Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 30 N. 03 – 2004

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183 | F.J.B. Sampaio


185 | Role Of Intravenous Urography And Transabdominal Ultrasonography In The Diagnosis Of Bladder Carcinoma

Muhammad Rafique, Abrar A. Javed (Editorial Comment By Dr. William H. Bush, Jr)

192 | Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy In Bladder Cancer – Initial Experience

Mirandolino B. Mariano, Marcos V. Tefilli

199 | An Alternative Non-Invasive Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease

Joaquim A. Claro, Carlo C. Passerotti, Antonio C. Figueiredo Neto, Archimedes Nardozza Jr., Valdemar Ortiz, Miguel Srougi (Editorial Comment By Dr. Wolfgang Weidner)

205 | Changes In Calcium Oxalate Crystal Morphology As A Function Of Supersaturation

Mauricio Carvalho, Marcos A. Vieira (Editorial Comment By Dr. Glenn M. Preminger)


210 | Primary Renal Sarcoma With Morphologic And Immunohistochemical Aspects Compatible With Synovial Sarcoma

Carlos H. Schaal, Fábio C. Navarro, Francisco A. Moraes Neto

214 | Renal Liposarcoma

Diogo A.L. Bader, Luis A.B. Peres, Sérgio L. Bader

216 | Renal Hemangioma

Theodorico F. Da Costa Neto, Juan M. Renteria, G. Di Biase Filho

219 | Multiple Foreign Bodies In The Anterior And Posterior Urethra

Troy Sukkarieh, Marc Smaldone, Bharat Shah


221 | Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy By Extraperitoneal Access With Duplication Of The Open Technique

  1. Tobias-Machado, Pedro Forseto Jr., Jimmy A. Medina, Marcelo Watanabe, Roberto V. Juliano, Eric R. Wroclawski


227 | Renal Cell Carcinoma In Childhood

Luciano R. Barros, Sidney Glina, Luiz F. Mello (Editorial Comment By Dr. E. Tavora Fernandes)


230 | Laparoscopic Burch Surgery: Is There Any Advantage In Relation To Open Approach?

Carlos A. Bezerra, Alexandre O. Rodrigues, Alexandre L. Seo, José M.C. Ruano, Miçton Borelli, Eric R.Wroclawski


237 | Total Bladder Replacement With De-Epithelialized Ileum. Experimental Study In Dogs

Fábio O. Vilar, Luiz A. P. De Araújo, Salvador V.C. Lima



246 | Association Of Urinary Ph With Body Weight In Nephrolithiasis

Maalouf Nm, Sakhaee K, Parks Jh, Coe Fl, Adams-Huet B, Pak Cy

247 | Safety And Efficacy Of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy In Patients With Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction

Rubenstein Jn, Gonzalez Cm, Blunt Lw, Clemens Jq, Nadler Rb


248 | Use Of A Ureteral Access Sheath To Facilitate Removal Of Large Stone Burden During Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy

Okeke Z, Lam Js, Gupta M

249 | Long-Term Results Of Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection: A Single-Center 10-Year Experience

Steiner H, Peschel R, Janetschek G, Holtl L, Berger Ap, Bartsch G, Hobisch A


250 | Adrenal Neoplasms: Ct-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation – Preliminary Results

Mayo-Smith Ww, Dupuy De

251 | Arterioureteral Fistulas: A Clinical, Diagnostic, And Therapeutic Dilemma

Madoff Dc, Gupta S, Toombs Bd, Skolkin Md, Charnsangavej C, Morello Fa Jr, Ahrar K, Hicks Me


252 | Management Of Bulbous Urethral Disruption By Blunt External Trauma: The Sooner, The Better?

Ku Jh, Kim Me, Jeon Ys, Lee Nk, Park Yh.

254 | Renal Injury And Operative Management In The United States: Results Of A Population Based Study.

Wessells H, Suh D, Porter Jr, Rivara F, Mackenzie Ej, Jurkovich Gj, Nathens Ab.


255 | A Clinicopathologic Comparison Of Clinical Stages T1c Versus T2 Prostate Adenocarcinoma: Lack Of Differences In Psa Recurrence

256 | Does Pt2b Cancer Exist? Critical Appraisal Of The 2002 Tumor-Nodes-Metastasis (Tnm) Classification Of Prostate Cancer

Eichelberger Le, Cheng L


257 | Enhanced Renal Cryoablation With Hilar Clamping And Intrarenal Cooling In A Porcine Model

William Collyer, Ramakrishna Venkatesh, Richard Vanlangendonck, Kevin Morissey, Peter Humphrey, Yan Yan, Jaime Landman

258 | Improvement In Relaxation Response In Corpus Cavernosum From Trained Rats

Claudino Ma, Priviero Fbm, Teixeira Ce, De Nucci G, Antunes E, Zanesco A


259 | Neuroanatomy Of The Male Urethra And Perineum

Yucel S, Baskin Ls

260 | Urinary Tract Biomaterials

Beiko Dt, Knudsen Be, Watterson Jd, Cadieux Pa, Reid G, Denstedt Jd


261 | Tumor Seeding In Urological Laparoscopy: An International Survey

Micali S, Celia A, Bove P, De Stefani S, Sighinolfi Mc, Kavoussi Lr, Bianchi G

262 |Extended Radical Lymphadenectomy In Patients With Urothelial Bladder Cancer: Results Of A Prospective Multicenter Study

Leissner J, Ghoneim Ma, Abol-Enein H, Thuroff Jw, Franzaring L, Fisch M, Schulze H, Managadze G, Allhoff Ep, El-Baz Ma, Kastendieck H, Buhtz P, Kropf S, Hohenfellner R, Wolf Hk


263 | Urodynamically Defined Stress Urinary Incontinence And Bladder Outlet Obstruction Coexist In Women

Bradley Cs, Rovner Es

264 | Nutrient Composition Of The Diet And The Development Of Overactive Bladder: A Longitudinal Study In Women

Dallosso Hm, Mcgrother Cw, Matthews Rj, Donaldson Mm; Leicestershire Mrc Incontinence Study Group


265 | Late Renal Functional And Morphological Evaluation After Non-Operative Treatment Of High-Grade Renal Injuries In Children

El-Sherbiny Mt, Aboul-Ghar Me, Hafez At, Hammad Aa, Bazeed Ma

266 | Desmopressin For The Treatment Of Nocturnal Bedwetting In Patients With Neural Tube Closure Defects

Del Gado R, Aceto G, Del Gaizo D, Del Gado G, Polidori G, Chiozza Ml, Malone Fd, Robinson JN