Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 32 N. 03 – 2006

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260 | F.J.B. Sampaio


262 | Applications of Neuromodulation of the Lower Urinary Tract in Female Urology

Firouz Daneshgari


273 | The Effect of Kidney Morcellation on Operative Time, Incision Complications, and Postoperative Analgesia after Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

Affonso H. Camargo, Jonathan N. Rubenstein, Brent D. Ershoff, Maxwell V. Meng, Christopher J. Kane, Marshall L. Stoller (Editorial comment by Dr. Mardhen B. Araújo)

281 | Ultrasound Guided Percutaneous Nephrostomy for Obstructive Uropathy in Benign and Malignant Diseases

Sood, A. Sood, A. Jindal, D.K. Verma, D.S. Dhiman

287 | The Impact of Pelvicaliceal Anatomical Variation between the Stone-Bearing and Normal Contralateral Kidney on Stone Formation in Adult Patients with Lower Caliceal Stones

Bora Kupeli, Lutfi Tunc, Cenk Acar, Serhat Gurocak, Turgut Alkibay, Cagri Guneri, Ibrahim

Bozkirli (Editorial comment by Dr. Yair Lotan; Dr. Edmund Chiong & Dr. Monish Aron)

295 | Ureteroscopic Pneumatic Lithotripsy of Impacted Ureteral Calculi

Artur H. Brito, Anuar I. Mitre, Miguel Srougi

300 | Complications in Laparoscopic Radical Cystectomy. The South American Experience with 59 Cases

Octavio A. Castillo, Sidney C. Abreu, Mirandolino B. Mariano, Marcos V. Tefilli, Jorge Hoyos,

Ivan Pinto, Joao B. Cerqueira, Lucio F. Gonzaga, Gilvan N. Fonseca


306 | Bilateral Metastatic Renal Hemangiopericytoma Ten Years after Primary Intracranial Lesion

Lee N. Hammontree, Kristopher Whitehead, James M. Markert

308 | Repeat Knot Formation in a Patient with an Indwelling Ureteral Stent

Brian Eisner, Howard Kim, Dianne Sacco

310 | Synchronous Presentation of Nasopharyngeal and Renal Cell Carcinomas

Cem Boruban, Ozlem Yavas, Kadri Altundag, Orhan Sencan

315 | Brucella Epididymo-Orchitis: A Consideration in Endemic Area

Jaffar A. Al-Tawfiq


316 | Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL): Minimally Invasive Resection of Inguinal Lymph Nodes

Tobias-Machado, Alessandro Tavares, Wilson R. Molina Jr, Pedro H. Forseto Jr, Roberto V. Juliano, Eric R. Wroclawski


322 | Ballistic Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy in Prepubertal Patients: A Feasible Option for Ureteral Stones

Paulo E. Fuganti, Silvio R. Pires, Renato O. Branco, Jose L. Porto (Editorial comment by Dr. Selcuk Yucel & Dr. A Raza)

330 | The CAG Repeat within the Androgen Receptor Gene and Its Relationship to Cryptorchidism

Silva-Ramos, J. M. Oliveira, J. M. Cabeda, A. Reis, J. Soares, A. Pimenta (Editorial comment by Dr. Faruk Hadziselimovic)


336 | Magnetic Resonance Imaging Urodynamics. Technique Development and Preliminary Results

Gustavo Borghesi, Rogerio Simonetti, Suzan M. Goldman, Jacob Szejnfeld, Miguel Srougi,

Valdemar Ortiz, Homero Bruschini (Editorial comment by Dr. Steven P. Petrou)


342 | Defective Urinary Crystallization Inhibition and Urinary Stone Formation

Mauricio Carvalho, Jody P. Lulich, Carl A. Osborne, Yasushi Nakagawa (Editorial Comment by Dr. Ita Pfeferman Heilberg)

350 | Experimental Supratrigonal Cystectomy. Evaluation of Long-Term Complications

Milton Barros, Reinaldo Martinelli, Heonir Rocha



356 | Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension Associated With Shock Wave Lithotripsy of Renal and Proximal Ureteral Stones at 19 Years of Followup

Krambeck AE, Gettman MT, Rohlinger AL, Lohse CM, Patterson DE, Segura JW

357 | Effect of Dietary Modification on Urinary Stone Risk Factors

Pak CY, Odvina CV, Pearle MS, Sakhaee K, Peterson RD, Poindexter JR, Brinkley LJ


358 | Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy: Initial Experience

Caruso RP, Phillips CK, Kau E, Taneja SS, Stifelman MD

359 | Comparison of Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy and Laparoscopic Hand Pain During Hand Assisted Laparoscopic Nephrectomy – An Ischemic Event?

Ost MC, VanderBrink BA, Rastinehad AR, Smith AD, Lee BR


360 | Prophylaxis of Contrast Material-Induced Nephropathy in Patients in Intensive Care: Acetylcysteine, Theophylline, or Both? A Randomized Study

Huber W, Eckel F, Hennig M, Rosenbrock H, Wacker A, Saur D, Sennefelder A, Hennico R, Schenk C, Meining A, Schmelz R, Fritsch R, Weiss W, Hamar P, Heemann U, Schmid RM

361 | Comparison of 16-MDCT and MRI for Characterization of Kidney Lesions

Beer AJ, Dobritz M, Zantl N, Weirich G, Stollfuss J, Rummeny EJ


362 | Predictors of the Need for Nephrectomy after Renal Trauma

Davis KA, Reed RL 2nd, Santaniello J, Abodeely A, Esposito TJ, Poulakidas SJ, Luchette FA

364 | Damage Control Management of Experimental Grade 5 Renal Injuries: Further Evaluation of FloSeal Gelatin Matrix

Pursifull NF, Morris MS, Harris RA, Morey AF


365 | Xp11.2 Translocation Renal Cell Carcinoma with Very Aggressive Course in Five Adult Patients

Meyer PN, Clark JI, Flanigan RC, Picken MM

366 | Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma: Assessment of Clear Cell Change and Clinicopathologic Correlation

Dasgupta CG, Yeh YA


368 | Immunohistochemical Distribution of cAMP- and cGMP-Phosphodiesterase (PDE) Isoenzymes in the Human Prostate

Uckert S, Oelke M, Stief CG, Andersson KE, Jonas U, Hedlund P

369 | Is Pelvicaliceal Anatomy a Risk Factor for Stone Formation in Patients with Solitary Upper Caliceal Stone?

Acar C, Kupeli B, Gurocak S, Alkibay T, Guneri C, Ozkan S, Bozkirli I


370 | Is A Second Transurethral Resection Necessary For Newly Diagnosed Pt1 Bladder Cancer?

Divrik T, Yildirim U, Eroglu AS, Zorlu F, Ozen H

371 | Guidelines on TaT1 (Non-muscle Invasive) Bladder Cancer

Oosterlinck W, van der Meijden A, Sylvester R, Bohle A, Rintala E, Solsona Narvón E, Lobel B


372 | Is There A Role For Periurethral Collagen Injection In The Management Of Urodynamically Proven Mixed Urinary Incontinence?

Poon CI, Zimmern PE

373 | Treatment for Unsuccessful Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Operation by Shortening Pre-Implanted Tape

Lo TS, Wang AC, Liang CC, Long CY, Lee SJ


374 | Prediction of Vesicoureteral Reflux after a First Febrile Urinary Tract Infection in Children: Validation of a Clinical Decision Rule

Leroy S, Marc E, Adamsbaum C, Gendrel D, Breart G, Chalumeau M

375 | Testicular Growth from Birth to Two Years of Age, and the Effect of Orchidopexy at Age Nine Months: A Randomized, Controlled Study

Kollin C, Hesser U, Ritzen EM, Karpe B