Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 30 N. 02 – 2004

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94 | F.J.B. Sampaio


96 | The Role Of Endoluminal Ultrasonography In Urology:

Current Perspectives

Sirish Kondabolu, Sardar A. Khan, Jennifer Whyard, Christopher Diblasio, Manasa Ayyala, Srinivas Pentyala

102 | Prediction Of Differential Creatinine Clearance In Chronically Obstructed Kidneys By Non-Contrast Helical Computerized Tomography

C.F. Ng, L.W. Chan, K.T. Wong, C.W. Cheng, S.C.H. Yu, W.S. Wong (Editorial Comment By Dr. William H. Bush, Jr. & Dr. Arthur T. Rosenfield)

109 | Value Of Various Psa Parameters For Diagnosing Prostate Cancer In Men With Normal Digital Rectal Examination

Ari Miotto Jr, Miguel Srougi, George A. De Brito, Kátia M. Leite, Adriano J. Nesrallah, Valdemar Ortiz

114 | Is The Periprostatic Anesthetic Blockade Advantageous In Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Biopsy?

André P. Vanni, Carlos H. Schaal, Renato P. Costa, Fernando C. Sala


119 | Juxtaglomerular Cell Tumor As A Rare Cause Of Hypertension In Adults

José L. Chambô, R. Falci Júnior, Antonio M. Lucon

121 | Successful Management Of Stuttering Priapism Using Home Self-Injections Of The Alpha-Agonist Metaraminol

Michael Mcdonald, Richard A. Santucci

123 | Synthetic Pubovaginal Sling (Tvt): Failure In Conservative Treatment Following Vaginal Exteriorization

Edgar Thorell, Giovani T. Pioner, Mariana R. Thorell

125 | Cystectomy With Orthotopic Reconstruction Following Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

Ari Miotto Jr, Marcos Dall’oglio, Miguel Srougi


128 | The Use And Rationale Of Selective Alpha Blockade In Children With Non-Neurogenic Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction

Guy Bogaert, Goedele Beckers, Rita Lombaerts


135 | International Prostate Symptom Score – Ipss – Aua As Discriminat Scale In 400 Male Patients With Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (Luts)

Paulo Rodrigues, Alex Meller, João C. Campagnari, Daniel Alcântara, Márcio D’império


142 | Effects Of High-Energy Shock Wave On Organs Adjacent To The Kidney In The Growing Rat

Aguinaldo C. Nardi, Ubirajara Ferreira, Joaquim A.Claro, Gustavo M. Borges, Rafael M. Stopiglia, N. Rodrigues Netto Jr

148 | Effect Of Shock Wave Reapplication On Urinary N-Acetylbeta- Glucosaminidase In Canine Kidney

Marco A.Q.R. Fortes, Adagmar Andriolo, Valdemar Ortiz, Miguel Srougi



156 | Biochemical And Physicochemical Presentations Of Patients With Brushite Stones

Pak Cy, Poindexter Jr, Peterson Rd, Heller Hj

157 | Ureteral Access Sheath Provides Protection Against Elevated Renal Pressures During Routine Flexible Ureteroscopic Stone Manipulation

Auge Bk, Pietrow Pk, Lallas Cd, Raj Gv, Santa-Cruz Rw, Preminger Gm

Endourology & Laparoscopy

158 | Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction: Determining Durability Of Endourological Intervention

Albani Jm, Yost Aj, Streem Sb

159 | A New Technique For Treating Forgotten Indwelling Ureteral Stents: Silk Loop Assisted Ureterorenoscopic Lithotripsy

Yeh C-C, Chen C-H, Lin C-H, Chang C-H, Wu H-C


160 | Changing Role Of Imaging-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy Of Adrenal Masses: Evaluation Of 50 Adrenal Biopsies

Paulsen Sd, Nghiem Hv, Korobkin M, Caoili Em, Higgins Ej.

161 | Voiding Cystourethrography In Boys. Does The Presence Of The Catheter During Voiding Alter The Evaluation Of The Urethra?

Chaumoitre K, Merrot T, Petit P, Sayegh-Martin Y, Alessandrini P, Panuel M

Urogenital Trauma

162 | Nonoperative Management Of Blunt Renal Trauma: A Prospective Study

Toutouzas Kg, Karaiskakis M, Kaminski A, Velmahos Gc

163 | Infection Of Non-Operatively Managed Acetabular Fracture Via A Suprapubic Catheter

Karmani S, Lee J, Kinmont C, Day A


164 | Vascular Invasion Is An Independent Prognostic Factor In Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

Carr Md, Koch Mo, Eble Jn, Zeng G, Daggy J, Cheng L

165 | The Combined Percentage Of Gleason 4 And 5 Is The Best Predictor Of Cancer Progression After Radical Prostatectomy

Cheng L, Koch Mo, Daggy J


166 | The Distribution Of Neuronal And Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase In Urethral Stricture Formation

Cavalcanti Ag, Yucel S, Deng Dy, Mcaninch Jw, Baskin Ls

167 | Urethral Dysfunction In Diabetic Rats

Torimoto K, Fraser Mo, Hirao Y, De Groat Wc, Chancellor Mb, Yoshimura N


168 | Sexual Behavior And Sexual Function Of Adults After Hypospadias Surgery: A Comparative Study

Bubanj Tb, Perovic Sv, Milicevic Rm, Jovcic Sb, Marjanovic Zo, Djordjevic Mm

169 | Incidence And Location Of Prostate And Urothelial Carcinoma In Prostates From Cystoprostatectomies: Implications For Possible Apical Sparing Surgery

Revelo Mp, Cookson Ms, Chang Ss, Shook Mf, Smith Ja Jr, Shappell Sb


170 | Is There A Role For Surgery In The Management Of Metastatic Urothelial Cancer? The M. D. Anderson Experience

Siefker-Radtke Ao, Walsh Gl, Pisters Ll, Shen Y, Swanson Da, Logothetis Cj, Millikan Re

171 | Extended Radical Lymphadenectomy In Patients With Urothelial Bladder Cancer: Results Of A Prospective Multicenter Study

Leissner J, Ghoneim Ma, Abol-Enein H, Thuroff Jw, Franzaring L, Fisch M, Schulze H, Managadze G, Allhoff Ep, El-Baz Ma, Kastendieck H, Buhtz P, Kropf S, Hohenfellner R, Wolf Hk

172 | The Incidence Of Prostate Cancer In Men With Prostate Specific Antigen Greater Than 4.0 Ng/Ml: A Randomized Study Of 6 Versus 12 Core Transperineal Prostate Biopsy

Emiliozzi P, Scarpone P, Depaula F, Pizzo M, Federico G, Pansadoro A, Martini M, Pansadoro V

173 | The Tensile Properties Of Tension-Free Vaginal Tape And Cadaveric Fascia Lata In An In Vivo Rat Model

Spiess Pe, Rabah D, Herrera C, Singh G, Moore R, Corcos J

174 | Cesarean Section: Does It Really Prevent The Development Of Postpartum Stress Urinary Incontinence? A Prospective Study Of 363 Women One Year After Their First Delivery

Groutz A, Rimon E, Peled S, Gold R, Pauzner D, Lessing Jb, Gordon D


175 | Long-Term Outcome Of Fowler-Stephens Orchiopexy In Boys With Prune-Belly Syndrome

Patil Kk, Duffy Pg, Woodhouse Cr, Ransley Pg

176 | The Urological Care And Outcome Of Pregnancy After Urinary Tract Reconstruction

Hensle Tw, Bingham Jb, Reiley Ea, Cleary-Goldman Je, Malone Fd, Robinson JN