Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 34 N. 03 – 2008

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257 | F.J.B. Sampaio


259 | Comparison of Radical Prostatectomy Techniques: Open, Laparoscopic and Robotic Assisted

Rodrigo Frota, Burak Turna, Rodrigo Barros, Inderbir S. Gill (Editorial comment by Dr. Julio Pow-Sang; Dr. Lambda Msezane & Dr. Scott Eggener)


270 | Fluoroscopy Guided Instillation Therapy in Chyluria Using Combination of Povidone Iodine with Contrast Agent. Is a Single Instillation Sufficient?

Gyanendra Sharma, Vinayak Chitale, Rajgopal Karva, Anshu Sharma, Abdul Bari Durug (Editorial comment by Dr. D. Dalela & Dr. Apul Goel)

277 | Intravesical Anesthesia for Bladder Tissue Biopsies. Comparison of Two Methods

Vasileios G. Adamopoulos, Ioannis Filiadis, Erotokritos Konstandinidis (Editorial comment by Dr. Hann-Chorng Kuo & Dr. Kazuaki Mutaguchi)

283 | Histopathological Findings in Extended Prostate Biopsy with PSA ≤ 4 ng/mL

Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Adriana Sanudo, Luiz H. Camara-Lopes (Editorial comment by Dr. Andrew J. Stephenson; Dr. J. Stephen Jones & Dr. Eric A. Klein)

293 | Updated Results of High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy and External Beam Radiotherapy for Locally and Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer Using the RTOG-ASTRO Phoenix Definition

Antonio C. Pellizzon, Joao Salvajoli, Paulo Novaes, Maria Maia, Ricardo Fogaroli

302 | Inverse Correlation between Testosterone and Ventricle Ejection Fraction, Hemodynamics and Exercise Capacity in Heart Failure Patients with Erectile Dysfunction

Edimar A. Bocchi, Vitor O. Carvalho, Guilherme V. Guimaraes (Editorial comment by Dr. Ahmed I. El-Sakka; Dr. Farid Saad; Dr. Ahmed Asaad & Dr. Wael Zohdy)


313 | Congenital Megaprepuce: A New Alternative Technique for Surgical Correction

Jovelino Q. Leao, Luiz G. Freitas Filho, Adriano L. Gomes, Antonio C. Heinsich, Jose Carnevale


319 | Successful Treatment of Unilateral Cryptorchid Boys Risking Infertility with LH-RH Analogue

Faruk Hadziselimovic (Editorial comment by Dr. Marcelo P. Braz & Dr. Luciano A. Favorito)

329 | Laparoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment of Nonpalpable Testis

Francisco T. Denes, Fernando J. Saito, Frederico A. Silva, Amilcar M. Giron, Marcos Machado, Miguel Srougi (Editorial comment by Dr. Haluk Emir)


336 | Self-Reported Urinary Continence Outcomes for Repeat Midurethral Synthetic Sling Placement

Jonathan A. Eandi, Stacy T. Tanaka, Nicholas J. Hellenthal, R. Corey O’Connor, Anthony R. Stone (Editorial comment by Dr. Mayank Mohan Agarwal; Dr. Ravimohan Mavuduru & Dr. Alexander Tsivian)


345 | Histopathological Evaluation of Urethroplasty with Dorsal Buccal Mucosa: An Experimental Study in Rabbits

Geovanne F. Souza, Adriano A. Calado, Rosana Delcelo, Valdemar Ortiz, Antonio Macedo Jr. (Editorial comment by Dr. Massimo Lazzeri; Dr. Guido Barbagli & Dr. Raimund Stein; Dr. Alchiede Simonato & Dr. Andrea Gregori)

355 | Zoledronic Acid Effects Interleukin-6 Expression in Hormone-Independent Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

Layka A. Asbagh, Selim Uzunoglu, Cag Cal (Editorial comment by Dr. Zoran Culig)


365 | Re: Prognostic Relevance of the Histological Subtype of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Alberto A. Antunes, Antonio C. Pompeo, Alcides Mosconi, Katia R. M. Leite,

Miguel Srougi

366 | Re: Laparoscopic Radical Prostat ectomy: Omitting a Pelvic Drain

David Canes, Michael S. Cohen, Ingolf A. Tuerk

369 | Re: Gynecologic-Tract Sparing Extra Peritoneal Retrogra de Radical Cystectomy with Neobladder

Jagdeesh N. Kulkarni, S. Jamal Rizvi, U. Purushotthama Acharya, K. S. Shiva Kumar, P. Tiwari

370 | Men Reporting Lasting Longer with Hyperforin

Dr. Dae Kyung Kim; Dr. Michael B Chancellor



373 | Treatment of large impacted proximal ureteral stones: a prospective randomized comparison of percutaneous antegrade ureterolithotripsy versus retrograde ureterolithotripsy

Sun X, Xia S, Lu J, Liu H, Han B, Li W

374 | Impact of percutaneous nephrolithomy on estimated glomerular filtration rate in patients with chronic kidney disease

Bilen CY, Inci K, Kocak B, Tan B, Sarikaya S, Sahin A


375 | Comparison of open and laparoscopic nephrectomy in obese and nonobese patients: outcomes stratified by body mass index

Feder MT, Patel MB, Melman A, Ghavamian R, Hoenig DM

376 | The impact of minimally invasive techniques on open partial nephrectomy: a 10-year single institutional experience

Weight CJ, Fergany AF, Gunn PW, Lane BR, Novick AC


377 | The incidental adrenal mass on CT: prevalence of adrenal disease in 1,049 consecutive adrenal masses in patients with no known malignancy

Song JH, Chaudhry FS, Mayo-Smith WW

378 | Endorectal and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for detection of local recurrence after radical prostatectomy

Casciani E, Polettini E, Carmenini E, Floriani I, Masselli G, Bertini L, Gualdi GF


379 | Urethral and bladder neck injury associated with pelvic fracture in 25 female patients

Black PC, Miller EA, Porter JR, Wessells H

380 | Pelvic fracture urethral injuries in girls

Podestá ML, Jordan GH


381 | Partial atrophy on prostate needle biopsy cores: a morphologic and immunohistochemical study

Wang W, Sun X, Epstein JI

382 | Aberrant diffuse expression of p63 in adenocarcinoma of the prostate on needle biopsy and radical prostatectomy: report of 21 cases

Osunkoya AO, Hansel DE, Sun X, Netto GJ, Epstein JI


383 | Visualization of the neurovascular bundles and major pelvic ganglion with fluorescent tracers after penile injection in the rat

Davila HH, Mamcarz M, Nadelhaft I, Salup R, Lockhart J, Carrion RE

384 | Oestrogen receptors and their relation to neural receptive tissue of the labia minora

Martin-Alguacil N, Pfaff DW, Kow LM, Schober JM


385 | Open surgical repair of ureteral strictures and fistulas following radical cystectomy and urinary diversion

Msezane L, Reynolds WS, Mhapsekar R, Gerber G, Steinberg G

386 | Randomized comparative study between buccal mucosal and acellular bladder matrix grafts in complex anterior urethral strictures

El Kassaby AW, AbouShwareb T, Atala A


388 | Perineal salvage prostatectomy for radiation resistant prostate cancer

van der Poel HG, Beetsma DB, van Boven H, Horenblas S

389 | A prospective randomized EORTC intergroup phase 3 study comparing the complications of elective nephron-sparing surgery and radical nephrectomy for low-stage renal cell carcinoma

Van Poppel H, Da Pozzo L, Albrecht W, Matveev V, Bono A, Borkowski A, Marechal JM, Klotz L, Skinner E, Keane T, Claessens I, Sylvester R;


390 | The evolution of obstruction induced overactive bladder symptoms following urethrolysis for female bladder outlet obstruction

Starkman JS, Duffy JW 3rd, Wolter CE, Kaufman MR, Scarpero HM, Dmochowski RR

391 | Botulinum A toxin intravesical injection in patients with painful bladder syndrome: 1-year followup

Giannantoni A, Porena M, Costantini E, Zucchi A, Mearini L, Mearini E


392 | Antibiotic prophylaxis for the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infection in children with low grade vesicoureteral reflux: results from a prospective randomized study

Roussey-Kesler G, Gadjos V, Idres N, Horen B, Ichay L, Leclair MD, Raymond F, Grellier A, Hazart I, de Parscau L, Salomon R, Champion G, Leroy V, Guigonis V, Siret D, Palcoux JB, Taque S, Lemoigne A, Nguyen JM, Guyot C

393 | Failed pyeloplasty in children: comparative analysis of retrograde endopyelotomy versus redo pyeloplasty

Braga LH, Lorenzo AJ, Skeldon S, Dave S, Bagli DJ, Khoury AE, Pippi Salle JL, Farhat WA