Vol. 43 (6): 1068-1074, November – December, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2016.0619


Erdem Kisa 1, Mustafa Ugur Altug 2, Oguz Alp Gurbuz 3, Harun Ozdemir 4
1 Department of Urology, Tepecik Education and Research Hospital, Izmir, Turkey; 2 Department of Urology, Acibadem University School of Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey; 3 Department of Microbiology, Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey; 4 Department of Urology, Haseki Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Purpose: To determine the risk factors and the efficiency of rectal swab samples to prevent infectious complications in prostate biopsy, and compare fosfomycin with cip­rofloxacin use in prophylaxis.

Materials and methods: Between May and October 2014, pre-biopsy risk factors and their effect in ciprofloxacin and fosfomycin prophylaxis were determined. Pre-biopsy urinalysis, urine culture and rectal swab samples were obtained from all of the patients. Rectal swabs were obtained upon admission, and biopsy was performed in the follow­ing 3-7 days. The place of rectal swab samples and efficiency of fosfomycin use was evaluated.

Results: Pre-biopsy rectal swabs were obtained from 110 patients who revealed 60.9% fluoroquinolone resistance (FQR), and 32.7% fluoroquinolone sensitivity (FQS). Fosfo­mycin resistance was present in 3 patients. Ciprofloxacin use in last 6 months was the only risk factor for FQR. Antibiotic prophylaxis was given to both groups with and without risk factors, according to swab results, and no infective complications were observed. Among the group where fosfomycin was used empirically, one patient had an infection needing hospitalization, however this constitutes no statistical difference between the Group that fosfomycin used empirically or according to swab results (p=0.164).

Conclusions: In prostate biopsy prophylaxis, ciprofloxacin may be used liberally in patients without risk factors, but it should be given according to the rectal swab results in the patients with risk, and fosfomycin may be used independently of risk factors and rectal swab results.

Keywords: Fosfomycin; Prostate; Biopsy

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