Vol. 42 (2): 389-391, March – April, 2016

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2015.0435


Recurring priapism may be a symptom of voiding dysfunction – case report and literature review

Lisieux Eyer de Jesus 1, 2, Leonardo Teixeira 3, André Bertelli 3

1 Departamento de Cirurgia Pediatrica – Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro, Niterói, RJ, Brasil; 2 Departamento de Cirurgia Pediatrica Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil; 3 Departamento de Urologia – Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro, Niterói, RJ, Brasil


Recurring priapism is rare in pre-pubertal children and may be attributed to multiple causes. We propose that voiding dysfunction (VD) may also justify this symptom and detail a clinical case of recurring stuttering priapism associated to overactive bladder that completely resolved after usage of anticholinergics and urotherapy. Sacral parasympathetic activity is responsible for detrusor contraction and for spontaneous erections and a relationship between erections and bladder status has been proved in healthy subjects (morning erections) and models of medullar trauma. High bladder pressures and/or volumes, voiding incoordination and posterior urethritis can potentially trigger reflex erections.

Keywords: Priapism; Child; Urinary Bladder, Overactive

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