Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 32 N. 05 – 2006

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502 | F.J.B. Sampaio


504 | Laparoscopic Surgery in Urological Oncology: Brief Overview

Jose R. Colombo Jr, Georges P. Haber, Mauricio Rubinstein, Inderbir S. Gill

513 | Transdermal Drug Delivery Treatment for Overactive Bladder

Roger R. Dmochowski, Jonathan S. Starkman, G. Willy Davila


521 | Retroperitoneoscopic Nephrectomy in Benign Pathology

Rodrigo S. Quintela, Leonardo R. Cotta, Marcelo F. Neves, David L. Abelha Jr, Jose E. Tavora (Editorial comment by Dr. Jonas Wadström; Dr. K. Mita; Dr. A. Terai & Dr. David A. Goldfarb)

529 | Orthotopic Ileal Neobladder Reconstruction for Bladder Cancer: Is Adjuvant Chemotherapy Safe?

Murugesan Manoharan, Martha A. Reyes, Rakesh Singal, Bruce R. Kava, Alan M. Nieder, Mark S. Soloway (Editorial comment by Dr. Marcos F. Dall´Oglio)

536 | A Fourteen-Year Review of Radical Cystectomy for Transitional Cell Carcinoma Demonstrating the Usefulness of the Concept of Lymph Node Density

Chi W. Cheng, Chi F. Ng, Chi K. Chan, Wai S. Wong, Pun E. Hui, Yim F. Wong (Editorial comment by Dr. Hammad M. Ather; Dr. John Peter Stein & Dr. Stephen D. Beck)

550 | Salvage Radical Prostatectomy: An Alternative Treatment for Local Recurrence of Radioresistant Cancer

Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Francualdo Barreto, Mario Paranhos, Adriano Nesrallah, Luciano

Nesrallah, Miguel Srougi (Editorial comment by Dr. Gustavo Franco Carvalhal)


557 | Eggshell Calcification of Kidney in Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

Narmada P. Gupta, Rajiv Yadav

560 | Complete En Bloc Urinary Exenteration for Synchronous Multicentric Transitional Cell Carcinoma with Sarcomatoid Features in a Hemodialysis Patient

Tiberio M. Siqueira Jr, Evandro Falcao, Tiberio M. Siqueira

563 | Sarcomatoid Carcinoma with Osseous Differentiation in the Bladder

Luis F. Arenas, Dercilio A. Fontes, Emilio M. Pereira, Flavio L. Hering

566 | Small Round Blue Cell Tumor of Seminal Vesicle in a Young Patient

Adriano A. de Paula, Adriano R. Maltez, Eliane D. Mota (Editorial comment by Dr. Athanase Billis)


570 | Early Successful Orchidopexy Does Not Prevent From Developing Azoospermia

Faruk Hadziselimovic

574 | Ureteral Calcinosis in Juvenile Dermatomyositis. Successful Precocious Surgical Management

Ricardo J. Duarte, Francisco T. Denes, Adriana M. Sallum


578 | An Exploration into Patient Preference for Injectable Therapy over Surgery in the Treatment of Female Urinary Incontinence

Steven P. Petrou, Scott W. Lisson, Julia E. Crook, Deborah J. Lightner


583 | Development of a Urinary Lithiasis Localizer Mechanism to Couple Ultrasound and Extracorporeal Lithotripsy Equipment in Canine Model

Enrico Andrade, Gustavo Alarcon, Eduardo Pompeu, Archimedes Nardozza Jr, Joaquim A.

Claro, Valdemar Ortiz, Miguel Srougi



589 | Renal Stone Epidemiology in Rochester, Minnesota: An Update

Lieske JC, Pena de la Vega LS, Slezak JM, Bergstralh EJ, Leibson CL, Ho KL, Gettman MT

590 | Type 2 Diabetes Increases the Risk for Uric Acid Stones

Daudon M, Traxer O, Conort P, Lacour B, Jungers P


591 | Retrospective Comparison of Retroperitoneal Laparoscopic Versus Open Dismembered Pyeloplasty for Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction

Zhang X, Li HZ, Ma X, Zheng T, Lang B, Zhang J, Fu B, Xu K, Guo XL

591 | Laparoscopic Cytoreductive Nephrectomy: The M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Experience

Matin SF, Madsen LT, Wood CG


592 | Fat Poor Renal Angiomyolipoma: Patient, Computerized Tomography and Histological Findings

Milner J, McNeil B, Alioto J, Proud K, Rubinas T, Picken M, Demos T, Turk T, Perry KT Jr.

593 | Combined MRI and MR Spectroscopy of the Prostate before Radical Prostatectomy

Wetter A, Engl TA, Nadjmabadi D, Fliessbach K, Lehnert T, Gurung J, Beecken WD, Vogl TJ


595 | Predicting Major Hemorrhage in Patients with Pelvic Fracture

Blackmore CC, Cummings P, Jurkovich GJ, Linnau KF, Hoffer EK, Rivara FP

596 | Abdominal Computed Tomographic Scan for Patients with Gunshot Wounds to the Abdomen Selected For Nonoperative Management

Velmahos GC, Constantinou C, Tillou A, Brown CV, Salim A, Demetriades D


597 | A Working Group Classification of Focal Prostate Atrophy Lesions

De Marzo AM, Platz EA, Epstein JI, Ali T, Billis A, Chan TY, Cheng L, Datta M, Egevad L, Ertoy-Baydar D, Farree X, Fine SW, Iczkowski KA, Ittmann M, Knudsen BS, Loda M, Lopez-Beltran A, Magi-Galluzzi C, Mikuz G, Montironi R, Pikarsky E, Pizov G, Rubin MA, Samaratunga H, Sebo T, Sesterhenn IA, Shah RB, Signoretti S, Simko J, Thomas G, Troncoso P, Tsuzuki TT, van Leenders GJ, Yang XJ, Zhou M, Figg WD, Hoque A, Lucia MS

599 | Widespread High-Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia on Prostatic Needle Biopsy: A Significant Likelihood of Subsequently Diagnosed Adenocarcinoma

Netto GJ, Epstein JI


600 | Concentration of Elastic System Fibers in the Corpus Cavernosum, Corpus Spongiosum, and Tunica Albuginea in the Rabbit Penis

Maia RS, Babinski MA, Figueiredo MA, Chagas MA, Costa WS, Sampaio FJ

601 | Expression of COX-2 in Normal and Pyelonephritic Kidney, Renal Intraepithelial Neoplasia, and Renal Cell Carcinoma

Mungan MU, Gurel D, Canda AE, Tuna B, Yorukoglu K, Kirkali Z


602 | Botulinum Toxin Injections for Neurogenic and Idiopathic Detrusor Overactivity: A Critical Analysis of Results

Patel AK, Patterson JM, Chapple CR

604 | Neuromodulatory Therapies in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery: Biological Agents

Schulte-Baukloh H, Knispel HH

604 | Neobladder Emptying Failure in Males: Incidence, Etiology and Therapeutic Options

Simon J, Bartsch G Jr, Kufer R, Gschwend JE, Volkmer BG, Hautmann RE


605 | Cystectomy for Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder: Results of a Surgery Only Series in the Neobladder Era

Hautmann RE, Gschwend JE, de Petriconi RC, Kron M, Volkmer BG

606 | Safety and Efficacy of Intravesical Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Instillations in Steroid Treated and Immunocompromised Patients

Yossepowitch O, Eggener SE, Bochner BH, Donat SM, Herr HW, Dalbagni G


607 | The Effect of Terazosin on Functional Bladder Outlet Obstruction in Women: A Pilot Study

Kessler TM, Studer UE, Burkhard FC

609 | Prevalence and Occurrence of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Elite Women Athletes

Caylet N, Fabbro-Peray P, Mares P, Dauzat M, Prat-Pradal D, Corcos J


610 | Augmentation Cystoplasty Rates at Children’s Hospitals in the United States: A Pediatric Health Information System Database Study

Lendvay TS, Cowan CA, Mitchell MM, Joyner BD, Grady RW

611 | Nocturnal Enuresis in Adolescents and Adults Is Associated With Childhood Elimination Symptoms

Bower WF, Sit FK, Yeung CK