Vol. 42 (3): 540-545, May – June, 2016

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2015.0254


The relationship between histological prostatitis and lower urinary tract symptoms and sexual function

Sukru Kumsar 1, Osman Kose 1, Huseyin Aydemir 1, Fikret Halis 1, Ahmet Gokce 1, Oztug Adsan 1, Zeynep Kahyaoglu Akkaya 1
1 Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital, Sakarya, Turkey


This prospective analysis assessed the effect of histological prostatitis on lower urinary tract functions and sexual function. The patients were separated into two groups as histologically observed prostatitis (Group A) and no prostatitis (Group B) according to the biopsy outcomes. International prostate symptom score, international index of erec¬tile function-5 scores, maximal and average flow rate, and residual urine volumes were compared statistically between groups. There was no significant difference (P>0.05) in baseline age (t=0.64), body mass index value (t=0.51), prostate volume (t=0.87), pros¬tate-specific antigen levels (t=0.43), maximal (t=0.84) and average flow rate (t=0.59), and post-void residual urine volume (t=0.71). Mean international prostate symptom score in patients with prostatitis was numerically but not significantly higher than that in those without prostatitis (t=0.794, P=0.066). Mean international index of erectile function-5 score in the prostatitis group was significantly lower than that in those without prostatitis (t=1.854, P=0.013). Histological prostatitis notably affected sexual function of patients and may serve as a major risk factor for sexual dysfunction while having little effect on lower urinary tract symptoms.

Keywords: Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms; Prostatitis; Erectile Dysfunction

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