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386 | Upper tract urothelial carcinoma and bladder cancer in review in this number of International Brazilian Journal of Urology
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


389 | Incontinence after laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a reverse systematic review
Wilmar Azal Neto, Diego M. Capibaribe, Luciana S. B. Dal Col, Danilo L. Andrade, Tomas B. C. Moretti, Leonardo O. Reis [View Full Article]

397 | Challenging dilemmas of low grade, non-invasive bladder cancer: a narrative review
Fernando Korkes, Phillipe E. Spiess, Herney Andres Garcia-Perdomo, Andrea Necchi [View Full Article]

406 | Impact of pathological factors on survival in patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Gopal Sharma, Anuj Kumar Yadav, Tarun Pareek, Pawan Kaundal, Shantanu Tyagi, Sudheer Kumar Devana, Shrawan Kumar Singh [View Full Article]

456 | Single-use flexible ureteroscopes: update and perspective in developing countries. A narrative review
Eduardo Mazzucchi, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Fernanda Christina Gabrigna Berto, John Denstedt, Alexandre Danilovic, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini, Fabio Cesar Miranda Torricelli, Carlos Alfredo Battagello, Miguel Srougi, William Carlos Nahas [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
468 | Single-use flexible ureteroscopes: update and perspective in developing countries. A narrative review
Bruno Marroig [View Full Article]


471 | Recombinant gonadotropin therapy to improve spermatogenesis in nonobstructive azoospermic patients – A proof of concept study
Rita Jacubcionyte Laursen, Birgit Alsbjerg, Helle Olesen Elbaek, Betina Boel Povlsen, Kirsten Brock Spang¬gaard Jensen, Jette Lykkegaard, Sandro C. Esteves, Peter Humaidan [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
482 | Hormonal treatment for men with Non-obstructive Azoospermia: too many rationales, too little data
Filipe Tenorio Lira Neto [View Full Article]

485 | Can concomitant bladder neck incision and primary valve ablation reduce early re-admission rate and secondary intervention?
Ahmed Abdelhalim, Abdelwahab Hashem, Ebrahim E. Abouelenein, Ahmed M. Atwa, Mohamed Soltan, Ashraf T. Hafez, Mohamed S. Dawaba, Tamer E. Helmy [View Full Article]

493 | Analysis of surgical and histopathological results of robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with use of three or four robotic arms: an early series results
Lucas Schulze, Victor Teixeira Dubeux, José C. A. Milfont, Gustavo Peçanha, Pedro Ferrer, Andre Guilherme Cavalcanti [View Full Article]

501 | Is biofeedback-assisted pelvic floor muscle training superior to pelvic floor muscle training alone in the treatment of dysfunctional voiding in women? A prospective randomized study
Emre Sam, Ahmet Emre Cinislioglu, Fatih Kursat Yilmazel, Saban Oguz Demirdogen, Ali Haydar Yilmaz, Ibrahim Karabulut [View Full Article]

512 | Interaction between the impact of the Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic and demographic characteristics on sexual/erectile dysfunction in Latin America: cross-sectional study
Constanza Alvear Pérez, Luciana de Barros Cavalcanti Michelutti, Maria Volpato Palharini, Luisa Pasqualotto Teixeira, Valeria Regina Silva, Lucas Emmanuel Pedro de Paiva Teixeira, Silvia Lanziotti Azevedo da Silva, Simone Botelho [View Full Article]

Editorial Comment
548 | Editorial Comment: Interaction between the impact of the Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic and demographic characteristics on sexual/erectile dysfunction in Latin America: crosssectional study
Valter Javaroni [View Full Article]

553 | Could urinary nerve growth factor and bladder wall thickness predict the treatment outcome of children with overactive bladder?
Adil Huseynov, Onur Telli, Perviz Haciyev, Tolga M Okutucu, Aykut Akinci, Mete Ozkidik, Imge Erguder, Suat Fitoz, Berk Burgu, Tarkan Soygur [View Full Article]

561 | Lower pole anatomy of horseshoe kidney and complete ureteral duplication: Anatomic and radio¬logic study applied to endourology
Ulisses Lopes G. P. Sobrinho, Francisco J. B. Sampaio, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


569 | Microdissection TESE versus conventional TESE for men with nonobstructive azoospermia under¬going sperm retrieval
Sandro C. Esteves [View Full Article]

579 | Organic or psychological? It does matter!
Flavia Ramos Glina, Sidney Glina [View Full Article]

583 | Prostate cancer mortality and costs of prostate surgical procedures in the Brazilian public health system
Allan Saj Porcacchia, Gabriel Natan Pires, Valdemar Ortiz, Monica Levy Andersen, Sergio Tufik [View Full Article]


591 | Editorial Comment: Comparison of mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy and standard percutane¬ous nephrolithotomy for renal stones >2cm: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Alexandre Danilovic [View Full Article]


594 | Editorial Comment: Anatomy of testicular artery: A proposal for a classification with MDCT angiography
Natasha T. Logsdon, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

596 | Editorial Comment: Embryological Development and Topographic Anatomy of Pelvic Compart¬ments-Surgical Relevance for Pelvic Lymphonodectomy
Natasha T. Logsdon, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]


598 | Percutaneous and endoscopic combined treatment of bladder and renal lithiasis in mitrofanoff conduit
Raffaele Inzillo, Jean Emmanuel Kwe, Elisa Simonetti, Riccardo Milandri, Marco Grande, Davide Campobasso, Stefania Ferretti, Bernardo Rocco, Salvatore Micali, Antonio Frattini [View Full Article]

600 | Step-by-step optimisation of robotic-assisted radical prostatectomy using augmented reality
Jonathan Noël, Marcio Covas Moschovas, Ela Patel, Travis Rogers, Jeffrey Marquinez, Bernardo Rocco, Alexandre Mottrie, Vipul Patel [View Full Article]

602 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [View Full Article]