Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 33 N. 03 – 2007

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303 | F.J.B. Sampaio


305 | 132 | Botulinum Toxin Injection: A Review of Injection Principles and Protocols

David E. Rapp, Alvaro Lucioni, Gregory T. Bales


313 | Randomized Prospective Evaluation of Nephrostomy Tube Configuration: Impact on Postoperative Pain

Derek Weiland, Renato N. Pedro, J. Kyle Anderson, Sara L. Best, Courtney Lee, Kari Hendlin,

Johnstone Kim, Manoj Monga (Editorial comment by Dr. Volker Schick; Dr. Ravi Munver & Dr. Burak Turna)

323 | Management of Diaphragmatic Injury during Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Urological Procedures

Octavio A. Castillo, Gonzalo Vitagliano, Mauricio Moreno, Manuel A. Diaz, Oscar Cortes (Editorial comment by Dr. Thomas Frede)

330 | Adverse Events and Readmissions after Day-Case Urological Surgery

Alvaro Paez, Enrique Redondo, Ana Linares, Emilio Rios, Jorge Vallejo, Margarita


339 | The Role of Squamous Differentiation in Patients with Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Treated with Radical Cystectomy

Alberto A. Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Carlos E. Maluf, Cesar Camara, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi (Editorial comment by Dr. Athanase Billis)

347 | The Use of Enoxaparin to Prevent Venous Thromboembolism in Patients Undergoing Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy: Feasibility and Utility

Kogenta Nakamura, Ali Kasraeian, Saif Yacoub, John Pendleton, Satoshi Anai, Charles J.

Rosser (Editorial comment by Dr. Hirotsugu Uemura)

355 | Inflammatory Atrophy on Prostate Needle Biopsies: Is There Topographic Relationship to Cancer?

Athanase Billis, Leandro L. L. Freitas, Luis A. Magna, Ubirajara Ferreira (Editorial comment by Dr. Rodolfo Montironi; Dr. Liang Cheng & Dr. H. Samaratunga)

364 | Evaluation of Acrosomal Status and Sperm Viability in Fresh and Cryopreserved Specimens by the Use of Fluorescent Peanut Agglutinin Lectin in conjunction with Hypo-osmotic Swelling Test

Sandro C. Esteves, Rakesh K. Sharma, Anthony J. Thomas Jr, Ashok Agarwal (Editorial comment by Dr. Robert Brannigan & Dr. Thorsten Diemer)


377 | Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy in Patients Surgically Treated For Morbid Obesity

Anibal W. Branco, Alcides J. Branco Filho, William Kondo (Editorial comment by Dr. William Nahas)


383 | Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Children. What Do Pre-School Teachers Know About It?

Patricia Lordelo, Fabio Maron, Daniela G. Barros, Danilo V. Barroso, Jose Bessa Jr, Ubirajara Barroso Jr (Editorial comment by Dr. Christopher S. Cooper)


389 | Steerable Antegrade Stenting: A New Trick of the Trade

Udo Nagele, Aristotelis G. Anastasiadis, Bastian Amend, David Schilling, Markus Kuczyk,

Arnulf Stenzl, Karl-Dietrich Sievert (Editorial comment by Dr. Sangtae Park; Dr. Evangelos N. Liatsikos & Dr. Theodore Voudoukis)


395 | Mini-Invasive Collagen Sling in the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence Due To Sphincteric Incompetence

Seppo Taskinen, Riitta Fagerholm, Risto Rintala (Editorial comment by Dr. Baptiste Albouy; Dr. Lopes Pereira; Dr. Raimund Stein & Dr. Warren T. Snodgrass)


407 | Insulin 3-Like Hormone and its Role in Epididymo-Testicular Descent

Faruk Hadziselimovic, Ibrahim Adham (Editorial comment by Dr. Feridun Cahit Tanyel & Dr. Seppo Taskinen)

414 | Disposition of the Striated Urethral Sphincter and its Relation to the Prostate in Human Fetuses

Luciano A. Favorito, Luis F. P. Albuquerque, Francisco J. B. Sampaio, Waldemar S. Costa


421 | Re: Penetrating Ureteral Trauma

Gustavo P. Fraga, Gustavo M. Borges, Mario Mantovani, Ubirajara Ferreira, Tiago L. Laurito, Nelson R. Netto Jr

422 | Re: Perineural Invasion by Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder in Patients submitted to Radical Cystectomy: What is the Prognostic Value?

Alberto A Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Alexandre Crippa, Adriano J.

Nesrallah, Mario Paranhos, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi

423 | Re: Dorsal Onlay Buccal Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty in Long Anterior Urethral Stricture

Biswajit Datta, M. P. Rao, R. L. Acharya, N. Goel, Vaibhav Saxena, S. Trivedi, U. S. Dwivedi, P. B. Singh

424 | Re: Results of Novel Strategies for Treatment of Wilms’ Tumor

Silvio Tucci Jr, Adauto J. Cologna, Haylton J. Suaid, Elvis T. Valera, Luis F. Tirapelli, Edson L. Paschoalin, Antonio C. Martins

425 | Re: Prevalence and Associated Factors of Enuresis in Turkish Children

Cuneyt Ozden, Ozdem L. Ozdal, Serkan Altinova, Ibrahim Oguzulgen, Guvenc Urgancioglu, Ali Memis

427 | Re: Prevalence and Associated Factors of Enuresis in Turkish Children

Cuneyt Ozden, Ozdem L. Ozdal, Serkan Altinova, Ibrahim Oguzulgen, Guvenc Urgancioglu, Ali Memis

428 | Re: Surgical Technique Using AdVanceTM Sling Placement in the Treatment of Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence

David E. Rapp, W. Stuart Reynolds, Alvaro Lucioni, Gregory T. Bales



431 | Preventing Migration of Stones during Fragmentation with Thermosensitive Polymer

Sacco D, McDougal WS, Schwarz A

432 | Instillation of Skin, Nephrostomy Tract, and Renal Puncture Site with Ropivacaine Decreases Pain and Improves Ventilatory Function After Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy

Ugras MY, Toprak HI, Gunen H, Yucel A, Gunes A


433 | Decreased Complications of Contemporary Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy: Use of a Standardized Reporting System

Simmons MN, Gill IS

434 | Early Results of Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Lithotomy in Adolescents

Lee RS, Passerotti CC, Cendron M, Estrada CR, Borer JG, Peters CA


435 | Detection of Bladder Tumors with Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MDCT

Jinzaki M, Tanimoto A, Shinmoto H, Horiguchi Y, Sato K, Kuribayashi S, Silverman SG

436 | Can High-Attenuation Renal Cysts be Differentiated from Renal Cell Carcinoma at Unenhanced CT?

Jonisch AI, Rubinowitz AN, Mutalik PG, Israel GM


437 | Management of High Grade Renal Trauma: 20-Year Experience at a Pediatric Level-I Trauma Center

Henderson CG, Sedberry-Ross S, Pickard R, Bulas DI, Duffy BJ, Tsung D, Eichelberger MR, Belman AB, Rushton HG

438 | Management and Hospital Outcomes of Blunt Renal Artery Injuries: Analysis of 517 Patients from the National Trauma Data Bank

Sangthong B, Demetriades D, Martin M, Salim A, Brown C, Inaba K, Rhee P, Chan L


440 | Positive-Block Ratio in Radical Prostatectomy Specimens Is an Independent Predictor of Prostate-Specific Antigen Recurrence

Marks RA, Lin HQ, Koch MO, Cheng L

441 | Utility of ALK-1 Protein Expression and ALK Rearrangements in Distinguishing Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor from Malignant Spindle Cell Lesions of the Urinary Bladder

Sukov WR, Cheville JC, Carlson AW, Shearer BM, Piatigorsky EJ, Grogg KL, Sebo TJ, Sinnwell JP, Ketterling RP


443 | Digital Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Male Pelvis and Bicycle Seats: Impact of Rider Position and Seat Design on Potential Penile Hypoxia and Erectile Dysfunction

Gemery JM, Nangia AK, Mamourian AC, Reid SK

444 | Comparative Study of Degree of Renal Trauma between Amplatz Sequential Fascial Dilation and Balloon Dilation during Percutaneous Renal Surgery in an Animal Model

Al-Kandari AM, Jabbour M, Anderson A, Shokeir AA, Smith AD


445 | New Technique of Total Phalloplasty with Reinnervated Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Free Flap in Female-to-Male Transsexuals

Vesely J, Hyza P, Ranno R, Cigna E, Monni N, Stupka I, Justan I, Dvorak Z, Novak P, Ranno S

447 | Porcine Small Intestinal Submucosa Graft for Repair of Anterior Urethral Strictures

Fiala R, Vidlar A, Vrtal R, Belej K, Student V


448 | Delay of Radical Prostatectomy and Risk of Biochemical Progression in Men with Low Risk Prostate Cancer

Freedland SJ, Kane CJ, Amling CL, Aronson WJ, Presti JC, Terris MK; SEARCH Database Study Group

449 | Complications and Other Surgical Outcomes Associated with Extended Pelvic Lymphadenectomy in Men with Localized Prostate Cancer

Briganti A, Chun FK, Salonia A, Suardi N, Gallina A, Da Pozzo LF, Roscigno M, Zanni G, Valiquette L, Rigatti P, Montorsi F, Karakiewicz PI


450 | Displacement and Recovery of the Vesical Neck Position during Pregnancy and After Childbirth

Wijma J, Weis Potters AE, van der Mark TW, Tinga DJ, Aarnoudse JG

451 | Parameters of Bladder Function in Pre-, Peri-, and Postmenopausal Continent Women without Detrusor Overactivity

Pfisterer MH, Griffiths DJ, Rosenberg L, Schaefer W, Resnick NM


452 | Evolution of Endoscopic Management of Ectopic Ureterocele: A New Approach

Kajbafzadeh A, Salmasi AH, Payabvash S, Arshadi H, Akbari HR, Moosavi S.

453 | Initial Trial of Timed Voiding is Warranted for All Children with Daytime Incontinence

Allen HA, Austin JC, Boyt MA, Hawtrey CE, Cooper CS