Int Braz J Urol.  Vol. 39 N. 06 – 2013

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765  |  Luciano A. Favorito


768  |  Systematic review and meta-analysis of target terapies for the treatment of metastatic renal câncer

Marcela Durán, Wagner Matheus, Ubirajara Ferreira, Otávio Clark


779  |  Controversial predictors of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy: a study from a Latin American (Brazilian) Institution

Marcelo R. Noronha, Maisa M. Q. Quintal, Luis A. Magna, Leonardo O. Reis, Athanase Billis, Luciana R. Meirelles

793  |  Serum levels of sex hormone binding globulin (shbg) are not predictive of prostate cancer diagnosis and aggressiveness: results from an italian biopsy cohort

Cosimo De Nunzio, Riccardo Lombardo, Simone Albisinni, Mauro Gacci, Andrea Tubaro

800  |  Can Single Positive Core Prostate Cancer at biopsy be Considered a Low-Risk Disease after Radical Prostatectomy?

Ricardo Kupka da Silva, Marcos Francisco Dall’Oglio, Alexandre Crippa Sant’Ana, José Pontes Júnior, Miguel Srougi

808  |  The efficacy of hemostatic radiotherapy for bladder cancer-related hematuria in patients unfit for surgery.

Alberto A. Antunes, Sabrina T. Reis, Kátia R. Leite, Danilo M. Real, E. Lacarrière, C. Smaali, A. Benyoucef, C. Pfister, P. Grise

817  |  Delayed Ureterectomy after Incomplete Nephroureterectomy for Upper Tract Urothelial Carcinoma: Pathologic Findings and Outcomes

Sacit Nuri Gorgel, Ertugrul Sefik, Osman Kose, Vural Olgunelma, Evren Sahin E. Jason Abel, Mark B. Fisher, Surena F. Matin, Ashish M. Kamat, Colin P. Dinney, H. Barton Grossman

823  |  Penile primary melanoma: analysis of 6 patients treated at Brazilian national cancer institute in the last eight years

Gustavo Ruschi Bechara, Aline Barros de Santos Schwindt, Antonio Augusto Ornellas, Diogo Eugênio Abreu da Silva, Felipe Monnerat Lott, Franz Santos de Campos

832  |  Effects of Terazosin and Tolterodine on Ureteral Stent Related Symptoms: A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Randomized Clinical Trialstudy

Ali Tehranchi, Yousef Rezaei, Hamidreza Khalkhali, Mahdi Rezaei

841  |  Uroflowmetry in a Large Population of Brazilian Men Submitted to a health check up program and its correlation with ipss and prostate size

João Paulo Zambon, Nelson Sivonei da Silva Batezini, Amir Jamil Karam Junior, Raquel Dilguerian Oliveira Conceição, José Antônio Maluf de Carvalho, Fernando G. Almeida

847  |  Pelvic floor muscle strength evaluation in different body positions in nulliparous healthy women and its correlation with sexual activity

Mônica Orsi Gameiro, Luciana Miraglia, Luiz Felipe Orsi Gameiro, Carlos Roberto Padovani, João Luiz Amaro

853  |  Study of the ureter structure in anencephalic fetuses

Suelen Costa, João P. M. Carvalho, Waldemar S. Costa, Luiz E. M. Cardoso, Francisco J. B. Sampaio, Luciano Alves Favorito

861  |  Association between urinary symptoms and quality of life in HTLV-1 infected subjects without myelopathy

Rosana Andrade, Davi Tanajura, Deise Santana, Dislene dos Santos, Edgar M. Carvalho

867  |  Urinary Symptoms and Urodynamics Findings in Patients with Friedreich’s Ataxia

André F. A. Musegante, Priscila Natasja S. Almeida, Raphael Temporão M. Monteiro, Ubirajara Barroso Jr.

875  |  Five-alpha Reductase Inhibitor Influences Expression of Androgen Receptor and HOXB13 in Human Hyperplastic Prostate Tissue

Chaeyong Jung, Youngwoong Park, Young-Rang Kim, Soo Bang Ryu, Taek Won Kang

884  |  Keratinized versus non-keratinized preputial flap onlay urethroplasty: does it make any difference in the histological analysis? An experimental study in rabbits

Marnio Costa, Bruno Leslie, Atila Rondon, Herick Bacelar, Ricardo Mattos, Bruno Barbosa, Rosana Delcelo, Valdemar Ortiz, Antonio Macedo Jr.


893  |  Expanded criteria for Video Endoscopic Inguinal Lymphadenectomy (VEIL) in penile cancer: palpable lymph nodes

Alexandre Stievano Carlos, Pedro Romanelli, Ricardo Nishimoto, Luis M. Montoya, César Augusto Braz Juliano, Renato Meirelles M. da Costa Jr, Antonio C. L. Pompeo, Marcos Tobias Machado (Editorial Comment by Philippe E. Spiess, MD)

895  |  Laparoendoscopic single-site nephroureterectomy for morbid obese patients

Cesar Augusto Braz Juliano, Alexandre Stievano Carlos, Renato Meirelles Mariano Costa Junior, Marcos Tobias-Machado, Antonio Carlos Lima Pompeo (Editorial Comment by Wade J. Sexton, MD)

897  |  Cloacal Exstrophy: a complex disease

Antonio Macedo Jr, Atila Rondon, Ricardo Frank, Herick Bacelar, Bruno Leslie, Sergio Ottoni, Gilmar Garrone, Riberto Liguori, Valdemar Ortiz (Editorial Comment by Hubert Swana, MD)