Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 33 N. 02 – 2007

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130 | F.J.B. Sampaio


132 | Botulinum Toxin Injection: A Review of Injection Principles and Protocols

David E. Rapp, Alvaro Lucioni, Gregory T. Bales


142 | Penetrating Ureteral Trauma

Gustavo P. Fraga, Gustavo M. Borges, Mario Mantovani, Ubirajara Ferreira, Tiago L. Laurito, Nelson R. Netto Jr (Editorial comment by Dr. Sean P. Elliott & Dr. Charles D. Best)

151 | Comparison between PSA Density, Free PSA Percentage and PSA Density in the Transition Zone in the Detection of Prostate Cancer in Patients with Serum PSA between 4 and 10 ng/mL

Emerson P. Gregorio, Joao P. Grando, Eufanio E. Saqueti, Silvio H. Almeida, Horacio A. Moreira, Marco A. Rodrigues

161 | Perineural Invasion by Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder in Patients submitted to Radical Cystectomy: What is the Prognostic Value?

Alberto A Antunes, Luciano J. Nesrallah, Marcos F. Dall’Oglio, Alexandre Crippa, Adriano J.

Nesrallah, Mario Paranhos, Katia R. Leite, Miguel Srougi

167 | Incidental Prostatic Adenocarcinoma in Patients with PSA Less than 4 ng/mL Undergoing Radical Cystoprostatectomy for Bladder Cancer in Iranian Men

S.Y. Hosseini, A.K. Danesh, M. Parvin, A. Basiri, T. Javadzadeh, M.R. Safarinejad, A. Nahabedian (Editorial comment by Dr. Athanase Billis; Dr. Oner Sanli & Dr. Tarik Esen)

176 | Applied Anatomic Study of Testicular Veins in Adult Cadavers and in Human Fetuses

Luciano A. Favorito, Waldemar S. Costa, Francisco J.B. Sampaio

181 | Dorsal Onlay Buccal Mucosal Graft Urethroplasty in Long Anterior Urethral Stricture

Biswajit Datta, M. P. Rao, R. L. Acharya, N. Goel, Vaibhav Saxena, S. Trivedi, U. S. Dwivedi, P. B. Singh (Editorial comment by Dr. Guido Barbagli)


188 | Renal Sparing Surgery for Perirenal Liposarcoma: 24 Months Recurrence Free Follow Up

Narmada P. Gupta, Rajiv Yadav (Editorial comment by Dr. Guido Barbagli; Dr. R. Houston Thompson & Dr. Andrew C. Novick)

193 | Anuric Renal Failure after Same-Session Bilateral Atraumatic Flexible Ureteroscopy

Gaurav Bandi, Fabio C. Vicentini, Jeffrey A. Triest


195 | Results of Novel Strategies for Treatment of Wilms’ Tumor

Silvio Tucci Jr, Adauto J. Cologna, Haylton J. Suaid, Elvis T. Valera, Luis F. Tirapelli, Edson L. Paschoalin, Antonio C. Martins (Editorial comment by Dr. Hashim U Ahmed; Dr. Manit Arya; Dr. Imran Mushtaq & Dr. Vahudin Zugor)

204 | Spontaneous Resolution Rates of Vesicoureteral Reflux in Brazilian Children: A 30-Year Experience

Miguel Zerati Filho, Adriano A. Calado, Ubirajara Barroso Jr, Joao L. Amaro (Editorial comment by Dr. Jonathan C. Routh; Dr. Eric A. Kurzrock & Dr. Andrew E. MacNeily)

216 | Prevalence and Associated Factors of Enuresis in Turkish Children

Cuneyt Ozden, Ozdem L. Ozdal, Serkan Altinova, Ibrahim Oguzulgen, Guvenc Urgancioglu, Ali Memis

223 | Structural Analysis of Gubernaculum Testis in Cryptorchid Patients Submitted To Treatment with Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin

Charbel S. El Zoghbi, Luciano A. Favorito, Waldemar S. Costa, Francisco J. B. Sampaio (Editorial comment by Dr. Feridun Cahit Tanyel)


231 | Surgical Technique Using AdVanceTM Sling Placement in the Treatment of Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence

David E. Rapp, W. Stuart Reynolds, Alvaro Lucioni, Gregory T. Bales (Editorial comment by Dr. Jesús Moreno Sierra; Dr. Domenico Viola & Dr. Sergio Leoni)


238 | Urodynamic Features of the Voiding Dysfunction in HTLV-1 Infected Individuals

Neviton M. Castro, Daniel M. Freitas, Waldyr Rodrigues Jr., Andre Muniz, Paulo Oliveira,

Edgar M. Carvalho (Editorial comment by Dr. José Carlos Truzzi & Dr. Yao-Chi Chuang)

246 | TVT versus TVT-O for Minimally Invasive Surgical Correction of Stress Urinary Incontinence

Vicente Sola, Jack Pardo, Paolo Ricci, Enrique Guiloff, Humberto Chiang (Editorial comment by Dr. Steven P. Petrou)


254 | What Is Important For Continent Catheterizable Stomas: Angulations or Extension?

Marcelo L. Vilela, Geovanne S. Furtado, Ivan Koh, Luiz F. Poli-Figueiredo, Valdemar Ortiz,

Miguel Srougi, Antonio Macedo Jr (Editorial comment by Dr. Tarkan Soygur; Dr. John C. Thomas & Dr. Miguel Castellan)


264 | Re: Urogenital Involvement in the Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome. Treatment Options and Results

Fabio C. Vicentini, Francisco T. Denes, Cristiano M. Gomes, Alexandre Danilovic, Frederico A. Silva, Miguel Srougi

264 | RE: Pudendal Nerve Latency Time in Normal Women via Intravaginal Stimulation

Geraldo A. Cavalcanti, Gilberto M. Manzano, Lydia M. Giuliano, Joao A. Nobrega, Miguel Srougi, Homero Bruschini

266 | Re: Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy with and without Retrograde Pyelography: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Ali Tabibi, Hamed Akhavizadegan, Kia Nouri-Mahdavi, Mohammad Najafi- Semnani, Mojgan Karbakhsh, Ali R. Niroomand

267 | Re: Antibiotic Resistance and Trend of Urinary Pathogens in General Outpatients from a Major Urban City

Carlos R. Kiffer, Caio Mendes, Carmen P. Oplustil, Jorge L. Sampaio

269 | Re: Wet Heat Exposure: A Potentially Reversible Cause of Low Semen Quality in Infertile Men

Shai Shefi, Phiroz E. Tarapore, Thomas J. Walsh, Mary Croughan, Paul J. Turek

271 | Re: Laparoscopic Upper-Pole Nephroureterectomy in Infants

Marcio L. Miranda, Antonio G. Oliveira-Filho, Patricia T. Carvalho, Elaine Ungersbock, Hugo Olimpio, Joaquim M. Bustorff-Silva



273 | Long-Term Outcome of Endopyelotomy for the Treatment of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction: How Long Should Patients be Followed Up?

Doo CK, Hong B, Park T, Park HK

274 | Impact of Shockwave Coupling on Efficacy of Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy

Weiland D, Lee C, Ugarte R, Monga M


274 | Reoperative Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in Children: Comparison with Open Surgery

Piaggio LA, Noh PH, Gonzalez R

275 | Laparoscopic Extraperitoneal Radical Prostatectomy in Complex Surgical Cases

Rodriguez AR, Kapoor R, Pow-Sang JM


276 | Diagnostic Yield of 58 Consecutive Imaging-Guided Biopsies of Solid Renal Masses: Should We Biopsy All That Are Indeterminate?

Beland MD, Mayo-Smith WW, Dupuy DE, Cronan JJ, DeLellis RA

278 | Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in Patients with an Elevated Prostate-Specific Antigen Level: Role of Endorectal MRI and MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Costouros NG, Coakley FV, Westphalen AC, Qayyum A, Yeh BM, Joe BN, Kurhanewicz J


279 | Nonoperative Management Outcomes of Isolated Urinary Extravasation Following Renal Lacerations Due To External Trauma

Alsikafi NF, McAninch JW, Elliott SP, Garcia M

280 | Delayed Diagnosis of Traumatic Ureteral Injuries

Kunkle DA, Kansas BT, Pathak A, Goldberg AJ, Mydlo JH


281 | Are There Morphologic Correlates of Prostate Cancer Associated with TMPRSS2-ERG Molecular Abnormalities?

SW Fine, A Gopalan, M Leversha, SK Tickoo, HA Al-Ahmadie, S Olgac, W Gerald, VE Reuter

282 | Morphological Features of TMPRSS2: ERG Fusion Prostate Cancer

JM Mosquera, S Perner, F Demichelis, MD Hoffer, KD Mertz, P Paris, J Simko, C Collins, T Bismar, MA Rubin


284 | Urethral Replacement Using Epidermal Cell-Seeded Tubular Acellular Bladder Collagen Matrix

Fu Q, Deng CL, Liu W, Cao YL

285 | The Penile Suspensory Ligament: Abnormalities and Repair

Li CY, Agrawal V, Minhas S, Ralph DJ


286 | Fournier’s Gangrene: A Review of 43 Reconstructive Cases

Ferreira PC, Reis JC, Amarante JM, Silva AC, Pinho CJ, Oliveira IC, da Silva PN

288 | Complications of Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Graft for Peyronie’s Disease

Breyer BN, Brant WO, Garcia MM, Bella AJ, Lue TF


290 | Hydronephrosis as a Prognostic Marker in Bladder Cancer in a Cystectomy-Only Series

Bartsch GC, Kuefer R, Gschwend JE, de Petriconi R, Hautmann RE, Volkmer BG

290 | Advanced Age Is Associated With Poorer Bladder Cancer-Specific Survival in Patients Treated With Radical Cystectomy

Nielsen ME, Shariat SF, Karakiewicz PI, Lotan Y, Rogers CG, Amiel GE, Bastian PJ, Vazina A, Gupta A,


291 | Comparison of Diagnostic Criteria for Female Bladder Outlet Obstruction

Akikwala TV, Fleischman N, Nitti VW

293 | Female Sexual and Hormonal Status in Patients with Bronchial Asthma: Relationship with Respiratory Function Tests and Psychological and Somatic Status

Basar MM, Ekici A, Bulcun E, Tuglu D, Ekici MS, Batislam E


294 | Inflammation of the Testis and Epidididymis in an Otherwise Healthy Child: Is it a True Bacterial Urinary Tract Infection?

Halachmi S, Toubi A, Meretyk S

295 | Ureteroscopy In Children: Is There a Need for Ureteral Dilation and Postoperative Stenting?

Herndon CD, Viamonte L, Joseph DB