Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 41 N. 06 – 2015

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1038 | Stênio de Cássio Zequi  [view article]



1040 | Túlio M. Graziottin [view article]



1043 | Vasectomy Reversal must be the first step for a man who had a vasectomy and wants a children from a new marriage?
Opinion: YES
Marcelo Vieira [view article]

1046 | Vasectomy Reversal must be the first step for a man who had a vasectomy and wants a children from a new marriage?
Opinion: NO
Kelly A. Chiles, Peter N. Schlegel [view article]



1049 | The use of alpha-1 adrenergic blockers in children with distal ureterolithiasis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
F.P. Glina, P.M.V. Castro, G.G.R. Monteiro, G.C. Del Guerra , S. Glina, M. Mazzurana, W.M.Bernardo [view article]



1058 | Factors associated with the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) for Urology and Nephrology Journals
Joseph M. Sewell , Oluwakayode O. Adejoro , Joseph R. Fleck , Julian A. Wolfson, Badrinath R. Konety [view article]

1067 | Adjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced upper tract urothelial carcinoma: updated results of the Seoul National University Hospital experience
Hyung Suk Kim , Joong Sub Lee , Chang Wook Jeong , Cheol Kwak , Hyeon Hoe Kim, Ja Hyeon Ku  [view article]

1080 | Clinical significance of serum and urinary HER2/neu protein levels in primary non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
Ozgur Arikan, Asyf Yyldyrym, Banu Ysbilen, Cengiz Canakci, Gokhan Atys, Cenk Gurbuz, Bulent Erol, Ferruh Kemal Ysman, Seyma Ozkanli, Turhan Caskurlu  [view article]

1088 | Loss of TIMP-1 immune expression and tumor recurrence in localized prostate cancer
Sabrina Thalita dos Reis, Nayara Izabel Viana, Alexandre Iscaife, José Pontes-Junior, Nelson Dip, Alberto Azoubel Antunes, Vanessa Ribeiro Guimarães, Isaque Santana, William Carlos Nahas, Miguel Srougi, Katia Ramos Moreira Leite [view article]

1096 | Safety of 12 core transrectal ultrasound guided prostate biopsy in patients on aspirin
Pawan Vasudeva, Niraj Kumar, Anup Kumar, Harbinder Singh, Gaurav Kumar [view article]

1101 | Serum Levels of Trace Elements in Patients with Testicular Cancers
Mehmet Kaba, Necip Pirinççi, Mehmet Bilgehan Yüksel, İlhan Geçit, Mustafa Güneş, Murat Demir, HurremTuran Akkoyun, Halit Demir [view article]

1108 | Beyond biology: the impact of marital status on survival of patients with adrenocortical carcinoma
Zachary Klaassen, Lael Reinstatler, Martha K. Terris, Willie Underwood III, Kelvin A. Moses [view article]

1116 | Effect of mitochondrial potassium channel on the renal protection mediated by sodium thiosulfate against ethylene glycol induced nephrolithiasis in rat model
N. Baldev, R. Sriram, P.C. Prabu, A. Kurian Gino [view article]

1126 | Hemorrhagic Cystitis Requiring Bladder Irrigation is Associated with Poor Mortality in Hospitalized Stem Cell Transplant Patients
Valary T. Raup, Aaron M. Potretzke, Brandon J. Manley, John A. Brockman, Sam B. Bhayani [view article]

1132 | Efficacy of botulinum toxin type A 100 Units versus 200 units for treatment of refractory idiopathic overactive bladder
Osama Abdelwahab, Hammouda Sherif, Tark Soliman, Ihab Elbarky, Aly Eshazly [view article]

1141 | Sphingosine Kinase 1 urothelial expression is increased in patients with neurogenic detrusor overactivity
Quentin Ballouhey, Jalesh N. Panicker, Catherine Mazerolles, Mathieu Roumiguié, Falek Zaidi, Pascal Rischmann, Bernard Malavaud, Xavier Gamé [view article]

1148 | Experimental use of a cellulosic biopolymer as a new material for suburethral sling in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence
Roberto G. Lucena, Salvador V. C. Lima, José L. de A. Aguiar, Rogerson T. Andrade, Flávia C. M. Pinto, Fabio O. Vilar [view article]

1154 | Contemporary Series of Robotic-Assisted Distal Ureteral Reconstruction Utilizing Side Docking Position
Rick C. Slater, Nicholas J. Farber, Julie M. Riley, Yaniv Shilo, Michael C. Ost [view article]

1160 | Serum interleukin -8 is not a reliable marker for prediction of vesicoureteral reflux in children with febrile urinary tract infection
Abolfazl Mahyar, Parviz Ayazi, Mohammad Hadi Yarigarravesh, Mohammad Hossein Khoeiniha ,Sonia Oveisi, Ahmad Ali Sahmani, Shiva Esmaeily [view article]

1167 | Outcomes of Prostate Biopsy in Men with Hypogonadism Prior or During Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Daniel A Shoskes, Yagil Barazani, Khaled Fareed, Edmund Sabanegh Jr. [view article]

1172 | Prospective comparison of ligation and bipolar cautery technique in non-scalpel vasectomy
Muammer Altok, Ali Feyzullah Şahin, Rauf Taner Divrik, Ümit Yildirim, Ferruh Zorlu [view article]

1178 | Comparison of Cajal-like cells in pelvis and proximal ureter of kidney with and without hydronephrosis
Omer Balikci, Tahsin Turunc, Nebil Bal, Huseyin Celik, Hakan Ozkardes [view article]

1185 | Protective effect of hydrogen sulfide on renal injury in the experimental unilateral ureteral obstruction
Murat Dursun, Alper Otunctemur, Emin Ozbek, Suleyman Sahin, Huseyin Besiroglu, Ozgur Doga Ozsoy, Mustafa Cekmen, Adnan Somay, Nurver Ozbay [view article]

1194 | Bladder response to acute sacral neuromodulation while treating rats in different phases of complete spinal cord injury: a preliminary study
Ping Shi, Youfang Fang, Hongliu Yu [view article]

1202 | The evaluation of pulmonary function and blood gas analysis in patients submitted to laparoscopic versus open nephrectomy
Ayfer Koc, Gozde Inan, Fusun Bozkirli, Demet Coskun, Lutfi Tunc [view article]



1209  | Robot-Assisted Extended Pelvic Lymph Nodes Dissection for Prostate Cancer: Personal Surgical Technique and Outcomes
Porpiglia Francesco, De Luca Stefano, Bertolo Riccardo, Passera Roberto, Mele Fabrizio, Manfredi Matteo, Amparore Daniele, Morra Ivano, Fiori Cristian [view article]



1220  |  Pregnancy and birth after intracytoplasmic sperm injection with normal testicular spermatozoa in a patient with azoospermia and tail stump epididymal sperm
Betina B. Povlsen, Lin Da Aw, Rita J. Laursen, Sandro C. Esteves, Peter Humaidan [view article]

1226 | Adult granulosa cell tumor of the testis masquerading as hydrocele
Archana George Vallonthaiel, Aanchal Kakkar, Animesh Singh, Prem N Dogra, Ruma Ray [view article]



1232 | Pancake kidney with bladder herniation
Ihsan Yuce, Mecit Kantarci, Suat Eren, Akin Levent [view article]



1234 | Resection of the Urethral Plate and Augmented Ventral Buccal Graft in Patients with Long Obliterative Urethral Strictures
Ivan Ignjatovic, Milan Potic, Dragoslav Basic, Ljubomir Dinic, Darko Laketic, Marija Mihajlovic, Aleksandar Skakic (Editorial Comment by Miroslav L. Djordjevic) [view article]



1236 | Re: Mini incision open pyeloplasty – Improvement in patient outcome
Vishwajeet Singh, Manish Garg, Pradeep Sharma, Rahul Janak Sinha, Manoj Kumar [view article]