Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 39 N. 01 – 2013

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01  |  Philippe E. Spiess [view article]



04  |  Noninvasive Methods to Evaluate Bladder Obstruction in Men
Dean S. Elterman, Bilal Chughtai, Richard Lee, Alexis E. Te, Steven A. Kaplan [view article]



10  |  During twenty years of Cisplatin-based therapy the face of nonseminomatous testicular germ cell tumors is still changing: an evaluation of presentation, management, predictive factors and survival
Julia Heinzelbecker, Michaela Katzmarzik, Christel Weiss, Lutz Trojan, Axel Haecker [view article]

22 |  Ultrasonography-guided PNL in comparison with laparoscopic ureterolithotomy in the management of large proximal ureteral stone
Hossein Karami, Mohammad Mohsen Mazloomfard, Behzad Lotfi, Asghar Alizadeh, Babak Javanmard (Editorial Comment by Dr. Antonio Corrêa Lopes Neto) [view article]

30  |  Does prolonged pneumoperitoneum affect the kidney? Oxidative stress, stereological and electron microscopy study in a rat model
Diogo B. de Souza, Waldemar S. Costa, Luiz E. M. Cardoso, Marlene Benchimol, Marco A. Pereira Sampaio, Francisco J. B. Sampaio [view article]

37  |  Retrograde Renal Cooling to Minimize Ischemia
Janet L. Colli, Philip Dorsey, Leah Grossman, Benjamin R. Lee [view article]

46  |  Treatments for invasive carcinoma of the cervix: what are their impacts on the pelvic floor functions?
Alessandra Ferreira de Noronha, Elyonara Mello de Figueiredo, Telma Maria Rossi de Figueiredo Franco, Eduardo Batista Cândido, Agnaldo L. Silva-Filho [view article]

55  |  Prevalence and risk factors for penile lesions/anomalies in a cohort of Brazilian men ≥ 40 years of age
Frederico R. Romero, Antonio W. Romero, Rui Manuel S. de Almeida, Fernando Cesar de Oliveira Jr., Renato Tambara Filho [view article]

63  |  Synergistic effect of iontophoresis and chemical enhancers on transdermal permeation of tolterodine tartrate for the treatment of overactive bladder
D. Prasanthi, P. K. Lakshmi (Editorial Comment by Dr. José Carlos Truzzi) [view article]

77  |  Evaluation of Acute Toxicity and Symptoms Palliation in a Hypofractionated Weekly Schedule of External Radiotherapy for Elderly Patients with Muscular Invasive Bladder Cancer
Vassilis Kouloulias, Maria Tolia, Nikolaos Kolliarakis, Argyris Siatelis, Nikolaos Kelekis [view article]

83  |  Differencial proteome of clear-cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) tissues
Ana Júlia Vieira de Ribeiro, Vanessa Sandim, Antonio Augusto Ornellas, Rodrigo Siqueira Reis, Gilberto Domont, Gilda Alves [view article]

95  |  Expression profile of microrna-145 in urothelial bladder cancer
Nelson Dip, Sabrina T. Reis, Miguel Srougi, Marcos F. Dall´Oglio, Katia R. M. Leite (Editorial Comment by Dr. Stênio de Cássio Zequi) [view article]

103  |  Results of urinary dissolution therapy for radiolucent calculi
Maneesh Sinha, Kumar Prabhu, Prasanna Venkatesh, Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy [view article]

108  |  Prophylactic effect of coconut water (Cocos nucifera L.) on ethylene glycol induced nephrocalcinosis in male wistar rat
M. Gandhi, M. Aggarwal, S. Puri, S.K. Singla [view article]

118  |  Bladder control training in girls with lower urinary tract dysfunction
Peco-Antic Amira, Paripovic Dusan, Milosevski-Lomic Gordana, Trojanovic Sandra, Ivana Ivanisevic (Editorial Comment by Dr. Ubirajara Barroso Jr.) [view article]

128  |  2D map of proteins from human renal stone matrix and evaluation of their effect on oxalate induced renal tubular epithelial cell injury
K.P. Aggarwal, S. Tandon, S.K. Singh, C. Tandon [view article]



137  |  Proximal Bulbar Periurethral Abscess
Sarah D. Blaschko, Dana A. Weiss, Anobel Y. Odisho, Kirsten L. Greene, Matthew R. Cooperberg [view article]

139  |  Bilateral Duplex collecting system in Horse shoe kidney: An unusual association
Pramod K. Sharma, R. Sharma, Mukesh K. Vijay, Amit Goel, Anup K. Kundu [view article]



141  |  Laparoendoscopic Single-site Repair of Retrocaval Ureter Without any Special Devices
Rafael B. Rebouças, Rodrigo C. Monteiro, Porfírio F. de Medeiros Júnior, Antônio C. Madruga Neto, Marcos M. Soares Junior, Camila N. Guedes, Rícia N. P. Moura, Geraldo Camilo Neto, Gustavo M. C. de Alencar, Giácomo F. Souza, Cesar A. Britto (Editorial Comment by Dr. Jose Jaime Correa) [view article]

143  |  Transurethral neo-orifice (TUNO) a novel technique for management of upper pole obstruction in infancy
Hubert S. Swana, Tariq S. Hakky, Mark A. Rich (Editorial Comment by Dr. Philippe E. Spiess) [view article]

145  |  Alternative techniques to reduce warm ischemia time in laparoscopic partial nephrectomy
Alexandre Stievano Carlos, Marcos Tobias-Machado, Eduardo Simão Starling, Felipe Brandão Corrêa de Araujo, Eliney Ferreira Faria, Lucas Nogueira, Roberto Vaz Juliano, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo (Editorial Comment by Dr. Philippe E. Spiess) [view article]