Sunny Goel [view article]


561 | A rare case of supernumerary fused and malrotated kidney

Volkan Sen, Ibrahim Halil Bozkurt, Tarik Yonguc, Ozgu Aydogdu, Ismail Basmaci [view article]

563 | Metanephric Adenofibroma in a young adult

Feiya Yang, Canfeng Zhang, Mingshuai Wang, Xiquan Tian, Wenlong Wang, Nianzeng Xing [view article]


566 | Laparoscopic resection of prescral and obturator fossa schwannoma

Marcos Tobias-Machado, Alexandre Kiyoshi Hidaka, Letícia Lumy Kanawa Sato, Igor Nunes Silva, Pablo Aloisio Lima Mattos, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo [view article]

567 | Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for multiple (four) tumors

Lessandro Curcio, Bruno Salama, Daniel Luis Pinto, Antonio Claudio Ahouagi [view article]


568 | Re: Artificial urinary sphincter for urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy: a historical cohort from 2004 to 2015

José Carlos Truzzi, Carlos Alberto Ricetto Sacomani, José Antônio Prezzoti [view article]

571 | REPLY BY THE AUTHORS: Re: Artificial urinary sphincter for urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy: a historical cohort from 2004 to 2015

Augusto Cesar Soares dos Santos Junior,, Luíza de Oliveira Rodrigues, Daniela Castelo Azevedo, Lélia Maria de Almeida Carvalho, Mariana Ribeiro Fernandes, Sandra de Oliveira Sapori Avelar, Maria da Glória Cruvinel Horta, Silvana Márcia Bruschi Kelles [view article]