Vol. 44 (3): 461-466, May – June, 2018

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2017.0225


Sacit Nuri Gorgel 1, Kutan Ozer 1, Osman Kose 1, Ahmet Selçuk Dindar 1
1 Department of Urology, Izmir Katip Celebi University, Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, , Izmir,Turkey


Purpose: To evaluate the importance of preoperative neutrophil lymphocyte ratio (NLR) predicting malignancy in patients who undergo partial nephrectomy due to renal mass.

Materials and Methods: Seventy nine patients who underwent open partial nephrec­tomy for renal masses were included in this retrospective study. In preoperative routine blood tests, renal ultrasonography and contrast-enhanced computed tomography were performed for all patients. Preoperative neutrophil lymphocyte ratio were compared in patients with clear cell renal cell carcinoma (Group1, 65 patients) and benign lesions (Group 2, 14 patients). The predictive ability of NLR was analyzed by ROC curves and Youden Index method was used to identify the cut-off value for NLR.

Results: The mean age of patients was 59.8±11.7 years in Group1 and 57.4±12.6 years in Group 2 (p=0.493). The mean tumor size was 3.8±1.2 cm in Group 1 and 3.3±1.0 cm in Group 2 (p=0.07). The median NLR was 2.48 (1.04) in Group 1 and 1.63 (0.96) in Group 2 (p<0.001). The area under a ROC curve was 0.799 (p<0.001).

Conclusions: Preoperative neutrophil lymphocyte ratio may predict renal masses that can not be distinguished radiologically. Our results must be confirmed by large and properly designed prospective, randomized trials.

Keywords: Carcinoma, Renal Cell; Neutrophils; Lymphocytes

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