Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 35 N. 01 – 2009

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01 | F.J.B. Sampaio


03 | Renal Parenchyma Thickness: A Rapid Estimation of Renal Function on Computed Tomography

Daniel M. Kaplon, Michael S. Lasser, Mark Sigman, George E. Haleblian, Gyan Pareek (Editorial Comment by Dr. Ronaldo Hueb Baroni)

09 | Laparoscopic Surgery for Renal Stones: Is it Indicated in the Modern Endourology Era?

Andrei Nadu, Oscar Schatloff, Roy Morag, Jacob Ramon, Harry Winkler (Editorial Comment by Dr. Nasser Simforoosh & Dr. Manickam Ramalingam)

19 | The Role of Liver Transplantation Techniques in the Surgical Management of Advanced Renal Urothelial Carcinoma with or without Inferior Vena Cava Thrombus

Wolfgang H. Cerwinka, Murugesan Manoharan, Mark S. Soloway, Gaetano Ciancio

24 | Pheochromocytoma: A Long-Term Follow-Up of 24 Patients Undergoing Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy

Lísias N. Castilho, Fabiano A. Simoes, Andre M. Santos, Tiago M. Rodrigues, Carlos A. dos Santos Junior (Editorial Comment by Dr. Marcos Tobias-Machado & Dr. Maria Claudia Bicudo)

36 | Impact of Obesity on Ureteroscopic Laser Lithotripsy of Urinary Tract Calculi

Ricardo Natalin, Keith Xavier, Zephaniah Okeke, Mantu Gupta (Editorial Comment by Dr. Mauricio Rubinstein & Dr. Eduardo Mazzucchi)

43 | Critical Analysis of Salvage Radical Prostatectomy in the Management of Radioresistant Prostate Cancer

Daniel Seabra, Eliney Faria, Breno Dauster, Gunther Rodrigues, Gilberto Fava

49 | Corporoplasty Using Bovine Pericardium Grafts in Complex Penile Prosthesis Implantation Surgery

Eduardo J. A. Lopes, Andre Y. Kuwano, Andreia N. Guimaraes, Jesuino P. Flores, Modesto A. O. Jacobino (Editorial Comment by Dr. Paulo H. Egydio & Dr. Nicolaas C. Lumen)


56 | Penile Torsion Correction by Diagonal Corporal Plication Sutures

Brent W. Snow


60 | Clinical and Quality-of-Life Outcomes after Autologous Fascial Sling and Tension-Free Vaginal Tape: A Prospective Randomized Trial

Joao L. Amaro, Hamilto Yamamoto, Paulo R. Kawano, Guilherme Barros, Monica O. O. Gameiro, Aparecido D. Agostinho (Editorial Comment by Dr. Fernando G. Almeida)

68 | Outcomes Following Mid-Urethral Sling Placement in Patients with Instrinsic Sphincteric: Comparassion of Sparc and Monarc Slinkg

David E. Rapp, Fred E. Govier, Kathleen C. Kobashi (Editorial Comment by Dr. Flavio Trigo Rocha)


76 | Investigations into the Presence of Functional β1, β2 and β3- Adrenoceptors in Urothelium and Detrusor of Human Bladder

Pradeep Tyagi, Catherine A. Thomas, Naoki Yoshimura, Michael B. Chancellor (Editorial Comment by Dr. Atsushi Otsuka)

84 | Urethral Catheter Insertion Forces: A Comparison of Experience and Training

Benjamin K. Canales, Derek Weiland, Scott Reardon, Manoj Monga (Editorial Comment by Dr. João P. Martins de Carvalho)


 90 | Re: Appendiceal Substitution Following Right Proximal Ureter Injury

Matt S. Ashley, BA & Dr. Siamak Daneshmand

92 | Re: Initial Complete Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy(LESS-RARP)

Dr. Eric Barret, Dr. Rafael Sanchez-Salas, Dr. Xavier Cathelineau, Dr. Francois Rozet, Dr. Marc Galiano & Dr. Guy Vallancien

93 | Re: The Influence of Statins on Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels



96 | Impact of real-time visualization of cystoscopy findings on procedural pain in female patients

Patel AR, Jones JS, Babineau D

97 | Retrograde, antegrade, and laparoscopic approaches for the management of large, proximal ureteral stones: a randomized clinical trial

Basiri A, Simforoosh N, Ziaee A, Shayaninasab H, Moghaddam SM, Zare S


98 | Robot assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy: a viable and safe option in children

Lee RS, Sethi AS, Passerotti CC, Retik AB, Borer JG, Nguyen HT, Peters CA

99 | Histological evaluation of cold versus hot cutting: clinical impact on margin status for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy

Phillips JM, Narula N, Deane LA, Box GN, Lee HJ, Ornstein DK, McDougall EM, Clayman RV


100 | Prostate cancer: apparent diffusion coefficient map with T2-weighted images for detection – a multireader study

Lim HK, Kim JK, Kim KA, Cho KS

101 | Angiomyolipoma with minimal fat on MDCT: can counts of negative-attenuation pixels aid diagnosis?

Simpfendorfer C, Herts BR, Motta-Ramirez GA, Lockwood DS, Zhou M, Leiber M, Remer EM


102 | Gleason grading of prostatic adenocarcinoma with glomeruloid features on needle biopsy

Lotan TL, Epstein JI

104 | Precursor lesions to prostatic adenocarcinoma

Epstein JI


105 | Botulinum toxin-A to improve urethral wound healing: an experimental study in a rat model

Sahinkanat T, Ozkan KU, Ciralik H, Ozturk S, Resim S

106 | Comparisons of the responses of anterior and posterior human adult male bladder neck smooth muscle to in vitro stimulation

Bolton JF, Whittlestone TH, Sibley GN


107 | A new suture material for hypospadias surgery: a comparative study

Guarino N, Vallasciani SA, Marrocco G

108 | Recovery of erectile function after unilateral and bilateral cavernous nerve interposition grafting during radical pelvic surgery

Satkunasivam R, Appu S, Al-Azab R, Hersey K, Lockwood G, Lipa J, Fleshner NE


110 | Secondary cancer after radiotherapy for prostate cancer: should we be more aware of the risk?

Bostrom PJ, Soloway MS

111 | Outcome of prostate cancer patients with initial PSA> or =20 ng/ml undergoing radical Prostatectomy

Zwergel U, Suttmann H, Schroeder T, Siemer S, Wullich B, Kamradt J, Lehmann J, Stoeckle M


112 | Correlation of morphological alterations and functional impairment of the tension-free vaginal tape obturator procedure

Yang JM, Yang SH, Huang WC

113 | Pubo-urethral ligament injury causes long-term stress urinary incontinence in female rats: na animal model of the integral theory

Kefer JC, Liu G, Daneshgari F


114 | Long-term follow up of enteric bladder augmentations: the risk for malignancy

Husmann DA, Rathbun SR

115 | Risk assessment of incidentally detected complex renal cysts in children: potential role for a modification of the Bosniak classification

Wallis MC, Lorenzo AJ, Farhat WA, Bägli DJ, Khoury AE, Pippi Salle JL