Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 35 N. 05 – 2009

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512 | Francisco J.B. Sampaio, M.D.


514 | New Trends in Minimally Invasive Urological Surgery

Prabhakar Rajan, Burak Turna

521 | Prostatic Specific Antigen for Prostate Cancer Detection

Lucas Nogueira, Renato Corradi, James A. Eastham (Editorial Comment by Dr. Philippe E. Spiess)


532 | Sonographic Detection of Renal and Ureteral Stones. Value of the Twinkling Sign

Michael Mitterberger, Friedrich Aigner, Leo Pallwein, Germar-Michael Pinggera, Richard Neururer, Peter Rehder, Ferdinand Frauscher (Editorial Comment by Dr. Anup Patel)

542 | Patient Position and Semi-Rigid Ureteroscopy Outcomes

Fernando Korkes, Antonio C. Lopes-Neto, Mario H. E. Mattos, Antonio C. L. Pompeo, Eric R. Wroclawski (Editorial Comment by Dr. Miguel A. Arrabal-Polo; Dr. M. Hammad Ather & Dr. Anthony NG Chi-fai)

551 | PSA Levels of 4.0 – 10 ng/ml and Negative Digital Rectal Examination. Antibiotic Therapy versus Immediate Prostate Biopsy

Avraham Shtricker, Shai Shefi, Avi Ringel, Gabriel Gillon (Editorial Comment by Dr. Noboru Hara; Dr. Kenneth G. Nepple; Dr. Terry L. Wahls; Dr. Arnauld Villers & Dr. Stacy Loeb)

559 | Gleason Score and Laterality Concordance between Prostate Biopsy and Prostatectomy Specimens

Kenneth G. Nepple, Terry L. Wahls, Stephen L. Hillis, Fadi N. Joudi

565 | Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy: 10 Years Experience

Mirandolino B. Mariano, Marcos V. Tefilli, Gilvan N. Fonseca, Isidoro H. Goldraich (Editorial Comment by Dr. Lisias N. Castilho)


573 | Radioactive Seed Migration after Prostate Brachytherapy with Iodine-125 Using Loose Seeds versus Stranded Seeds

Carlos A. S. Franca, Sergio L. Vieira, Antonio C. P. Carvalho, Antonio J. S. Bernabe, Antonio B. R. Penna (Editorial Comment by Dr. N. P. Plowman)

581 | Resistance of Human Spermatozoa to Cryoinjury in Repeated Cycles of Thaw-Refreezing

Sidney Verza Jr., Cinthia M. Feijo, Sandro C. Esteves (Editorial Comment by Dr. Laura Kelly Thomson)


592 | Prevalence and Risk Factors for Urinary and Fecal Incontinence in Brazilian Women

Joao L. Amaro, Carlos A. Macharelli, Hamilto Yamamoto, Paulo R. Kawano, Carlos R. Padovani, Aparecido D. Agostinho (Editorial Comment by Dr. M. Serati & Dr. Kyle J. Wohlrab)


599 | Effects of Curcumin in an Orthotopic Murine Bladder Tumor Model

Katia R. M. Leite, Daher C. Chade, Adriana Sanudo, BrunoY. P. Sakiyama, Gustavo Batocchio, Miguel Srougi (Editorial Comment by Dr. Mark Frydenberg & Dr. Brant A. Inman)


608 | Re: Challenging Non-Traumatic Posterior Urethral Strictures Treated with Urethroplasty: A Preliminary Report

Nicolaas Lumen, Willem Oosterlinck


609 | Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy and Urachal Resection for Urachal Adenocarcinoma

Philippe E. Spiess, Jose J. Correa



611 | Use of renal ultrasound to detect hydronephrosis after ureteroscopy

Manger JP, Mendoza PJ, Babayan RK, Wang DS

612 | Treatment outcomes after endopyelotomy performed with or without simultaneous nephrolithotomy: 10-year experience

Berkman DS, Landman J, Gupta M


613 | Initial experience with robot assisted partial nephrectomy for multiple renal masses

Boris R, Proano M, Linehan WM, Pinto PA, Bratslavsky G

614 | Assessment of laparoscopic suturing skills of urology residents: A Pan-European study

Kroeze SG, Mayer EK, Chopra S, Aggarwal R, Darzi A, Patel A


615 | T1 hyperintense renal lesions: characterization with diffusion-weighted MR imaging versus contrast-enhanced MR imaging

Kim S, Jain M, Harris AB, Lee VS, Babb JS, Sigmund EE, Rueff LE, Taouli B

616 | Imaging appearance of granulomatous disease after intravesical Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) treatment of bladder carcinoma

Ma W, Kang SK, Hricak H, Gerst SR, Zhang J


617 | Impact of obesity in damage control laparotomy patients

Duchesne JC, Schmieg RE Jr, Simmons JD, Islam T, McGinness CL, McSwain NE Jr

618 | Body mass index affects time to definitive closure after damage control surgery

Haricharan RN, Dooley AC, Weinberg JA, McGwin G Jr, MacLennan PA, Griffin RL, Rue LW 3rd, Reiff DA


619 | Does perineural invasion on prostate biopsy predict adverse prostatectomy outcomes?

Loeb S, Epstein JI, Humphreys EB, Walsh PC

620 | A pathological reassessment of organ-confined, Gleason score 6 prostatic adenocarcinomas that progress after radical prostatectomy

Miyamoto H, Hernandez DJ, Epstein JI


621 | Urodynamic and immunohistochemical evaluation of intravesical botulinum toxin A delivery using liposomes

Chuang YC, Tyagi P, Huang CC, Yoshimura N, Wu M, Kaufman J, Chancellor MB

622 | Shock wave induced kidney injury promotes calcium oxalate deposition

Xue YQ, He DL, Chen XF, Li X, Zeng J, Wang XY


623 | Urethral lengthening in metoidioplasty (female-to-male sex reassignment surgery) by combined buccal mucosa graft and labia minora flap

Djordjevic ML, Bizic M, Stanojevic D, Bumbasirevic M, Kojovic V, Majstorovic M, Acimovic M, Pandey S, Perovic SV

624 | Urodynamic changes and initial results of the AdVance male sling

Davies TO, Bepple JL, McCammon KA


625 | Prostate cancer detection rate in patients with repeated extended 21-sample needle biopsy

Campos-Fernandes JL, Bastien L, Nicolaiew N, Robert G, Terry S, Vacherot F, Salomon L, Allory Y, Vordos D, Hoznek A, Yiou R, Patard JJ, Abbou CC, de la Taille A

627 | Analysis of T1c prostate cancers treated at very low prostate-specific antigen levels

Stephenson AJ, Jones JS, Hernandez AV, Ciezki JP, Gong MC, Klein EA


628 | Prevalence of Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis in women with chronic urinary symptoms

Baka S, Kouskouni E, Antonopoulou S, Sioutis D, Papakonstantinou M, Hassiakos D, Logothetis E, Liapis A

629 | Complications of mid urethral slings: important outcomes for future clinical trials

Daneshgari F, Kong W, Swartz M


630 | Age at orchiopexy and testis palpability predict germ and Leydig cell loss: clinical predictors of adverse histological features of cryptorchidism

Tasian GE, Hittelman AB, Kim GE, DiSandro MJ, Baskin LS

631 | Abnormal renal scans and decreased early resolution of low grade vesicoureteral reflux

Nepple KG, Knudson MJ, Austin JC, Cooper CS