Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 33 N. 04 – 2007

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459 | F.J.B. Sampaio


461 | Surgical Treatment of Anterior Urethral Stricture Diseases: Brief Overview

Guido Barbagli, Massimo Lazzeri


470 | Can Pain During Digital Rectal Examination Help us to Decide the Necessity and the Method of Anesthesia for Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Prostate Needle Biopsy?

Onur Kaygisiz, Gurdal Inal, Metin Tas, Ozgur Ugurlu, Bulent Ozturk, Oztug Adsan

(Editorial comment by Dr. Joe Philip & Dr. Mark S. Soloway)

477 | Preoperative Determination of Prostate Cancer Tumor Volume: Analysis through Biopsy Fragments

Alberto A. Antunes, Miguel Srougi, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Alexandre Crippa, Adriano J. Nesrallah, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Katia R. Leite (Editorial comment by Dr. Rodolfo Montironi & Dr. Liang Cheng)

486 | Bladder Substitution by Ileal Neobladder for Women with Interstitial Cystitis

Wachira Kochakarn, Panuwat Lertsithichai, Wipaporn Pummangura (Editorial comment by Dr. Philip M. Hanno)

493 | Double-Blind Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study of Bixa Orellana in Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Associated To Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Luis Zegarra, Abraham Vaisberg, Cesar loza, Roxana L. Aguirre, Miguel Campos, Irma

Fernandez, Oscar Talla, Leon Villegas (Editorial comment by Dr. Carlos A. Bezerra & Dr. Homero Bruschini)

502 | Long-Term Patient Satisfaction after Surgical Correction of Penile Curvature via Tunical Plication

Alvaro Paez, Juan Mejias, Jorge Vallejo, Ignacio Romero, Miguel De Castro, Fernando Gimeno, on behalf of Grupo Urologico del Suroeste Madrileno (GUSOM) (Editorial comment by Dr. Kimihiko Moriya; Dr. Geng-Long Hsu & Dr. T. John)

510 | Relation between the Area Affected by Fournier’s Gangrene and the Type of Reconstructive Surgery Used. A Study with 80 Patients

Joao P. Carvalho, Andre Hazan, Andre G. Cavalcanti, Luciano A. Favorito

515 | Scrotal Neoplasia: Would Truck Drivers Be At Greater Risk?

Daniel Seabra, Gilberto Fava, Eliney Faria, Teoclito Sacheto, Geraldo Hidalgo

(Editorial comment by Dr. Fikret Fatih Onol & Dr. T. John)


521 | Urgent Penectomy in a Patient Presenting with Epidermoid Carcinoma of the Penis Associated to Myiasis

Antonio J. Tavares, Rodrigo Barros, Luciano A. Favorito


523 | The Tunica Vaginalis Dorsal Graft Urethroplasty: Initial Experience

Roberto C. Foinquinos, Adriano A. Calado, Raimundo Janio, Adriana Griz, Antonio Macedo Jr,

Valdemar Ortiz (Editorial comment by Dr. Deepak Dubey; Dr. Guido Barbagli & Dr. Massimo Lazzeri)


532 | Infantile Bladder Rupture during Voiding Cystourethrography

Abdol M. Kajbafzadeh, Parisa Saeedi, Ali R. Sina, Seyedmehdi Payabvash, Amirali H. Salmasi (Editorial comment by Dr. Lane S. Palmer)

536 | Retroperitoneoscopic Renal Biopsy in Children

Carlos M. Jesus, Hamilto Yamamoto, Paulo R. Kawano, Rodrigo Otsuka, Oscar E. Fugita (Editorial comment by Dr. Marcos Tobias-Machado; Dr. Frederico R. Romero & Dr. Thadeu Brenny Filho)


544 | Influence of Ovarian Hormones Deprivation on Gene Expression in the Lower Urinary Tract of Rats

Maria A. T. Bortolini, Ismael D. C. Silva, Maria G. Hamerski, Rodrigo A. Castro, Marair G. F.

Sartori, Manoel J. B. Girao (Editorial comment by Dr. Marcello Cocuzza)

554 | Free Serum Testosterone Level in Male Rats Treated with Tribulus Alatus Extracts

Walid H. El-Tantawy, Abeer Temraz, Omayma D. El-Gindi (Editorial comment by Dr. Q. T. Yang & Dr. Nina Atanassova)


560 | Re: Surgical Technique Using AdVanceTM Sling Placement in the Treatment of Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence

David E. Rapp, W. Stuart Reynolds, Alvaro Lucioni, Gregory T. Bales

561 | Re: Adverse Events and Readmissions after Day-Case Urological Surgery

Alvaro Paez, Enrique Redondo, Ana Linares, Emilio Rios, Jorge Vallejo, Margarita Sanchez-Castilla

562 | Re: The Role of Squamous Differentiation in Patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Treated with Radical Cystectomy

Alberto A. Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah,

563 | Re: The Role of Squamous Differentiation in Patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Treated with Radical Cystectomy

Alberto A. Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Carlos E. Maluf, Cesar Camara, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi

565 | Re: The Use of Enoxaparin to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy: Feasibility and Utility

Kogenta Nakamura, Ali Kasraeian, Saif Yacoub, John Pendleton, Satoshi Anai, Charles J. Rosser

566 | Re: Inflammatory Atrophy on Prostate Needle Biopsies: Is There Topographic Relationship to Cancer?

Athanase Billis, Leandro L.L.Freitas, Luis A. Magna, Ubirajara Ferreira

569 | Re: Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Children. What Do Pre-School Teachers Know About It?

Patricia Lordelo, Fabio Maron, Daniela G. Barros, Danilo V. Barroso, Jose Bessa Jr, Ubirajara Barroso Jr



571 | The Learning Curve in the Training of Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Tanriverdi O, Boylu U, Kendirci M, Kadihasanoglu M, Horasanli K, Miroglu C

571 | Antegrade Pyelography versus Unenhanced Multidetector CT in the Assessment of Urinary-Tract Stones after Percutaneous Nephrostomy Insertion: A Prospective Blinded Study

Halachmi S, Ghersin E, Ginesin Y, Meretyk S


573 | Complications of Laparoscopic Surgery for Urological Cancer: A Single Institution Analysis

Colombo JR Jr, Haber GP, Jelovsek JE, Nguyen M, Fergany A, Desai MM, Kaouk JH, Gill IS

574 | Imperative Indications for Conservative Management of Upper Tract Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Krambeck AE, Thompson RH, Lohse CM, Patterson DE, Elliott DS, Blute ML


574 | Comparison of Effective Radiation Doses in Patients Undergoing Unenhanced MDCT and Excretory Urography for Acute Flank Pain

Eikefjord EN, Thorsen F, Rorvik J


576 | The Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy for Predicting Insignificant Prostate Cancer: an Initial Analysis

Shukla-Dave A, Hricak H, Kattan MW, Pucar D, Kuroiwa K, Chen HN, Spector J, Koutcher JA, Zakian KL, Scardino PT


577 | Blunt Renal Trauma: Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced CT and Angiographic Findings and the Usefulness of Transcatheter Arterial Embolization

Kitase M, Mizutani M, Tomita H, Kono T, Sugie C, Shibamoto Y

578 | Single Kidney and Sports Participation: Perception versus Reality

Grinsell MM, Showalter S, Gordon KA, Norwood VF


580 | Updated Nomogram to Predict Pathologic Stage of Prostate Cancer Given Prostate Specific Antigen Level, Clinical Stage, and Biopsy Gleason Score (Partin Tables) Based on Cases from 2000 to 2005

Makarov DV, Trock BJ, Humphreys EB, Mangold LA, Walsh PC, Epstein JI, Partin AW

581 | Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Prostate: A Clinicopathologic Study of 29 Cases

Ali TZ, Epstein JI


583 | The Complex Structure of the Smooth Muscle Layer of Spermatic Veins and Its Potential Role in the Development of Varicocele Testis

Tilki D, Kilic E, Tauber R, Pfeiffer D, Stief CG, Tauber R, Ergün S

584 | An Electron Microscopic Examination of the Intravesical Ureter in Children with Primary Vesico- Ureteric Reflux

Sofikerim M, Sargon M, Oruc O, Dogan HS, Tekgul S


585 | Artificial Urinary Sphincters Placed After Posterior Urethral Distraction Injuries in Children are at Risk for Erosion

Ashley RA, Husmann DA

586 | Autologous Myoblasts and Fibroblasts versus Collagen for Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Strasser H, Marksteiner R, Margreiter E, Pinggera GM, Mitterberger M, Frauscher F, Ulmer H, Fussenegger M, Kofler K, Bartsch G


588 | Perioperative Complications of Radical Cystectomy in a Contemporary Series

Novotny V, Hakenberg OW, Wiessner D, Heberling U, Litz RJ, Oehlschlaeger S, Wirth MP

588 | Natural History of Biochemical Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy: Risk Assessment for Secondary Therapy

Simmons MN, Stephenson AJ, Klein EA


Correlation of Bladder Base Elevation with Pelvic Floor Hypertonicity in Women with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Chuang FC, Kuo HC.

591 | Pelvis Architecture and Urinary Incontinence in Women.

Stav K, Alcalay M, Peleg S, Lindner A, Gayer G, Hershkovitz I.


592 | Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Children: Risk Factors and Association with Prophylactic Antimicrobials

Conway PH, Cnaan A, Zaoutis T, Henry BV, Grundmeier RW, Keren R.

593 | Is Antibiotic Prophylaxis Necessary in Infants with Obstructive Hydronephrosis?

Song SH, Lee SB, Park YS, Kim KS.