Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 30 N. 05 – 2004

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273 | F.J.B. Sampaio


275 | Gabapentin For Overactive Bladder And Nocturia After Anticholinergic Failure

Yong T. Kim, Dong D. Kwon, John Kim, Dae K. Kim, Ji Y. Lee, Michael B. Chancellor

279 | Nat2 Gene Polymorphism In Bladder Cancer: A Study From North India

Rama D. Mittal, Daya S.L. Srivastava, Anil Mandhani (Editorial Comment By Dr. Ingolf Cascorbi; Dr. David W. Hein & Dr. Ralph W. De Vere White)

289 | Biochemical Failure As Single Abnormality In Patients With Prostate Cancer Following Radical Treatment With External Radiotherapy: Follow-Up Without Immediate Treatment

Sergio L. Faria, Mohamud Salah 1, Marc David, Luis Souhami, Marie Duclos, George Shenouda, François Deblois, Christian Janick, Carolyn R. Freeman (Editorial Comment By Dr. Gustavo Franco Carvalhal)

296 | Coexistence Of Prostate Neoplasia In Patients Undergoing Radical Cystoprostatectomy Due To Vesical Neoplasia

Frederico R. Romero, Marília G. De Castro, Adalberto Andriolo Júnior, Alex H. De Meneses, Roni C. Fernandes, Marjo D.C. Perez

302 | Variables Predictive Of Voiding Disfunction Following Aponeurotic Sling Surgery: Multivariate Analysis

Sílvio H.M. De Almeida, Émerson Gregório, Sawla El Sayed, Frederico C. Fraga, Horácio A. Moreira, Marco A.F. Rodrigues

307 | Longitudinal Urethral Sling With Prepubic And Retropubic Fixation For Male Urinary Incontinence

Carlos H. Schaal, Renato P. Costa, Fernando C. Sala, André P. Vanni, José P. Cortez (Editorial Comment By Dr. Homero Bruschini)


313 | Adenomatoid Tumor Of Supra-Renal Gland

Nancy T. Denicol, Fabrício R. Lemos, Walter J. Koff

316 | Spontaneous Nephrocutaneous Fistula

Alberto A. Antunes, Adriano A. Calado, Evandro Falcão

319 | Neoplasia In Horseshoe Kidney With Pyelic Fusion And Crossed Single Ureter

Renato P. Costa, Carlos H. Schaal, Fábio C. Navarro

321 | Cake Kidney Drained By Single Ureter

Adriano A. Calado, Antonio Macedo Jr., Miguel Srougi


323 | Vesicourethral Anastomosis Facilitated By A New Disposable Instrument

Antonio C. Di Piero (Editorial Comment By Dr. Marcos F. Dall’oglio)


327 | Use Of Small Intestine Submucosa As Ureteral Allograft In Pigs

Fernando H. Greca, Lucia Noronha, Marcelo Bendhack, André Feres,

Andréa Soccol, João R. Duda (Editorial Comment By Dr. Salvador Vilar C. Lima)



337 | Nifedipine Versus Tamsulosin For The Management Of Lower Ureteral Stones

Propiglia F, Ghignone G, Fiori C, Fontana D, Scarpa Rm

338 | Metabolic Risk Factors And The Impact Of Medical Therapy On The Management Of Nephrothiasis In Obese Patients

Ekeruo Wo, Tan Yh, Young Md, Dahm P, Maloney Me, Mathias Bj, Albala Dm, Preminger Gm


339 | Nifedipine Versus Tamsulosin For The Management Of Lower Ureteral Stones

Propiglia F, Ghignone G, Fiori C, Fontana D, Scarpa Rm

340 | 15-Year Experience With The Management Of Extrinsic Ureteral Obstruction With Indwelling Ureteral Stents

Chung Sy, Stein Rj, Landsittel D, Davies Bj, Cuellar Dc, Hrebinko Rl, Tarin T, Averch Td


341 | Baseline Staging Of Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer: A Summary Of The Literature

Abuzallouf S, Dayes I, Lukka H

343 | Patient Radiation Dose At Ct Urography And Conventional Urography

Nawfel Rd, Judy Pf, Schleipman Ar, Silverman Sg


344 | Traumatic Rupture Of The Urinary Bladder: Is The Suprapubic Tube Necessary?

Parry Ng, Rozycki Gs, Feliciano Dv, Tremblay Ln, Cava Ra, Voeltz Z, Carney J

345 | Straddle Injuries To The Bulbar Urethra: Management And Outcomes In 78 Patients

Park S, Mcaninch Jw


346 | Fat Invasion In Ten-Core Prostate Needle Biopsies: Incidence, Biopsy And Clinical Findings

Yilmaz A, Trpkov K

347 | Sarcomatoid Renal Cell Carcinoma: An Examination Of Underlying Histologic Subtype And An Analysis Of Associations With Patient Outcome

Cheville Jc, Lohse Cm, Zincke H, Weaver Al, Leibovich Bc, Frank I, Blute Ml


349 | Comparison Of Gene Expression Profiles Between Peyronie’s Disease And Dupuytren’s Contracture

Qian A, Meals Ra, Rajfer J, Gonzalez-Cadavid Nf

350 | Effects Of Peppermint Teas On Plasma Testosterone, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone, And Luteinizing Hormone Levels And Testicular Tissue In Rats

Akdogan M, Ozguner M, Kocak A, Oncu M, Cicek E


351 | Current And Future Strategies For Preventing And Managing Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy

Montorsi F, Briganti A, Salonia A, Rigatti P, Burnett Al

352 | Neuroanatomy Of The Human Female Lower Urogenital Tract

Yucel S, De Souza A Jr, Baskin Ls


353 | A Single Immediate Postoperative Instillation Of Chemotherapy Decreases The Risk Of Recurrence In Patients With Stage Ta T1 Bladder Cancer: A Meta-Analysis Of Published Results Of Randomized Clinical Trials

Sylvester Rj, Oosterlinck W, Van Der Meijden Ap


354 | Urinary Urgency And Frequency, And Chronic Urethral And/Or Pelvic Pain In Females. Can Doxycycline Help?

Burkhard Fc, Blick N, Hochreiter Ww, Studer Eu

355 | Does Valsalva Leak Point Pressure Predict Outcome After The Distal Urethral Polypropylene Sling? Role Of Urodynamics In The Sling Era

Rodriguez Lv, De Almeida F, Dorey F, Raz S


357 | Abnormal Dimercapto-Succinic Acid Scans Predict An Increased Risk Of Breakthrough Infection In Children With Vesicoureteral Reflux

Mingin Gc, Nguyen Ht, Baskin Ls

358 | Vaginal Construction Using Sigmoid Colon In Children And Young Adults

Rajimwale A, Furness Pd 3rd, Brant Wo, Koyle Ma