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1088 | Advanced penile cancer – a very sad reality in developing countries
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

1091 | Current pharmacotherapy of overactive bladder
Evgenyi I. Kreydin, Cristiano M. Gomes, Francisco Cruz [View Full Article]

1108 | Use of flaps in inguinal lymphadenectomy in metastatic penile cancer
Roberta Alvares Azevedo, Ana Claudia Roxo, Silvia Helena Baima Alvares, Daniel Pereira Baptista, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

1120 | Periodontal disease and the risk of prostate cancer: a meta-analysis of cohort studies
Zhenlang Guo, Chiming Gu, Siyi Li, Shu Gan, Yuan Li, Songtao Xiang, Leiliang Gong, Shusheng Wang [View Full Article]

1131 | The male sling for stress urinary incontinence: tips and tricks for success
Brian M. Inouye, Hayley A. Premo, Dane Weil, Andrew C. Peterson [View Full Article]

1136 | Effect of a low-calorie diet on 24-hour urinary parameters of obese adults with idiopathic calcium oxalate kidney stones
Alexandre Danilovic, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Nidia Denise Pucci, Brian Coimbra, Fabio Cesar Miranda Torricelli, Carlos Batagello, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini, Miguel Srougi, William C. Nahas, Eduardo Mazzucchi [View Full Article]

1148 | Editorial Comment: Effect of a low-calorie diet on 24-hour urinary parameters of obese adults with idiopathic calcium oxalate kidney stones
Sandra Barbosa da Silva [View Full Article]

1150 | Efficacy of intravaginal electrical stimulation added to bladder training in women with idiopathic overactive bladder: A prospective randomized controlled trial
Necmettin Yildiz, Hakan Alkan, Ayse Sarsan [View Full Article]

1160 Intravaginal eletrical stimulation for bladder training method
Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [View Full Article]

1162 | The role of primary inguinal surgical debulking for locally advanced penile cancer followed by reconstruction with myocutaneous flap
Leandro Koifman, Daniel Hampl, Marcio Ginsberg, Rodrigo Barros de Castro, Nelson Koifman, Paulo Ornellas, Antonio Augusto Ornellas [View Full Article]

1176 | High quality palliative alternative for patients with advanced locoregional (CN3 Stage) penile cancer
Stênio de C. Zequi [View Full Article]

1178 | Evaluation of autonomic function in children and adolescents with overactive bladder
Rhaiana Gondim, Julia Gorjão, Ananda Nacif, Israel Franco, Ubirajara Barroso Jr. [View Full Article]

1189 | Relationship between maximum voided volume obtained by bladder diary compared to contemporaneous uroflowmetry in men and women
Kevin Rychik, Lucas Policastro, Jeffrey Weiss, Jerry Blaivas [View Full Article]

1195 | Mobile health may improve evaluation of lower urinary tract symptoms
Cristiano M. Gomes, Julyana K. M. Moromizato, Lucia S. Ribeiro [View Full Article]

1198 | Does previous standard percutaneous nephrolithotomy impair retrograde intrarenal surgery outcomes?
Alexandre Danilovic, Fábio César Miranda Torricelli, Giovanni Scala Marchini, Carlos Batagello, Fabio Carvalho Vicentini, Olivier Traxer, Miguel Srougi, William C. Nahas, Eduardo Mazzucchi [View Full Article]

1207 | Editorial Comment: Does previous standard percutaneous nephrolithotomy impair retrograde intrarenal surgery outcomes?
Marco Antonio Fortes [View Full Article]

1209 | Clinical and radiographic outcomes following salvage intervention for ureteropelvic junction obstruction
Joseph J. Crivelli, Brett A. Johnson, Ryan L. Steinberg, Jeffrey C. Gahan, Jodi A. Antonelli, Allen F. Morey, Margaret S. Pearle,, Jeffrey A. Cadeddu [View Full Article]

1219 | Testicular torsion: a modified surgical technique for immediate intravaginal testicular prosthesis implant
Daniel Hampl, Leandro Koifman, Ricardo de Almeida, Marcio Ginsberg, Francisco J. B. Sampaio, Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

1228 | The role of immunotherapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma
Ercília Rita Mondlane, Pedro Abreu-Mendes, Diana Martins, Rui Cruz, Fernando Mendes [View Full Article]

1243 | Prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and Prostate Cancer Staging: is our current conventional staging obsolete?
Melissa Segura Céspedes, Jan Philipp Radtke,,, Xavier Cathelineau, Rafael Sanchez-Salas [View Full Article]

1250 | Best urological practices on testing and management of infertile men with abnormal sperm DNA fragmentation levels: the SFRAG guidelines
Sandro C. Esteves, Armand Zini, Robert Matthew Coward [View Full Article]

1259 | Living in a rural area as a risk factor for worst outcomes in penile cancer
Lina Garcia, Leonardo Oliveira Reis, Herney Andrés García-Perdomo [View Full Article]


1264 | Editorial Comment: Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of Sacral Neuromodulation (SNM) in Patients with Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction (nLUTD): Over 20 Years’ Experience and Future Directions
Marcio Augusto Averbeck [View Full Article]

Basic research in urology
1266 | Editorial Comment: Image-guided study of swine anatomy as a tool for urologic surgery research and training
Luciano A. Favorito [View Full Article]

1268 | Editorial Comment: Classification of the renal papillary abnormalities by flexible ureteroscopy: evaluation of the 2016 version and update
Alexandre Danilovic [View Full Article]

Female urology
1270 | Editorial Comment: A systematic review of best practices for the perioperative management of abdominal sacrocolpopexy
Cássio L. Z. Riccetto [View Full Article]

1272 | Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with 3D preoperative surgical planning: video presentation of the florentine experience
Antonio Andrea Grosso, Fabrizio Di Maida, Riccardo Tellini, Andrea Mari, Simone Sforza, Lorenzo Masieri, Marco Carini, Andrea Minervini [View Full Article]

1274 | Videolaparoscopic prostatectomy in porcine model for training residents
Caio Vinicius Suartz, Rubens Pedrenho Neto, Anderson Bruno Pellanda, Hiury Silva Andrade, Victor Srougi, Marco Antonio Arap, Anuar Ibrahim Mitre, Miguel Srougi, William Carlos Nahas, Ricardo Jordão Duarte [View Full Article]

1277 | How we do it: robotic-assisted distal ureterectomy with ureteral reimplantation
Christopher Pulford, Kevin Keating, Matthew Rohloff, David Peifer, Richard Eames, Thomas Maatman [View Full Article]

1279 | Salvage Retzius sparing robotic assisted radical prostatectomy: the first brazilian experience
Igor Nunes-Silva, Alexandre Kyoshi Hidaka, Carlos Roberto Monti, Marcos Tobias-Machado, Hamilton de Campos Zampolli [View Full Article]

1281 T| he Story of Female Urethral Stricture – “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail”
Ashwin Shekar, Ganesh Gopalkrishnan [View Full Article]

1284 | INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS [View Full Article]