Vol. 43 (2): 216-223, March – April, 2017

doi: 10.1590/S1677-5538.IBJU.2016.0098


Cristina García-Sánchez 1, Ana A. Román Martín 1, J. Manuel Conde-Sánchez 1, C. Belén Congregado-Ruíz 1, Ignacio Osman-García 1, Rafael A. Medina-López 1
1 Virgen del Rocío Universitary Hospital, Seville, Spain


Introduction: There is a growing interest in achieving higher survival rates with the lowest morbidity in localized prostate cancer (PC) treatment. Consequently, minimally invasive techniques such as low-dose rate brachytherapy (BT) and robotic-assisted prostatectomy (RALP) have been developed and improved.

Comparative analysis of functional outcomes and quality of life in a prospective series of 51BT and 42Da Vinci prostatectomies DV.

Materials and Methods: Comparative analysis of functional outcomes and quality of life in a prospective series of 93 patients with low-risk localized PC diagnosed in 2011. 51patients underwent low-dose rate BT and the other 42 patients RALP. IIEF to as­sess erectile function, ICIQ to evaluate continence and SF36 test to quality of life wee employed.

Results: ICIQ at the first revision shows significant differences which favour the BT group, 79% present with continence or mild incontinence, whereas in the DV group 45% show these positive results. Differences disappear after 6 months, with 45 patients (89%) presenting with continence or mild incontinence in the BT group vs. 30 (71%) in the DV group.

65% of patients are potent in the first revision following BT and 39% following DV. Such differences are not significant and cannot be observed after 6 months.

No significant differences were found in the comparative analysis of quality of life.

Conclusions: ICIQ after surgery shows significant differences in favour of BT, which disappear after 6 months.

Both procedures have a serious impact on erectile function, being even greater in the DV group. Differences between groups disappear after 6 months.

Keywords:  Prostatectomy; Quality of Life; Brachytherapy; Robotic Surgical Procedures

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