Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 29 N. 04 – 2003

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289 | F.J.B. SAMPAIO


291 | Case Selection And Outcome Of Radical Perineal Prostatectomy In Localized Prostate Cancer

Jeffrey M. Holzbeierlein, Peter Langenstroer, H.J. Porter Ii, J. Brantley Thrasher

300 | Racial Influence On The Prevalence Of Prostate Carcinoma In Brazilian Volunteers

Edson L. Paschoalin, Antonio C.P. Martins, Mônica Pastorello, Kiyoko A. Sândis, Lea M.Z. Maciel, Wilson A. Silva Jr., Marcos A. Zago, José Bessa Jr.

306 | Prevalence Of Prostate Adenocarcinoma According To Race In An University Hospital

Milton S. Barros, Venceslau R.S. Silva, Gladston (Editorial comment by Dr. Gustavo Franco Carvalhal)

313 | Antibiotic Prophylaxis In Prostate Biopsy. A Comparative Randomized Clinical Assay Between Ciprofloxacin, Norfloxacin And Chloramphenicol

M. Tobias-Machado, Thiago D. Corrêa, Emília L. De Barros, Eric R. Wroclawski

320 | Effect Of Sildenafil In Cavernous Arteries Of Patients With Erectile Dysfunction

Joaquim A. Claro, Sérgio F. Ximenes, Archimedes Nardozza Jr, Enrico Andrade, Leonardo Messina, Miguel Srougi


327 | Chronic Penile Strangulation

Roberto I. Lopes, Silvia I. Lopes, Roberto N. Lopes

330 | Bilateral And Synchronic Seminomatous Testicular Neoplasia

Ademar Schmitz


332 | Slightly Modified Technique Of The Original Essed Plication Procedure For Congenital Penile Deviation

Van Der Horst, F.J. Martinez Portillo, C. Seif, A. Musial, P. Alken, K.P. Jünemann (Editorial comment by Dr. Drogo Montague)


336 | Radical Cystectomy With Preservation Of Sexual Function And Urinary Continence: Description Of A New Technique

Miguel Srougi, Marcos Dall’oglio, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Homero O.

Arruda, Valdemar Ortiz (Editorial comment by Mark S. Soloway; Dr. John F. Ward; Dr. Horst Zincke & Dr. James E. Montie)


345 | The Role Of Videolaparoscopy In The Diagnostic And Therapeutic Approach Of Nonpalpable Testis

Daniel G. Bittencourt, Márcio L. Miranda, Ana P.P. Moreira, Shoji Miyabara, J.M. Bustorff-Silva (Editorial comment by Dr. Francisco Tibor Dénes)


353 | Safyretm: A Readjustable Minimally Invasive Sling For Female Urinary Stress Incontinence

Paulo C.R. Palma, Cassio L.Z. Riccetto, Míriam Dambros



361 | Computerized tomography guided access for percutaneous nephrostolithotomy

Matlaga BR, Shah OD, Zagoria RJ, Dyer RB, Streem SB, Assimos DG

362 | Variability of renal stone fragility in shock wave lithotripsy

Williams JC Jr, Saw KC, Paterson RF, Hatt EK, McAteer JA, Lingeman JE


363 | Laparoscopic nephrectomy: assessment of morcellation versus intact specimen extraction on postoperative status

Hernandez F, Rha KH, Pinto PA, Kim FJ, Klicos N, Chan TY, Kavoussi LR, Jarrett TW

364 | Prospective randomized comparative study of the effectiveness and safety of electrohydraulic and electromagnetic extracorporeal shock wave lithotriptors

Sheir KZ, Madbouly K, Elsobky E


365 | Multidetector CT angiography for preoperative evaluation of living laparoscopic kidney donors

Kawamoto S, Montgomery RA, Lawler LP, Horton KM, Fishman EK

366 | Contrast enhances color Doppler endorectal sonography of prostate: efficiency for detecting peripheral zone tumors and role for biopsy procedure

Roy C, Buy X, Lang H, Saussine C, Jacqmin D


368 | Improvement of hemostasis in open and laparoscopically performed partial nephrectomy using a gelatin matrix-thrombin tissue sealant (FloSeal)

Richter F, Schnorr D, Deger S, Trk I, Roigas J, Wille A, Loening SA.

369 | Effect of an institutional policy of nonoperative treatment of grades I to IV renal injuries

Hammer CC, Santucci RA


370 | Multiple measures of carcinoma extent versus perineural invasion in prostate needle biopsy tissue in prediction of pathologic stage in a screening population

Bismar TA, Lewis JS Jr, Vollmer RT, Humphrey PA

371 | Comparisons of outcome and prognostic features among histologic subtypes of renal cell carcinoma

Cheville JC, Lohse CM, Zincke H, Weaver AL, Blute ML


372 | Immune mechanisms in bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapy for superficial bladder cancer

Böhle A., Brandau S

373 | Racial differences in androgen receptor protein expression in men with clinically localized prostate cancer

Gaston KE, Kim D, Singh S, Ford OH 3rd, Mohler JL


374 | Gastrocystoplasty in patients with an areflexic low compliant bladder

Abdel-Azim MS, Abdel-Hakim AM

376 | Is there a role for bladder preserving strategies in the treatment of muscle-invasive bladder cancer?

Kuczyk M, Turkeri L, Hammerer P, Ravery V, and European Society for Oncological Urology


376 | Practical considerations in permanent brachytherapy for localized adenocarcinoma of the prostate

Stone NN, Stock RG


378 | Effective treatment for mixed urinary incontinence with a pubovaginal sling

Chou EC, Flisser AJ, Panagopoulos G, Blaivas JG

380 | Preoperative urodynamic evaluation may predict voiding dysfunction in women undergoing pubovaginal sling

Miller EA, Amundsen CL, Toh KL, Flynn BJ, Webster GD


381 | Antibiotics and surgery for vesicoureteric reflux: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Wheeler D, Vimalachandra D, Hodson EM, Roy LP, Smith G, Craig JC

382 | Treatment of vesico-ureteric reflux: a new algorithm based on parental preference

Capozza N, Lais A, Matarazzo E, Nappo S, Patricolo M, Caione P