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479 | Infertility highlighted in International Brazilian Journal of Urology

Luciano A. Favorito [view article]


482 | Ataulpho de Paiva Foundation on the stage of BCG

Luiz R. R. Castello-Branco [view article]


484 | Role of salvage lymph node dissection in patients previously treated for prostate cancer: systematic review

João Paulo Pretti Fantin, Maria Claudia Bicudo Furst, Marcos Tobias-Machado, Roberto Lodeiro Muller, Roberto Dias Machado, Alexandre Cesar Santos, Wesley Justino Magnabosco, Cinthia Alcantara-Quispe, Eliney Ferreira Faria [view article]

495 | Semen quality from patients affected by seminomatous and non-seminomatous testicular tumor

Rosana Xavier, Renata Cristina de Carvalho, Renato Fraietta [view article]

503 | Proteomic research and diagnosis in bladder cancer: state of the art review

Jorge Luis Wilson Jr., Mariana Pereira Antoniassi, Paula Intasqui Lopes, Hatylas Azevedo [view article]


515 | Erectile function after partial penectomy for penile cancer

Leonardo L. Monteiro, Rodrigo Skowronski, Fadi Brimo, Paulo da C. Carvalho Neto, Romulo A. L. de Vasconcelos, Charley R. C. V. Pacheco, Adriano A. Calado, Wassim Kassouf [view article]

523 | Editorial Comment: Erectile function after partial penectomy for penile cancer

Rodrigo Barros de Castro [view article]

525 | Luts-V: A new simplified score for assessing lower urinary tract symptoms in men

Caroline Santos Silva, Ueslei Menezes de Araujo, Mateus Andrade Alvaia, Kátia Santana Freitas, Taciana Leonel NunesTiraboschi, Cristiano Mendes Gomes, José de Bessa Júnior [view article]

533 | Editorial Comment: Luts-V: A new simplified score for assessing lower urinary tract symptoms in men

Ralf Anding [view article]

535 | Quality of life in enuretic children

Raquel A. Rangel, Carolina Ribeiro Seabra, Carlos Eduardo. P. F. Ferrarez, Josana L. Soares, Mauro Choi, Robert Gomes Cotta, Andre Avarese de Figueiredo, José de Bessa Jr., Jose Murillo B. Netto [view article]

542 | Editorial Comment: Quality of life in enuretic children

Lisieux Eyer de Jesus [view article]

544 | Vasectomy re-reversal: effectiveness and parameters associated with its success

Mariana S. Lorenzini, Fernando Lorenzini, Cícero A. Bezerra [view article]

549 | Editorial Comment: Vasectomy re-reversal: effectiveness and parameters associated with its Success

Rodrigo R. Vieiralves [view article]

551 | False-negative finding in urodynamic study for the chief complaint. Does it interfere with the clinical outcomes for the treatment of SUI or OAB syndromes?

Paulo Rodrigues, Flávio Hering, Eli Cielici, Marcio D´Império [view article]

558 | Prostate Cancer Screening in Brazil: a single center experience in the public health system

Renato Almeida Rosa de Oliveira, Gustavo Cardoso, Thiago Camelo Mour.o, Ricardo de Lima Favaretto, Thiago Borges Marques Santana, Ademar Lopes, Stenio de Cassio Zequi [view article]

566 | Influence of treatment access on survival of metastatic renal cell carcinoma in brazilian cancer center

Luciana de M. Leite, Paulo G. Bergerot, Aldo L. A. Dettino, José Augusto R. Júnior, Stenio de C. Zequi, Maria Nirvana da C. Formiga [view article]

574 | Patients with encrusted ureteral stents can be treated by a single session combined endourological approach

Roberto Iglesias Lopes, Rodrigo Perrella, Carlos Hirokatsu Watanabe, Fabricio Beltrame, Alexandre Danilovic, Claudio Bovolenta Murta, Joaquim Francisco de Almeida Claro, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini [view article]

584 | Monopolar versus bipolar transurethral resection of lateral wall-located bladder cancer under obturator nerve block: a single center prospective randomized study

Deniz Bolat, Serkan Yarimoglu, Mehmet Erhan Aydin [view article]

594 | How to avert a hidden trap: the severe obturator nerve reflex

Diego Moreira Capibaribe, Luciana Saboya Brito Dal Col, Mehrsa Jalalizadeh, Leonardo O. Reis [view article]

596 | The effects of pregabalin, solifenacin and their combination therapy on ureteral double-J stentrelated symptoms: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Siavash Falahatkar, Mohammadreza Beigzadeh, Gholamreza Mokhtari, Samaneh Esmaeili, Ehsan Kazemnezhad, Atiyeh Amin, Nadia Rastjou Herfeh, Reza Falahatkar [view article]


610 | How I do it open distal ureteroureterostomy for ectopic ureters in infants with duplex systems and no vesicoureteral reflux under 6 months of age

Yuding Wang, Luis H. Braga [view article]

615 | Editorial Comment: How I do it open distal ureteroureterostomy for ectopic ureters in infants with duplex systems and no vesicoureteral reflux under 6 months of age

Ubirajara O. Barroso Jr. [view article]


617 | Dysplasia of the fibrous sheath with axonemal and centriolar defects combined with lack of mitochondrial activity as associated factors of ICSI failure in primary ciliary dyskinesia syndrome

Juliana R. Pariz, Caroline Rané, Joel Drevet, Jorge Hallak [view article]

627 | Time has come to provide infertile men with an optimal fertility pathway

Sandro C. Esteves [view article]

631 | Pre-operative COVID-19 screening: a model to provide non-discretionary care for urologic patients

Basil A. Ferenczi, Ron Ron Cheng, Adam Daily, Christian Kuhr, Kathleen Kobashi, John M. Corman [view article]

637 | SARS-CoV-2 and Multi-Organ damage – What men’s health specialists should know about the COVID-19 pathophysiology

Thiago A. Teixeira, Felipe S. Bernardes, Yasmin C. Oliveira, Mariana K. Hsieh, Sandro C. Esteves, Amaro N. Duarte-Neto, Esper G. Kallas, Jorge Hallak [view article]

647 | Sacral neuromodulation – when and for who

Marcelo Mass-Lindenbaum, D. Calderón-Pollak, H. B. Goldman, Javier Pizarro-Berdichevsky [view article]



657 | Editorial Comment: Reasons for cessation of clean intermittent catheterization after spinal cord injury: Results from the Neurogenic Bladder Research Group spinal cord injury registry

Marcio Averbeck [view article]

Female urology

659 | Editorial Comment: Laser therapy for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse: a systematic review

Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [view article]

661 | Editorial Comment: Combination therapy in overactive bladder-untapped research opportunities: A systematic review of the literature

Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [view article]


663 | Editorial comment: Clinical Recommendations From the European Society for Sexual Medicine Exploring Partner Expectations, Satisfaction in Male and Phalloplasty Cohorts, the Impact of Penile Length, Girth and Implant Type, Reservoir Placement, and the Influence of Comorbidities and Social Circumstances

Valter Javaroni [view article]

666 | Editorial comment: Is testosterone replacement an effective treatment of secondary premature ejaculation?

Valter Javaroni [view article]


670 | Re-do Boari flap for recurrent ureteric stricture

Ben V. Sionov, Tarek Taha, Dmitry Preter, Ramzi Salbaq, Dov Engelstein, Alexander Tsivian [view article]

674 | Metastasis of renal cell carcinoma to the urethra: a rare scenario

Sofia Frade Santos, Pedro Oliveira Santos, Delfim Doutel, José Venâncio [view article]


678 | A laparoscopic vascular blocking forceps used for renal carcinoma combined with tumor thrombus

Xinfei Li, Guangpu Ding, Xuesong Li, Liqun Zhou [view article]

680 | Prone split-leg endoscopic-guided percutaneous nephrolithotomy: the surgeons perspective with A Gopro® view

Yuri Botelho, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Manoj Monga, Fabio C. Torricelli, Alexandre Danilovic, Fabio C. Vicentini, Carlos A Batagello, Miguel Srougi, William C. Nahas, Eduardo Mazzucchi [view article]

682 | Robot-assisted simple prostatectomy: the evolution of a surgical technique

Gilberto J. Rodrigues, Guilherme V. Sawczyn, Giuliano B. Guglielmetti, Arnaldo J. C. Fazoli, Luís H. R. Tanure, William C. Nahas, Rafael F. Coelho [view article]

684 | Robot-assisted vesico-vaginal fistula repair: technical nuances

Alessandro Antonelli, Alessandro Veccia, Tonino Morena, Maria Furlan, Angelo Peroni, Claudio Simeone [view article]


686 | Oxidative Stress & Male Infertility – A necessary and conflicted indissociable marriage: How and when to call for evaluation?

Jorge Hallak, Thiago A. Teixeira [view article]

690 | Special consideration in the dosing of medications for patients with COVID-19 and acute kidney injury

Chia Siang Kow, Syed Shahzad Hasan [view article]

692 | RE: Effects of Covid-19 on male reproductive system

Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip, Viroj Wiwanitkit [view article]

694 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [view article]