Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 30 N. 06 – 2004

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453 | F.J.B. Sampaio


455 | Which Patients With Prostate Cancer Are Actually Candidates For Hormone Therapy?

Alessandro Sciarra, Antonio Cardi, Gianfilippo Salvatori, Giuseppe D’eramo, Gianna Mariotti, Franco Di Silverio

466 | Interobserver Variation Of Prostatic Volume Estimation With Digital Rectal Examination By Urological Staffs With Different Experiences

Wai C. Cheng, Fai C. Ng, Kwok C. Chan, Yuen H. Cheung, Wai L. Chan, Sang W. Wong

472 | Analysis Of Risk Factors Of Involvement Of Seminal Vesicles In Patients With Prostate Cancer Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy

Marcos F. Dall’oglio, Alexandre C. Sant’anna, Alberto A. Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi

479 | Concurrent Validity, Internal Consistency And Responsiveness Of The Portuguese Version Of The King’s Health Questionnaire (Khq) In Women After Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgery

Jose T. N. Tamanini, Miriam Dambros, Carlos A. L. D’ancona, Paulo C. R. Palma, Neury J. Botega, Luis A. S. Rios, Cristiano M. Gomes, Fabio Baracat, Carlos A. Bezerra, Nelson R. Netto Jr

487 | Feasibility Of Refreezing Human Spermatozoa Through The Technique Of Liquid Nitrogen Vapor

Sidney Verza Jr, Sandro C. Esteves


494 | Cholesteatoma Of The Upper Urinary Tract

Daniel X. Lima, Eli A. S. Rabelo, Paulo G. O. Salles

496 | Ureteral Endometriosis And Coexistent Urethral Leiomyoma In A Postmenopausal Woman

Andrew Strang, Scott W. Lisson, Steven P. Petrou

499 | Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Of The Bladder

Alberto A. Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Miguel Srougi

502 | Testicular Schistosomiasis Mimicking Tumour

Nicola Mortati Neto, João P. S. Grando, Horacio A. Moreira


504 | Findings In Cystourethrography That Suggest Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction In Children With Vesicoureteral Reflux

Ubirajara Barroso Jr, Antonio J. Vinhaes, Milton Barros, Vivian A. Barroso, Adriano A. Calado, Miguel Zerati Filho


508 | Adriamycin-Induced Fetal Hydronephrosis

Anderson Gonçalves, Willy G. França, Suzana G. Moraes, Luis A.V. Pereira, Lourenço Sbragia



515 | Rapid Communication: Relative Effect Of Urinary Calcium And Oxalate On Saturation Of Calcium Oxalate

Pak Cy, Adams-Huet B, Poindexter Jr, Pearle Ms, Peterson Rd, Moe Ow

516 | Fluid Absorption During Ureterorenoscopy

Cybulski P, Honey Jd’a, Pace K


518 | Laparoscopic Transuterine Fetal Vesicostomy: A Feasibility Study

Ponsky Le, Cherullo Ee, Banks Kl, Ross Jh

519 | Transperitoneal Or Extraperitoneal Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: Does The Approach Matter?

Eden Cg, King D, Kooiman Gg, Adams Th, Sullivan Me, Vass Já


520 | Differentiation Of Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma And Renal Papillary Carcinoma Using Quantitative Ct Enhancement Parameters

Ruppert-Kohlmayr Aj, Uggowitzer M, Meissnitzer T, Ruppert G

521 | Organ-Confined Prostate Cancer: Effect Of Prior Transrectal Biopsy On Endorectal Mri And Mr Spectroscopic Imaging

Qayyum A, Coakley Fv, Lu Y, Olpin Jd, Wu L, Yeh Bm, Carroll Pr, Kurhanewicz J


522 | High-Grade Renal Injuries In Children – Is Conservative Management Possible?

Rogers Cg, Knight V, Macura Kj, Ziegfeld S, Paidas Cn, Mathews Ri

523 | Pediatric Renal Injuries: Management Guidelines From A 25-Year Experience

Buckley Jc, Mcaninch Jw


524 | Characterization Of Minute Adenocarcinomas Of Prostate At Radical Prostatectomy

Truskinovsky Am, Sanderson H, Epstein Ji

525 | Characteristics Of Insignificant Clinical T1c Prostate Tumors. A Contemporary Analysis

Bastian Pj, Mangold La, Epstein Ji, Partin Aw


526 | Androgen Receptor Expression Is Inversely Correlated With Pathologic Tumor Stage In Bladder Cancer

Boorjian S, Ugras S, Mongan Np, Gudas Lj, You X, Tickoo Sk, Scherr Ds

527 | Dendritic Cell Immunotherapy For Urological Cancers Using Cryopreserved Allogeneic Tumour Lysatepulsed Cells: A Phase I/Ii Study

Pandha Hs, John Rj, Hutchinson J, James N, Whelan M, Corbishley C, Dalgleish Ag


528 | Vaginal And Penile Reconstruction

Sievert Kd

529 | Orthotopic Bladder Substitution In Women: Nontraditional Applications

Lee Ct, Hafez Ks, Sheffield Jh, Joshi Dp, Montie Je


530 | Primary T1g3 Bladder Cancer: Organ Preserving Approach Or Immediate Cystectomy?

Thalmann Gn, Markwalder R, Shahin O, Burkhard Fc, Hochreiter Ww, Studer Eu


531 | Mechanical Properties Of Urogynecologic Implant Materials

Dietz Hp, Vancaillie P, Svehla M, Walsh W, Steensma Ab, Vancaillie Tg

532 | A Prospective Multicenter Randomized Trial Of Tension-Free Vaginal Tape And Colposuspension For Primary Urodynamic Stress Incontinence: Two-Year Follow-Up

Ward Kl, Hilton P; Uk, And Ireland Tvt Trial Group


533 | Paternity After Adolescent Varicocele Repair

Salzhauer Ew, Sokol A, Glassberg Ki

534 | The Outcome Of Prenatally Diagnosed Renal Tumors

Leclair Md, El-Ghoneimi A, Audry G, Ravasse P, Moscovici J, Heloury Y; French Pediatric Urology Study Group