Vol. 42 (2): 339-345, March – April, 2016

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2014.0672


Adult urethral stricture: practice of Turkish urologists

Mehmet Akyuz 1, Zulfu Sertkaya 1, Orhan Koca 1, Selahattin Calıskan 1, Musab Ali Kutluhan 1, Muhammet Ihsan Karaman 1

1 Department of Urology, Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey



Objectives: To evaluate national practice patterns in the treatment of male anterior urethral strictures among Turkish urologists.
Materials and Methods: A survey form including 12 questions prepared to determine active Turkish urologists’ approach to diagnosis and treatment of the adult urethral stricture (US) were filled out. Based on the survey results, the institutions which 218 urologists work and their years of expertise, methods they used for diagnosis and treatment, whether or not they perform open urethroplasty and timing of open urethroplasty were investigated.
Results: Optic internal urethrotomy and dilatation are the most commonly used minimal invasive procedures in treatment of US with the ratios of 93.5% and 63.3% respectively. On the other hand it was seen that urethroplasty was a less commonly used procedure, compared to minimal invasive techniques, with the ratio of 36.7%. Survey results showed us that the number of US cases observed and open urethroplasty procedures performed increases with increasing years of professional experience.
Conclusions: As a method demanding special surgical experience and known as a time-consuming and challenging procedure, open urethroplasty will be able to take a greater part in current urological practice with the help of theoretical education and practical courses given by specific centers and experienced authors.

Keywords: Urethra; Therapeutics; Pathology

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