Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 31 N. 04 – 2005

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297 | F.J.B. Sampaio


 299 | Assessment of serum catecholamine concentrations in patients with pheochromocytoma undergoing videolaparoscopic adrenalectomy

Marcos F. Rocha, Patrick Tauzin-Fin, Paulo L. Vasconcelos, Philippe Ballanger (Editorial Comment By Dr. Tibério M. Siqueira Jr.)

 309 | Laparoscopic surgery for treatment of incisional lumbar hernia

Tobias-Machado, Freddy J. Rincon, Marco T. Lasmar, Joao P. Zambon, Roberto V. Juliano, Eric R. Wroclawski

 315 | Extended complications of urethroplasty

Hosam S. Al-Qudah, Richard A. Santucci (Editorial comment by Dr. Massimo Lazzeri & Dr. Allen F. Morey)

 326 | Pathological extension of prostate cancer as defined by gleason score on biopsy

Marcos F. Dall’oglio, Alexandre Crippa, Mario Paranhos, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi

 331 | Prostate biopsy: is age important for determining the pathological features in prostate cancer?

Alberto A. Antunes, Katia R. Leite, Marcos F. Dall’oglio, Alexandre Crippa, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Miguel Srougi

 338 | Testicular histopathological diagnosis as a predictive factor for retrieving spermatozoa for icsi in non-obstructive azoospermic patients

Sidney Glina, Jonathas B. Soares, Nelson Antunes Jr, Andrea G. Galuppo, Lucero B. Paz, Roberta Wonchockier

 342 | Efficacy, safety and tolerability of sildenafil in brazilian hypertensive patients on multiple antihypertensive drugs

Denilson C. Albuquerque, Lineu J. Miziara, Jose F. K. Saraiva, Ulisses S. Rodrigues, Artur B. Ribeiro, Mauricio Wajngarten (Editorial comment by Dr. Joaquim de Almeida Claro & Dr. Ira D. Sharlip)


 356 | Laparoscopic treatment of refluxing segmental megaureter

Anuar I. Mitre, Vitor C. Pagotto, Vasco A. Crivellaro

 359 | Pre-pubertal testicular dermoid cyst treated with conservative surgery

Lisieux E. Jesus, Claudia R.R. Pena, Ana P.S. Leao


 326 | Laparoscopic assisted radical cystoprostatectomy with y-shaped orthotopic ileal neobladder constructed with non-absorbable titanium staples through a 5 cm pfannensteil incision

Sidney C. Abreu, Frederico I. Messias, Renato S. Argollo, Glauco A. Guedes, Mardhen B. Araujo, Gilvan N. Fonseca (Editorial Comment By Dr. Benjamin R. Lee & Dr. Stephen Y. Nakada)


 370 | Treatment of phimosis with topical steroids and foreskin anatomy

Tatiana C. Marques, Francisco J.B. Sampaio, Luciano A. Favorito (Editorial comment by Dr. Jean G Hollowell)


375 | Male infertility in spinal cord trauma

Cristiano Utida, Jose C. Truzzi, Homero Bruschini, Rogerio Simonetti, Agnaldo P. Cedenho, Miguel Srougi, Valdemar Ortiz


 384 | Calcium channel blocker and renal mitochondrial function in warm renal ischemia

Silvio Tucci Jr, Tiago J. Borelli-Bovo, Adauto J. Cologna, Ricardo B. Tiraboschi, Antonio C.P. Martins, Jose E.S. Roselino



391 | Shock wave lithotripsy at 60 or 120 shocks per minute: a randomized, double-blind trial

Pace KT, Ghiculete D, Harju M, Honey RJ; University of Toronto Lithotripsy Associates

 392 | Randomized controlled study of mechanical percussion, diuresis, and inversion therapy to assist passage of lower pole renal calculi after shock wave lithotripsy

Chiong E, Hwee ST, Kay LM, Liang S, Kamaraj R, Esuvaranathan K


 393 | Laparoscopic rectovesical fistula repair

Sotelo R, Garcia A, Yaime H, Rodriguez E, Dubois R, Andrade RD, Carmona O, Finelli A

 394 | Outpatient laparoscopic pyeloplasty

Rubinstein M, Finelli A, Moinzadeh A, Singh D, Ukimura O, Desai MM, Kaouk JH, Gill IS


 395 | Use of extended pattern technique for initial prostate biopsy

Siu W, Dunn RL, Shah RB, Wei JT

 397 | MDCT urography of upper tract urothelial neoplasms

Caoili EM, Cohan RH, Inampudi P, Ellis JH, Shah RB, Faerber GJ, Montie JE


398 | Management of penile fracture

El-Taher AM, Aboul-Ella HA, Sayed MA, Gaafar AA

 399 | Treatment of pelvic fracture-related urethral trauma: a survey of current practice in the UK

Andrich DE, Greenwell TJ, Mundy AR


 400 | Prognostic and predictive factors and reporting of prostate carcinoma in prostate needle biopsy specimens

Amin M, Boccon-Gibod L, Egevad L, Epstein JI, Humphrey PA, Mikuz G, Newling D, Nilsson S, Sakr W, Srigley JR, Wheeler TM, Montironi R

 401 | Prognostic factors and reporting of prostate carcinoma in radical prostatectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy specimens

Epstein JI, Amin M, Boccon-Gibod L, Egevad L, Humphrey PA, Mikuz G, Newling D, Nilsson S, Sakr W, Srigley JR, Wheeler TM, Montironi R


 403 | Pelvic floor exercises for erectile dysfunction

Dorey G, Speakman MJ, Feneley RC, Swinkels A, Dunn CD

404 | Apoptosis and proliferation in human undescended testes

Ofordeme KG, Aslan AR, Nazir TM, Hayner-Buchan A, Kogan BA


 405 | An artificial somatic-autonomic reflex pathway procedure for bladder control in children with spina bifida

Xiao CG, Du MX, Li B, Liu Z, Chen M, Chen ZH, Cheng P, Xue XN, Shapiro E, Lepor H

 406 | Combined buccal mucosa graft and local flap for urethral reconstruction in various forms of hypospadias

Li Q, Li S, Chen W, Xu J, Yang M, Li Y, Wang Y, Zhao Z


 408 | External beam radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy: efficacy and impact on urinary continence

Petroski RA, Warlick WB, Herring J, Donahue TF, Sun L, Smith CV, Connelly RR, McLeod DG, Moul JW


 409 | Sexual function in women with pelvic organ prolapse compared to women without pelvic organ prolapse

Novi JM, Jeronis S, Morgan MA, Arya LA

 410 | Experience with the orthotopic ileal neobladder in women: a mid-term follow-up

Nesrallah LJ, Almeida FG, Dall’Oglio MF, Nesrallah AJ, Srougi M


 411 | Routine voiding cystourethrography is of no value in neonates with unilateral multicystic dysplastic kidney

Ismaili K, Avni FE, Alexander M, Schulman C, Collier F, Hall M

412 | Myogenic bladder decompensation in boys with a history of posterior urethral valves

Androulakakis PA, Karamanolakis DK, Tsahouridis G, Stefanidis AA, Palaeodimos I


414 | resorbable extracellular matrix grafts in urologic reconstruction

Volume 31, Number 3: pp. 192-203, 2005.