Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 37 N. 06 – 2011

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691 | Dra. Miriam Dambros


693 | Biophysiologic Considerations in Cryoablation: A Practical Mechanistic Molecular Review

Michael Maccini, David Sehrt, Alexandre Pompeo, Felipe A. Chicoli, Wilson R. Molina, Fernando J. Kim


697 | Efficacy and Safety of Parecoxib in the reatment of Acute Renal Colic: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Sidney Glina, Ronaldo Damiao, Joao Afif-Abdo, Carlos Francisco Santa Maria, Raúl Novoa,

706 | Patients with a negative cystoscopy and negative Nmp22® Bladderchek® test are at low risk of missed transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder: a prospective evaluation

John D. Terrell, Keren J. Elias, Arthur I. Sagalowsky, Yair Lotan

712 | Assessment of the short-term functional outcome after urethroplasty: a prospective analysis

Lumen N, Spiers S, De Backer S, Pieters R, Oosterlinck W

719 | Controversies in using urine samples for Prostate Cancer detection: PSA and PCA3 expression analysis

Fontenete, J. Silva, A.L. Teixeira, R. Ribeiro, E. Bastos, F. Pina, R. Medeiros

727 | Findings concerning testis, vas deference, and epididymis in adult cases with nonpalpable testes

Coskun Sahin, Mehmet Kalkan, Soner Yalcinkaya

733 | The Effect of Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgeries (On-Pump versus Off-Pump) on Erectile Function and Endothelium-Derived Nitric Oxide Levels

Onder Canguven, Selami Albayrak, Ahmet Selimoglu, Muhsin Balaban, Ahmet Sasmazel, Ayse Baysal

739 | PCNL – A comparative study in nonoperated and in previously operated (open nephrolithotomy/pyelolithotomy) patients – A single-surgeon experience

Rahul Gupta, Arti Gupta, Gursimran Singh, Abhineet Suri, Sandeep K Mohan, C.L.Gupta

745 | Does the duration of infertility affect semen parameters and pregnancy rate after varicocelectomy? A retrospective study

Mohammed A. Al-Ghazo, Ibrahim Fathi Ghalayini, Rami S al-Azab, Ibrahim Bani-Hani, Mohammad S. Daradkeh


751 | Intraoperative maximal urethral closing pressure measurement: a new technique of tape tension adjustment in transobturator sling surgery?

Myung Beum Kang, Hyeong Gon Kim, Sung Hyun Paick, Yong Soo Lho, Hyoung Keun Park


758 | Elderly men’s quality of life and lower urinary tract symptoms: an intricate relationship

Vitor Last Pintarelli, Lygia Ferreira Gomes Perchon, Fábio Lorenzetti, João Toniolo Neto, Miriam Dambros

766 | Determining the variables associated to clean intermittent selfcatheterization adherence rate: one-year follow-up Study

Marcia Eli Girotti, Sarita MacCornick, Humberto Perissé, Nelson S Batezini, Fernando G.Almeida

773 | Phasic or terminal detrusor overactivity in women: age, urodynamic findings and sphincter behavior relationships

Françoise A. Valentini, Brigitte G. Marti, Gilberte Robain, Pierre P. Nelson


781 | HASTE MRU In the Evaluation of Acute Flank Pain

Jeffrey Mullins, Michelle J. Semins, Mark E. Bohlman, Brian R. Matlaga



784 | Percutaneous nephrolithotomy of caliceal diverticular calculi: a single center experience

M. Monga

785 | Perioperative patient radiation exposure in the endoscopic removal of upper urinary tract calculi

M. Monga


786 | Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic radical prostatectomy: initial perioperative and pathologic results

F. J. Kim

787 | Comparison of Laparoendoscopic Single-site Donor Nephrectomy and Conventional Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy: Donor and Recipient Outcomes

F. J. Kim


788 | Characterization of adrenal masses with diffusion-weighted imaging

A. Prando

789 | Characterization of small solid renal lesions: can benign and malignant tumors be differentiated with CT?

A. Prando


790 | Identification of Gleason pattern 5 on prostatic needle core biopsy: frequency of underdiagnosis and relation to morphology

A. Billis

792 | Evolution of the clinical presentation of men undergoing radical prostatectomy for high-risk prostate cancer

A. Billis


793 | Low yield of early postoperative imaging after anastomotic urethroplasty

P. Elliott

794 | Long-term results of permanent urethral stent Memotherm implantation in the management of recurrent bulbar urethral stenosis

P. Elliott


795 | Long-term subjective results of tension-free vaginal tape operation for female urinary stress incontinence

R. Miyaoka

796 | Are commonly used psychoactive medications associated with lower urinary tract symptoms?

R. Miyaoka


797 | Prostate cancer in the elderly: Frequency of advanced disease at presentation and disease-specific mortality

L. O. Reis

798 | Clinically relevant fatigue in men with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer on long-term androgen deprivation therapy

L. O. Reis


799 | Surgical outcome in children undergoing hypospadias repair under caudal epidural vs penile block

M. C. Wallis

800 | Effects of botulinum toxin type a in the bladder wall of children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction: a comparison of histological features before and after injections

M. C. Wallis


802 | Complex vesico-vaginal fistula repair with posterosuperior bladder flap

Enrique Rijo, Oscar Bielsa, J.A. Lorente, J.M. Gil-Vernet, Lluís Fumadó, Albert Francés, Octavio Arango (Editorial Comment by Rafael E. Carrion)