Int Braz J Urol. Vol. 29 N. 01 – 2003

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01 | F.J.B. Sampaio


03 | Surgical Management Of Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction In Adults

Sankar Kausik, Joseph W. Segura

11 | Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Nephrectomy In Living Donor

Luiz S. Santos, André E. Varaschin, Fernando Meyer, Alcides Branco,

Fernando Koleski, Ronaldo Carvalho (Editorial Comment By Dr. Cassio Andreoni)

18 | Ureteral Avulsion As A Complication Of Ureteroscopy

J.M. Alapont, E. Broseta, F. Oliver, J.L. Pontones, F. Boronat, J.F. Jiménez-Cruz (Editorial Comment By Dr. Stevan B. Streem)

24 | Efficiency Of 6- And 12-Punctures Biopsies To Detect Prostate Cancer In Patients With Psa < 10 Ng/Ml And Normal Digital Rectal Examination

Luiz E. Slongo, Mário C. Sugisawa, Sérgio O. Ioshii, Renato Tâmbara Filho, Luiz C.A. Rocha

30 | Diagnosis And Treatment Of Prostatic Abscess

Paulo Oliveira, Juarez A. Andrade, Helder C. Porto, José E. Pereira Filho, Antônio F. J. Vinhaes

35 | Penile Fracture – Experience In 56 Cases

Leandro Koifman, André G. Cavalcanti, Carlos Henrique Manes, Daibes R. Filho, Luciano A. Favorito


40 | Wilms’ Tumor In Adults

Jose M. Alapont, Jose L. Pontones, Juan F. Jimenez-Cruz

43 | Leiomyosarcoma Of The Renal Vein

Gustavo C. Lemos, Omar R. El Hayek, Marcelo Apezzato

45 | Laparoscopic Approach In The Ovarian Vein Syndrome

Arakén Almeida, Francisco Cavalcanti, Sávio Barbosa, Roberto Cohen, Amaury Medeiros


48 | Use Of Cadaveric Fascia Lata To Correct Grade Iv Cystocele

Sílvio H.M. Almeida, Émerson P. Gregório, Eufânio E. Saquetti, Horácio A. Moreira, Frederico Fraga, Marco A.F. Rodrigues (Editorial Comment By Dr. Luis Augusto Seabra Rios)


53 | Surgical Management Of The Neurogenic Bladder And Bowel

Gerald C. Mingin, Laurence S. Baskin


62 | Experimental Model Of Bladder Instability In Rabbits

K.T. Balasteghin, A. M. Nardo, J.L. Amaro, C.R. Padovani



69 | Effect Of Dietary Calcium On Stone Forming Propensity

Heller Hj, Doerner Mf, Brinkley Lj, Adams-Huet B, Pak Cy

70 | Durability Of The Medical Management Of Cystinuria

Pietrow Pk, Auge Bk, Weizer Az, Delvecchio Fc, Silverstein Ad, Mathias B, Albala Dm, Preminger Gm


71 | Conservative Elective Treatment Of Upper Urinary Tract Tumors: A Multivariate Analysis Of Prognostic Factors For Recurrence And Progression

Ibora I, Solsona E, Casanova J, Ricos Jv, Climent Ma

73 | Incomplete Renal Tumor Destruction Using Radio Frequency Interstitial Ablation

Michaels Mj, Rhee Hk, Mourtzinos Ap, Summerhayes Ic, Silverman Ml, Libertino Já


74 | Should The Diagnosis Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Be Made On Prostate Needle Biopsy?

Viglione Mp, Potter S, Partin Aw, Lesniak Ms, Epstein Jr

75 | Substratification Of Stage T1c Prostate Cancer Based On The Probability Of Biochemical Recurrence

Gretzer Mb, Epstein Ji, Pound Cr, Walsh Pc, Partin Aw


76 | Prospective Comparison Of Computerized Tomography And Excretory Urography In The Initial Evaluation Of Asymptomatic Microhematuria

Gray Sears Cl, Ward Jf, Sears St, Puckett Mf, Kane Cj, Amling Cl

77 | Prostate Biopsy: Indications And Technique

Matlaga Br, Eskew La, Mccullough Dl


79 | Expansion And Fixation Properties Of A New Braided Biodegradable Urethral Stent: An Experimental Study In The Rabbit

Vaajanen A, Nuutinen J-P, Isotalo T, Törmälä P, Tammela Tlj, Talja M

80 | Penile Weight And Cell Subtype Specific Changes In A Post-Radical Prostatectomy Model Of Erectile Dysfunction

User Hm, Hairston Jh, Zelner Dj, Mckenna Ke, Mcvary Kt


81 | Reconstructive Urethroplasty Using Porcine Acellular Matrix: Preliminary Results [Article In Italian]

Mantovani F, Trinchieri A, Mangiarotti B, Nicola M, Castelnuovo C, Confalonieri S, Pisani E.

82 | Urethral Stricture Repair With An Off-The-Shelf Collagen Matrix

El-Kassaby Aw, Retik Ab, Yoo Jj, Atala A


83 | Orthotopic Urinary Diversion After Cystectomy For Bladder Cancer: Implications For Cancer Control And Patterns Of Disease Recurrence

Yossepowitch O, Dalbagni G, Golijanin D, Donat Sm, Bochner Bh, Herr Hw, Fair Wr, Russo P

84 | An Interval Longer Than 12 Weeks Between The Diagnosis Of Muscle Invasion And Cystectomy Is Associated With Worse Outcome In Bladder Carcinoma

Sanchez-Ortiz Rf, Huang Wc, Mick R, Van Arsdalen Kn, Wein Aj, Malkowicz Sb


85 | Suprapubic Sling Adjustment: Minimally Invasive Method Of Curing Recurrent Stress Incontinence After Sling Surgery

Choe Jm

87 | Tension-Free Vaginal Tape For Stress Urinary Incontinence: Is There A Learning Curve?

Groutz A, Gordon D, Wolman I, Jaffa Aj, David Mp, Lessing Jb


89 | Tubularized Incised Plate Repair: Functional Outcome After Intermediate Followup

Hammouda Hm, El-Ghoneimi A, Bagli Dj, Mclorie Ga, Khoury Ae

90 | Imaging Studies After A First Febrile Urinary Tract Infection In Young Children

Hoberman A, Charron M, Hickey Rw, Baskin M, Kearney Dh, Wald Er