Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 42 N. 06 – 2016

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EDITORIAL In this issue

1056 | Penile Cancer: The Importance to predict lymph node metastasis

Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


1058 | Data vs Dogma in Peyronie’s Disease

Ryan P. Terlecki, Alison M. Rasper [view article]


1062 | MRI should be routine for all patients with localized prostate cancer? | Opinion: Yes

Ronaldo Hueb Baroni [view article]

1065 | MRI should be routine for all patients with localized prostate cancer? | Opinion: No

Joel B. Nelson [view article]


1069 | Prostate cancer screening in Brazil: should it be done or not?

Wilson F. S. Busato Jr., Gilberto L. Almeida [view article]

1081 | Prostate cancer in Brazil and Latin America: epidemiology and screening

Rafael Rocha Tourinho-Barbosa, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo, Sidney Glina [view article]


1091 | Oncological outcomes following radical prostatectomy for patients with pT4 prostate cancer

Dharam Kaushik, Stephen A. Boorjian, R. Houston Thompson, Manuel S. Eisenberg, Rachel E. Carlson, Eric J. Bergstralh, Igor Frank, Matthew T. Gettman, Matthew K. Tollefson, R. Jeffrey Karnes [view article]

1099 | Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy in the Elderly – Results of a Single Center LRC only Series

Tom J. N. Hermans, Laurent M. C. L. Fossion, Rob Verhoeven, Simon Horenblas [view article]

1109 | Prognostic features for quality of life after radical cystectomy and orthotopic neobladder

Alexander Kretschmer, Tobias Grimm, Alexander Buchner, Christian G. Stief, Alexander Karl [view article]

1121 | MCM – 2 and Ki – 67 as proliferation markers in renal cell carcinoma: A quantitative and semi – quantitative analysis

Muhammad Zain Mehdi, Abdul Hanan Nagi, Nadia Naseem [view article]

1129 | Diagnostic Ureteroscopy for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma is Independently Associated with Intravesical Recurrence after Radical Nephroureterectomy

Pei Liu, Xiao-hong Su, Geng-Yan Xiong, Xue-Song Li, Li-Qun Zhou [view article]

1136 | Tumor histologic grade is the most important prognostic factor in patients with penile cancer and clinically negative lymph nodes not submitted to regional lymphadenectomy

Giuliano Amorim Aita, Stênio de Cássio Zequi, Walter Henriques da Costa, Gustavo Cardoso Guimarães, Fernando Augusto Soares, Thais Safranov Giuliangelis [view article]

1144 | Safety and efficacy of intravesical alum for intractable hemorrhagic cystitis: a contemporary evaluation

Mary E. Westerman, Stephen A. Boorjian, Brian J. Linder [view article]

1150 | A large 15 – year database analysis on the influence of age, gender, race, obesity and income on hospitalization rates due to stone disease

Marcos F. Mello, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Cesar Câmara, Alexandre Danilovic, Renata Levy, José Eluf-Neto, Miguel Srougi, Eduardo Mazzucchi [view article]

1160 | Ultrasound – guided access during percutaneous nephrolithotomy: entering desired calyx with appropriate entry site and angle

Abbas Basiri, Amir H Kashi, Mehdi Zeinali, Mahmoodreza Nasiri, Reza Sarhangnejad, Reza Valipour [view article]

1168 | Is there a difference between presence of single stone and multiple stones in flexible ureterorenoscopy and laser lithotripsy for renal stone burden <300mm2 ?

Faruk Ozgor, Onur Kucuktopcu, Burak Ucpinar, Zafer Gokhan Gurbuz, Omer Sarilar, Ahmet Yalcin Berberoglu, Murat Baykal, Murat Binbay [view article]

1178 | Outcome analysis of holmium laser and pneumatic lithotripsy in the endoscopic management of lower ureteric calculus in pediatric patients: a prospective study

Ankur Jhanwar, Ankur Bansal, Satyanarayan Sankhwar, Manoj Kumar, Gautam Kanodia, Gaurav Prakash [view article]

1183 | Non-infected penile prosthesis cultures during revision surgery; comparison between antibiotic coated and non – coated devices

Seyfettin Ciftci, Tijen Nemut, Mustafa Melih Culha, Hasan Yilmaz, Murat Ustuner, Ufuk Yavuz, Levend Ozkan, Aynur Karadenizli, Sadi Turkan [view article]

1190 | Clomiphene citrate treatment for late onset hypogonadism: rise and fall

Marcelo Marconi, Renato Souper, Jonathan Hartmann, Matías Alvarez, Ignacio Fuentes, Francisco J. Guarda [view article]

1195 | Medium-term results of Mini-arc for urinary stress incontinence in ambulatory patients under local anesthesia

Almog Levi, Rasha Nasra, Inbar Ben Shachar, Naama Marcus Braun [view article]

1202 | Rate of spontaneous voiding recovery after acute urinary retention due to bed rest in the hospital setting in a non-urological population clinical study of the relationship between lower limbs and bladder function

Paulo Rodrigues, Flávio Hering, Eli Cieli, João Carlos Campagnari [view article]

1210 | The amount of spermatic cord rotation magnifies the time-related orchidectomy risk in Intravaginal testicular torsion

Aderivaldo Cabral Dias Filho, João Ricardo Alves, Hélio Buson Filho, Paulo Gonçalves de Oliveira [view article]

1220 | A wet dressing for male genital surgery: A phase II clinical trial

Fábio de Oliveira Vilar, Flávia Cristina Morone Pinto, Amanda Vasconcelos Albuquerque, Ana Gabriela Santos Martins, Luiz Alberto Pereira de Araújo, José Lamartine de Andrade Aguiar, Salvador Vilar Correia Lima [view article]

1228 | Can a graft be placed over a flap in complex hypospadias surgery? An experimental study in rabbits

Ricardo Marcondes de Mattos, Sérgio R.R. de Araújo, Juliany Gomes Quitzan, Bruno Leslie, Herick Bacelar, João Luiz Gomes Parizi, Gustavo Marconi Caetano Martins, Marcela Leal da Cruz, Antonio Macedo Jr. [view article]


1237 | Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome: a rare entity with a rare presentation in need of multidisciplinary management

Lin Da Aw, Murizah M. Zain, Sandro C. Esteves, Peter Humaidan [view article]

1244 | Pure Yolk sac presenting with inferior vena cava thrombus extending from bilateral external iliac veins to hepatic vein

Oktay Ucer, Nalan Nese, Talha Muezzinoglu [view article]


1248 | Retroperitoneoscopic pyelolithotomy: a good alternative treatment for renal pelvic calculi in children

Bruno Nicolino Cezarino, Rubens Park, Paulo Renato Marcelo Moscardi, Roberto Iglesias Lopes, Francisco T. Denes, Miguel Srougi [view article]

1249 | Editorial Comment: Retroperitoneoscopic pyelolithotomy: a good alternative treatment for renal pelvic calculi in children

Lucas Wiegand [view article]

1250 | Retzus-sparing robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a step–by-step technique description of this first brazilian experience

Marcos Tobias-Machado, Igor Nunes-Silva, Alexandre Kiyoshi Hidaka, Leticia Lumy Kanawa Sato, Roberto Almeida, Jose Roberto Colombo Jr., Hamilton de Campos Zampolli, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo [view article]


1251 | RE: White blood cell counts and neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio in the diagnosis of testicular cancer: a simple secondary serum tumor marker

Zafer Demirer, Ali Güragac, Sami Uguz, Ali Ugur Uslu, Murat Zor [view article]

1253 | RE: Dipstick Spot urine pH does not accurately represent 24 hour urine PH measured by na electrode

Viroj Wiwanitkit [view article]

1254 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [view article]