Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 35 N. 03 – 2009

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254 | Francisco J.B. Sampaio, M.D.


256 | Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Management

Flavio L. Heldwein, Bernard Escudier, Gordon Smyth, Carlos A. V. Souto, Guy Vallancien


271 | Risks and Benefits of the Intercostal Approach for Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy

Erich K. Lang, Raju Thomas, Rodney Davis, Ivan Colon, Wellman Cheung, Erum Sethi, Ernest Rudman, Amer Hanano, Leann Myers, Alexander Kagen (Editorial Comment by Dr. John Denstedt; Dr. Riccardo Autorino & Dr. Marco De)

284 | Prospective Comparative Study between Retroperitoneoscopic and Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Approach for Radical Nephrectomy

Marcos Tobias-Machado, Pedro I. Ravizzini, Leonardo O. Pertusier, Eduardo Pedroso, Eric R. Wroclawski (Editorial Comment by Dr. Pasquale Ditonno & Dr. Lucarelli Giuseppe)

293 | Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy of Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs vs. Opioids for SWL using Modern Electromagnetic Lithotripters

A. Mezentsev (Editorial Comment by Dr. Ayten Bilir)

299 | Impact of Infection on the Secretory Capacity of the Male Accessory Glands

Marconi, A. Pilatz, F. Wagenlehner, T. Diemer, W. Weidner (Editorial Comment by Dr. Walter Krause)


310 | Improving Outcome from Plastibell™ Circumcisions in Infants

Anies Mahomed, Indre Zaparackaite, Sam Adam (Editorial Comment by Dr. Victor Palit)


315 | Transforming Growth Factor-β1 in Congenital Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction: Diagnosis and Follow-up

Cristian Sager, Juan C. Lopez, Victor Duran, Carol Burek, Ernesto Perazzo (Editorial Comment by Dr. Sarel Halachmi; Dr. Osama M. Sarhan & Dr. Seth A. Alpert)


326 | Voiding Dysfunction due to Multiple Sclerosis: a Large Scale Retrospective Analysis

Bulent Onal, Aksel Siva, Ibrahim Buldu, Oktay Demirkesen, Bulent Cetinel

334 | The MiniArc® Sling System in the Treatment of Female Stress Urinary Incontinence

Annett Gauruder-Burmester, Gralf Popken (Editorial Comment by Dr. M. Neuman & Dr. Ricarda M. Bauer)


344 | The Use of High Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography to Evaluate Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Specimens

Pankaj P. Dangle, Ketul K. Shah, Benjamin Kaffenberger, Vipul R. Patel

354 | An Evaluation of the Anti-neoplastic Activity of Curcumin in Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

Camila B. Piantino, Fernanda A. Salvadori, Pedro P. Ayres, Raphael B. Kato, Victor Srougi, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi (Editorial Comment by Dr. Gerd Birkenmeier)



363 | Computed tomography-determined stone-free rates for ureteroscopy of upper-tract stones

Macejko A, Okotie OT, Zhao LC, Liu J, Perry K, Nadler RB

364 | Evaluation and management of post-shock wave lithotripsy pain with third-generation lithotriptors using rofecoxib

Greene TD, Joseph JV, Erturk E


365 | Laparoscopic management of intraperitoneal bladder rupture secondary to blunt abdominal trauma using intracorporeal single layer suturing technique

Kim FJ, Chammas MF Jr, Gewehr EV, Campagna A, Moore EE

366 | Temperature safety profile of laparoscopic devices: Harmonic ACE (ACE), Ligasure V (LV), and plasma trisector (PT)

Kim FJ, Chammas MF Jr, Gewehr E, Morihisa M, Caldas F, Hayacibara E, Baptistussi M, Meyer F, Martins AC


367 | Prostate cancer: sextant localization at MR imaging and MR spectroscopic imaging before prostatectomy–results of ACRIN prospective multi-institutional clinicopathologic study

Weinreb JC, Blume JD, Coakley FV, Wheeler TM, Cormack JB, Sotto CK, Cho H, Kawashima A, Tempany-Afdhal CM, Macura KJ, Rosen M, Gerst SR, Kurhanewicz J

368 | Urinary bladder cancer: diffusion-weighted MR imaging–accuracy for diagnosing T stage and estimating histologic grade

Takeuchi M, Sasaki S, Ito M, Okada S, Takahashi S, Kawai T, Suzuki K, Oshima H, Hara M, Shibamoto Y


370 | Noninvasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder with glandular differentiation: report of 24 cases

Miller JS, Epstein JI

371 | Recommendations for the reporting of surgically resected specimens of renal cell carcinoma: the Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology

Higgins JP, McKenney JK, Brooks JD, Argani P, Epstein JI; Association of Directors of Anatomic and Surgical Pathology


372 | Renal gunshot wounds: clinical management and outcome

Voelzke BB, McAninch JW

373 | Topical haemostatics in renal trauma–an evaluation of four different substances in na experimental setting

Björses K, Holst J

375 | Male sexual dysfunction after pelvic fracture

Metze M, Tiemann AH, Josten C

376 | Renal gunshot wounds: clinical management and outcome

Voelzke BB, McAninch JW


377 | Erectile dysfunction might be associated with chronic periodontal disease: two ends of the cardiovascular spectrum

Zadik Y, Bechor R, Galor S, Justo D, Heruti RJ

378 | Combination of alfuzosin and tadalafil exerts an additive relaxant effect on human detrusor and prostatic tissues in vitro

Oger S, Behr-Roussel D, Gorny D, Lebret T, Denoux Y, Alexandre L, Giuliano F Pelvipharm, Orsay Parc, Orsay, France


379 | Muscle- and nerve-sparing bulbar urethroplasty: a new technique

Barbagli G, De Stefani S, Annino F, De Carne C, Bianchi G

379 | One-sided anterior urethroplasty: a new dorsal onlay graft technique

Kulkarni S, Barbagli G, Sansalone S, Lazzeri M


380 | European consensus conference on diagnosis and treatment of germ cell cancer: a report of the second meeting of the European Germ Cell Cancer Consensus group (EGCCCG): part I

Krege S, Beyer J, Souchon R, Albers P, Albrecht W, Algaba F, et al.

381 | European consensus conference on diagnosis and treatment of germ cell cancer: a report of the second meeting of the European Germ Cell Cancer Consensus Group (EGCCCG): part II

Krege S, Beyer J, Souchon R, Albers P, Albrecht W, Algaba F, et al.

382 | Local progression among men with conservatively treated localized prostate cancer: results from the Transatlantic Prostate Group

Eastham JA, Kattan MW, Fearn P, Fisher G, Berney DM, Oliver T, et al.

383 | Identification of risk factors for genital prolapse recurrence

Salvatore S, Athanasiou S, Digesu GA, Soligo M, Sotiropoulou M, Serati M, Antsaklis A, Milani R

384 | The adjustable continence therapy system for recurrent female stress urinary incontinence: 1- year results of the North America Clinical Study Group

Aboseif SR, Franke EI, Nash SD, Slutsky JN, Baum NH, Tu le M, Galloway NT, Pommerville PJ, Sutherland SE, Bresette JF


385 | Long-term followup of dextranomer/hyaluronic acid injection for vesicoureteral reflux: late failure warrants continued followup

Lee EK, Gatti JM, Demarco RT, Murphy JP

386 | Long-term outcome of laparoscopic Fowler-Stephens orchiopexy in boys with intra-abdominal Testis

Esposito C, Vallone G, Savanelli A, Settimi A